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We're excited that spring weather is here and the chill of winter is headed out!

Many of the lines that we work to bring you have come out with updates and enhancements. Please find them below.

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Ride Designs

Many new product updates have been released by Ride over the last month or so.

The old BROCK foam has been replaced by a stellar newcomer. The utra-breathable 3D mesh liner is easier to clean, is cooler and drier, AND is proving simpler to modify in the field.

Have you seen the bundled order form option? Finding it tough to estimate costs to get prior authorization? Bundled forms are for you! See them here

Reinforced Lateral Thigh Support for the Accusoft Cushion
A little extra external support can help sustain those desired contours and shapes. Check out the great video below for more information.
GRIP Solutions
We all know how creative you are! GRIP Roll's help you embrace that spirit to channel your inner creator and help get end users the GRIP they need.
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Have you seen Rising Phoenix yet?
It's been named one of the best sport documentaries of 2020 and showcases Paralympic Sport. Find it on Netflix!

A major announcement came from LEVO over the last few months.

Their C3 fully powered standing wheelchair now has elevating leg rests!

Check out this video on how quickly and how smooth this chair stands. It's worth a look, help us get it seen in the field and let's set-up an in-service.

Other LEVO Options to take a look at:
Combi -midwheel stand & drive power chair
LCEV -manual chair, power standing
LAE -manual chair, manual standing
PaceSaver from Leisure Lift
Power Bases - Up to 675-lb. Capacity
in Group 2 or 3 Class HCPC Codes!

Better motors, updated controllers, many many customizations make this product the one that bariatric users will love.

Check out this featured chair profiling some unique tissue challenges.

Contact David or Kipp to help set up a demo.
Braze Mobility
We had a great response to our virtual in-services with the BRAZE Mobility team.

Folks are asking a lot of great questions about this new technology, how it can benefit end users and help them become better operators of their wheelchairs.

It works on manual chairs as well!

Let us work with you on it, drop us a note.
Beds By George
MANY great updates from BBG have been released.

Listening to increasing user demands, therapist and ATP feedback.
BBG is adding a number of items to their product offerings.

The Haven is being further enhanced to add to the fact that cover can be washed without taking the bed apart.
Haven Options:
  • Clear View Top
  • External Padding
  • Multiple doors

Rigid Side Options:
  • new padding around window as an option -is retrofit-able

Email David or Kipp for support.
Clarke Health Care Products
3 New Rollator / Wheeled Walker options
Click on the product name to find the link to product brochures.

Gloss -Very affordable & light weight rollator is part of the adult DOLOMITE series, we've got demo's in our territories, let us know if you want a look.
Marcy -Anterior pediatric has been well received by those looking for anterior options. There are very few of these on the market, it's worth a look. The can be so tiny! You've got to take a look.
Malte - Posterior pediatric walker with many support options available for even the smallest ambulatory troopers.
A great product integration opportunity!
We're fitting our ERGO VIP out with a number of Gel Ovations products to showcase.

Let's set-up a demo!
All about that BASE
Thomashilfen updates
We all need a good foundation, our bedrock, quality support. Ensuring mobility through a dynamic base is continuing to set Thomashilfen apart.

The Defender car seat in booster formation now has the amazing swivel base as an option. Save caregiver backs and promote better lifting mechanics. Check it out!

The Q-Chasis -a hi-lo base that can be used with an easy adapter option to convert a number of the strollers to transform them into activity and feeding chairs. Have a look in this video, it's awesome!

We're pumped about the newly released
Wheelchair Mounting Compatibility Specifications
document from Bodypoint.

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