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Omer Counting Spiritual Practice
Thursdays (April 16-May 21)
7:45-8:15 pm
From Passover through the holiday of Shavuot in late May, we observe a centering practice called Counting the Omer. The psalmist says, “Give us the wisdom to count our days,” and during this time of uncertainty and waiting, our Omer practice will guide us in finding meaning in each day. Join Rabbi Copeland this Thursday evenings through May 21, for a short, spiritual closing of the day: a chant, a kavannah (intention) for the week utilizing Jewish mystical wisdom, and counting the day together. Drop in whenever you can. We will be using Cantor Bernstein’s Omer counter tool to help us stay on track. No experience with this simple ritual is necessary.

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Young Adults Earth Day Shabbat
Friday, April 24
6:00-6:45 pm (candle lighting at 6:15)
Join us as we check-in with how we're each doing, meet new people, and light Shabbat Candles. We'll light candles at 6:15 followed by activities and a discussion led by our own community member, Rebecca Fenn, about environmentalism, the earth, and our role in caring for our planet and its species. This will be judgement-free space to share, question, and reflect on our impact on the environment and the environment's impact on us. (Suggested age group 22-38). For more information, please contact Carey Averbook at or Emily Dorian at .

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Green Shabbat Community Service
Friday, April 24
7:30 pm
Please join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with a special Shabbat service led by Rabbi Copeland joined by Environmental Justice members, Miriam Menzel, and a drash by Terry Fletcher. Torah reminds us that preserving Breishit (Creation) is part of our sacred commitment as Jews and as humans. Join us in contemplating this magnificent gift and challenge. Interested in joining the Environmental Justice group to take concrete action on climate change and the environment? Contact Terry Fletcher at . If you'd like to purchase a Sha'ar Zahav Siddur , now is the perfect time, so you can follow along at home during our Zoom gatherings.

**For security purposes, there will be a "waitlist" when you join the meeting, please make sure your Zoom user name matches your first and last name, so that we can admit you quickly upon entering the meeting.**

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Lay-led Shabbat Morning Service
Saturday, April 25
10:00 am
Join us for weekly Shabbat Morning services now on Zoom!

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I am the Tree of Life Yoga - for adults & kids!
Sunday, April 26
9:30 am
How might it feel to stand at Mount Sinai? To dance at the Red Sea? To become the giant fish that swallowed Jonah? Feel the stories of the Torah come to life within you as Rabbi Mychal Copeland leads us in a virtual Jewish yoga practice with her new book, I Am the Tree of Life: My Jewish Yoga Book (Apples & Honey Press, 2020). With all of us staying put in our homes, our bodies really need to get moving! Register in advance for this meeting or ping for help with the (virtual) details. To register and receive your zoom link, click here .
Weekday Morning Service
Tuesday, April 28
8:30-9:15 am
Songs and prayers to set our hearts and minds for the coming day! Led by Cantor Bernstein. For information, contact .

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Looking for a hevruta/study buddy?
In these times of Sheltering in Place, shared learning can be an important source of spiritual and intellectual nourishment. Our SZ Adult Education team is building a network of learners to engage with Jewish texts in Hevruta (paired study) or small group study. We hope to create spaces where people of much or no background in Jewish texts can be engaged in shared curiosity as well as support each other in these difficult times. Please email Morey Lipsett at if you are interested in studying Talmud , Torah / Tanakh , Zohar or something else (philosophy, literature, liturgy, anything you want!) as well as what times you are generally available.
Family & Friends Shabbat is Coming to you on Zoom!
Friday, May 1 at 4:30 pm
Join Rabbi Reuben Zellman and Educator Sue Bojdak for a quick (1/2 hour) fun, interactive Shabbat service including music, stories, and puppets for people ages 3-7 and their family and friends. BYOD (dinosaur) and BYOC (candles). We'll welcome the Shabbat dinosaur and light candles together.

Friday, May 1 - 4:30pm @ this Zoom Link
Friday, May 15 - 4:30pm @ this Zoom Link

We are hoping to be back with you in shared space in June! Questions? Contact our Education Director, Sue Bojdak at .
Challah Baking Workshop
Friday, May 1
1:00-3:00 pm
Join member Alex Ingersoll and Rabbi Copeland in a challah tutorial-right in your own kitchen! Alex will share the challah-baking process step by step from 1pm until about 2pm, field questions, and demonstrate. While the dough is rising, Rabbi Copeland will offer a teaching about the centrality of challah in our tradition and how to bring a spiritual element into your baking. Then we’ll resume the challah process, and share our results at the end! You will have beautiful challahs for your Shabbat eve that night. You’ll need some currently hard-to-find supplies so start searching now! You’ll need flour, yeast, eggs, oil/margarine/or butter. Join if you’ve never made bread before, or if you do this all the time and would love to have company! For more information on how to prep or if you'd like the full recipe beforehand, email .

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Workers' Shabbat
Friday, May 1
In honor of International Workers' Day (May Day), Sha'ar Zahav will be holding a Workers' Shabbat service. Join us on this Shabbat as we honor workers and workers' rights, and study Jewish history, values, and texts that relate to them. Special d'rash by Beth Ross. Cosponsored by the San Francisco Arbeter Ring (Workers Circle).

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There’s No Place Like Home!
An Online Sha’ar Zahav Gathering of Community, Inspiration and Support
Sunday, May 3, 2020
4:00-5:00 pm
You’re invited to an online gathering of community, music and inspiration! We are celebrating the many ways Sha’ar Zahav is home to each of us and how we have shown up for one another during this time of sheltering. We will also provide an overview of our finances and the challenges our community faces from the pandemic — and how you can help. We will hear inspiring member stories, insight from Rabbi Copeland, and sing along with Cantor Bernstein. We’re not in Kansas anymore!

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Kaddish Memory Circle
Monday, May 4
7:00-7:45 pm
Have you experienced a loss in your life? We will pause to honor the lives of loved ones, share names and memories, say Kaddish, and support one another in our mourning process during this time of distancing. We will be gathering virtually in remembrance periodically during these months ahead and invite you to join for any and all of these Kaddish Memory Circles. Led by Rabbi Copeland.

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Weekly Torah Study-Parashat Hashavuah
Wednesdays beginning May 6
8:30-9:30 am
Study the weekly Torah portion with Rabbi Copeland, whether you’re new to study or an old hat. For the first half hour, we’ll talk, learn and share thoughts about the portion. In the second half, we will practice our Hebrew reading skills on a few verses of the week’s reading in a compassionate environment! Join for either or both parts of the study. Worried about your Hebrew skills? We invite a variety of levels, so relax! You can also just listen in. Contact Rabbi Copeland with questions .

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Community Havdalah and Sing Along
Saturday, May 9
A rousing, fortifying, soup-for-the-soul, good-ol'-fun fest! Join together in singing a bunch of our favorite songs, both Jewish and secular, followed by Havdalah at 8:49pm. Led by Cantor Bernstein.

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Register Today : Group will meet Tuesdays, June 23-August 11
This eight-week group is for anyone mourning a person who has died. Open to Congregation Sha'ar Zahav members and the wider community. Rabbi Natan Fenner of the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center will facilitate on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm, at Sha'ar Zahav and/or through Zoom (TBD closer to June 23rd). Contact BAJHC at 415-750-3436 or for more information. Advance registration is required for this space-limited group. Sha’ar Zahavniks will have a chance to register before the wider community, so if you’re interested, respond immediately to ensure a spot.
Now, more than ever, as we work to support you, we need your support. Whether you’re a member or not, we’re here for you — with online services, learning, inspiration and community. Please consider a donation today!
Ongoing Events

SZ Tech Corps

Do you have tech skills and are looking for a way to support our community? If you're skilled at Zoom, Google Drive and WordPress, we could use your help! Contact Carey Averbook at .
Adult Orphans Friendship Circle
Wednesday, April 29
 6:30-8:30 pm
Second Wednesday of every month
Non-members welcome! For more information contact Paisha Rochlin or Marjorie Hilsenrad

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Ritual Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 29
7:00 pm
Last Wednesday of every month
Ron Edelman and James Carlson co-chair RitCom. They work with our Rabbi and Cantor to set Sha'ar Zahav's ritual agenda and continue strengthening our clergy-lay partnership in service leading and other ritual activities. Want to learn more? Join us! For information, contact .

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  6:00 pm
Usually first Monday of the month
Everyone welcome! Bring your interests, curiosity, passions, questions.Together we can make a difference. Questions? Contact Nancy Wecker at . In keeping with the traditions of Pesach, please consider joining in SZ’s second annual collaboration with Or Shalom, Mission Minyan, The Kitchen, and Faith in Action Bay Area in donating to:

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Environmental Justice Group
Monday, May 11
6:30 pm
Generally meets the second Monday of every month
Join us as we find ways to protect Earth, from changing our personal habits to reducing our shul’s carbon footprint; from divesting from fossil fuels to supporting local, state, and federal policy changes that can truly make a difference. Come share your ideas and make friends while doing this urgent and sacred work. Contact Terry Fletcher, .

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Meeting ID: 852 592 669
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Board Meeting (Va'ad)
Wednesday, May 20
7:00 pm Meeting
Third Wednesday of every month, open to all members
Our Board of Directors is responsible for expressing the voice of the community. If you’re curious about Sha'ar Zahav's behind the scenes work, come to a Board meeting! We will be moving this meeting to zoom. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to .
Meditation Group (SF)
Saturday, May TDB
10:30 am
First Saturday of every month (generally)
Everyone is welcome. Typical session includes a short and longer silent sit, with chanting, movement, and a short teaching. **This virtual meeting requires a password, please contact Andy Schwartz at to obtain the password.** Join Zoom Meeting:
Hineni Caring Community:
Helping our Members During the Pandemic
(formerly Bikkur Cholim)
Hineni ” is the biblical answer our ancestors gave when God called out to them: “I am present,” or “I am ready.”   Our Hineni Caring Community wants to do what we can to help our members, whether it’s outreach by our clergy or practical assistance from members of our community who can be present for them. Do you have a need or know someone who does? Or can you perform a mitzvah like running an errand or bringing food? Find out how you can help fellow Sha’ar Zahav members by signing up with our online community, or ask any questions about Hineni Caring Community, by contacting us at .
A welcoming group focused on fostering Jewish identity in an inclusive social setting for gay, bi, queer, and trans men. Creating social spaces and service opportunities that foster meaningful connections and generate a positive impact in our community. Check out for upcoming events.
1 Iyar

Friday Evening Service
April 24, 7:30 pm 
Green Shabbat
Led by : Rabbi Copeland
Drash : Terry Fletcher

Saturday, Lay-led Morning Service
April 25, 10:00 am

8 Iyar
Aharei Moth/Kedoshim

Friday Evening Service
May 1, 7:30 pm 
Workers Shabbat
Led by : Cantor Bernstein
Drash : Beth Ross

Saturday, Lay-led Morning Service
May 2, 10:00 am
Isaac Lachter's B' Mitzvah
Contact to sponsor a Shabbat
Community Events
Are you struggling financially?
Hebrew Free Loan provides interest-free Coronavirus Impact Loans to individuals and organizations. Find out more at

Jewish Family and Children’s Service provides the following services:
  • Urgent home health care, meal and grocery delivery, and virtual Safe At Home calls to isolated seniors and those with disabilities.
  • No-interest loans and grants to help individuals, families, and small businesses through this crisis.
  • Expert advice and counseling for anyone in need of mental health services, including children and teens.
Please go to for more information.
We are aware that many of you may not support or use Amazon services generally and, in particular, some may be feeling concern for those who continue to work in order to provide so many of us with essential items via delivery. We also know that many of our members are depending on delivery services to stay safe during this time. As always, we encourage you to make choices that are best for you.

If you do choose to use Amazon, please consider supporting this community by selecting Sha'ar Zahav as your charitable organization using the link: .

We also encourage writing a comment in support of Amazon workers under “Customer Service - Contact Amazon”.
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