Progress Continues on Maple Road Reconstruction Project
The Maple Road Reconstruction project has maintained a steady pace ever since it began in late April with a $700,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), and crews remain on schedule with the project now 20% complete. Some of the updates from this past week include:

  • Preparation for the water main lining has begun across Woodward with the digging of access pits, requiring lane closures at Woodward and Maple.
  • 250 feet of the planned 600 feet of 12-inch water main has been installed between Woodward and Old Woodward
  • The installation of combination storm and sewer systems has been completed between Pierce and Chester with the addition of eight catch basins.

Next week, we will continue water main installation between Woodward and Old Woodward, including connecting the water services, beginning installation of the 12-inch water main between Pierce and Chester, and the installation of 150 feet of liner across Woodward.

Like the award-winning Old Woodward project, Maple Road will be transformed above and below with entirely new underground infrastructure, streetlighting and electrical systems, and we’re here with weekly updates to make sure the community doesn’t miss a beat. Learn more about this project at .  
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