Join The "Ready-Set-Show!" Webinar
And  Make This Your Best Show Season Yet
Reno, Nevada - February 14, 2019  - Julie Winkel, of Maplewood Stables, Inc., and Bindee Eberle, of Sportsmenus, announce the second edition of their webinar series: "READY-SET-SHOW!" 

Join them on Sunday, February 17, 2019, at 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST. They'll be highlighting tested strategies to maximize your physical and mental performances on show day for you AND your horse!  

Winkel, a trainer, clinician, educator, competitor and author, joins forces with Eberle, a sports dietitian, strength and conditioning specialist and rider, to help equestrians achieve their best show season yet. 

Winkel will discuss the mental focus and strategy necessary to perform your best on show day, in addition to helping you prepare your equine partner to be relaxed and focused in order to perform at peak. She'll share her secrets to success and the behind-the-scenes horsemanship that's helped her produce top equine athletes and show ring champions for decades.  

Eberle will review the importance of performance nutrition (what to eat and when to eat) to optimize mental focus, calmness and sustained energy, in addition to the importance of functional exercises and pre-ride stretching for maximum flexibility and performance in the saddle.
Winkel and Eberle will both address why it's vital to focus on yourself and your horse as athletes, and they'll help you formulate a winning strategy for warming up, performance and cooling down. 

To register, please click here or visit the Maplewood Stables website.

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