March 2020
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In response to plagues, 4th-century Christians developed a new technology: the  hospital . Before modern science and medicine existed, followers of the way of Jesus lived their faith by bringing the sick into a place specifically meant for healing, and by serving them.
Today, this Christian ministry of healing continues in many ways, though the church has mostly left behind the running of hospitals and first-responder programs.

Today, in the midst of anxiety about and preparations for a potential outbreak of COVID-19 in Minnesota, Episcopalians have access to good information about best practices at Eucharist (remember,  INTINCTING IS NOT THE ANSWER ). We know about handwashing. We have churchwide resources in the form of  Episcopal Relief and Development , an organization experienced in responding to these kinds of crises. We have access to good  medical information  that can help us reduce the spread of infectious disease.

Most importantly, though, we have a theology that grounds us in serving Christ in the form of our neighbor.   Read more .

The Rev. Susan Daughtry |  Missioner for Formation 
Emilia Allen |  Missional Support 
New On-Demand Course
Make Me An Instrument of Peace: A Guide to Civil Discourse for Groups
Built by ChurchNext, the Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations, and its Department of Faith Formation

Civil discourse is engagement in conversation intended to enhance understanding. Representatives and teachers from across the church teach it as a skill that we can develop and use to build healthier communities through building relationships across divisions within those communities.
Instructors teach civil discourse as a specific style of conversation that requires particular skills and practices. The goal of these conversations is to be in deeper relationship and to more truly know each others’ dignity and worth.

This free, five-week online course is available at
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Audit Day | March 14
Team Ministry Day | March 28
How do you prepare adults and parents of children to participate in this sacrament? As a group, we will explore how what you believe about baptism shapes your baptism preparation ministry. We will look at different preparation models and resources, and we will apply our learnings to your current faith community. Learn more and register.
This workshop is a next step for those who have completed our  Building Bridges Across Culture and Race  course. Over the course of the day, you’ll receive an updated approach to your Intercultural Development Plan, reflect with others on the steps you’ve taken, and update the plan for your ministry context now.  Learn more and register.
Upcoming Courses
Families and Faith
from Traci Smith
If we agree that torture and violence should not be front and center for children during the Lenten season, what approach might we take? How might conscientious ministry leaders talk about the cross with young children? 
 From everyday moments like mealtime and bedtime to milestones such as the first day of school, the death of a pet, or welcoming a new baby, this unique prayer book is an invaluable resource for creating meaningful faith connections at home.

 A collection of prayers and liturgies for children and the adults or communities who pray with them

Soul Food for Faithful Leadership
on the Hidden Brain Podcast
Provocative insight for this moment: " Keeping up with American politics can feel like a feat. And we tend to think that knowing the latest news means that we're engaged. But what happens when being informed is the end of our commitment to politics?"
"The surprising truth about feeling powerless is that powerlessness is experienced as a threat, something our limbic system is programmed to respond to. It is the same hormonal response a person would experience if they were held at gunpoint or chased by a tiger."

A short-form documentary of civil rights, justice, family & forgiveness.

" Americans are hungering to live in extended and forged families, in ways that are new and ancient at the same time. This is a significant opportunity, a chance to thicken and broaden family relationships, a chance to allow more adults and children to live and grow under the loving gaze of a dozen pairs of eyes, and be caught, when they fall, by a dozen pairs of arms. For decades we have been eating at smaller and smaller tables, with fewer and fewer kin.
It’s time to find ways to bring back the big tables. "
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Coming to camp - as a camper AND as a counselor/leader - is excellent leadership formation.
Beyond the SFF
Daily practices to reduce your plastic use -- from friends at Green Anglicans, based in South Africa. In English and in Spanish!
May 11 - 12, Eden Prairie
We all need better tools to effectively communicate our ideas, our hopes, our longings, and for those of us who preach, the good news.

Luther Seminary is now accepting applications for the 2020-21 Missional Leadership Cohort Program for Episcopal Clergy. This is a grant-funded learning community now in its fourth iteration. Participants engage challenges in their ministry contexts through deep theological and theoretical reflection on missional leadership and learn practices of leading faithful innovation in a supportive peer community. The application deadline is March 30, 2020. 

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Updated December 2019. R equirements and advice on internal controls, accounting guidelines, and business practices.
Your faith community can use the Episcopal Church's Census Engagement Toolkit to make sure everyone in your neighborhood gets counted.  Get it here.
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