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Mar/Apr 2017

We are living through a time of tremendous change, upheaval and even chaos. Senator Murphy's (D CT) landmark mental health legislation, described in our article below, is now hanging in the balance with an uncertain future - several months after bipartisan approval in December of 2016. But even in these difficult times, there are so many reasons for optimism. Our second feature is focused on the life and work of Colette Anderson, LCSW, Executive Director of the Connecticut Women's Consortium. Her tireless work to create trauma-informed, trauma-safe, environments within the mental health community has made a difference in countless lives. And Colette's innate mentoring instinct has helped so many young professionals achieve their true potential.


Also on a positive note, later in April I will be the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of the 3rd EMDR Asia Conference in Shanghai, China. Our ongoing and productive relationships in Asia work across numerous cultural and societal boundaries. I truly cannot wait to reconnect with our friends there.


No doubt, these are stressful times. But by working hard and staying on task, we in the mental health field can continue to help innocent people whose lives are interrupted by physical or emotional trauma. 

All the best,
Carol R. Martin
Executive Director

Senator Chris Murphy Advocates for Mental Health
For far too long, Americans trying to get help for mental health and addiction issues have faced the daunting challenge of dealing with a mostly broken and underfunded system. According to the American Psychiatric Association, over 68 million Americans have experienced a psychiatric or substance use disorder in the past year. We know how much pain and loss of productivity these issues cause, and how widespread they are, yet the effects of a largely dysfunctional system continue to ripple outward. 
An Interview with Colette Anderson
Since 2012, Colette Anderson, MSW, LCSW, has been the Executive Director of the Connecticut Women's Consortium. During her tenure, training has increased exponentially and she has overseen and expanded many projects at the Consortium. "When I think of Colette, the first word that comes to mind is Leadership," said Carol Martin, Executive Director of Trauma Recovery/HAP. "Colette has been exceptional in the way that she has taken on leadership positions and in her dedication to mentoring the women around her."

New Online Training!
EMDR and Addiction: Essential Skills Beyond Basic Training 
Presented by Julie Miller, MC, LPC, LISAC

With current EMDR protocols, EMDR therapists can help clients work through addiction and trauma issues, putting them on firm footing to maintain recovery.  In this workshop you will identify the origins of addiction from the AIP perspective and challenges specific to addiction clients; learn and practice creating a treatment plan for addiction clients from the AIP perspective; identify several resourcing options to prepare clients with addiction behaviors for reprocessing, specifically addressing alexithymia, affect phobia, and difficulty with self-regulation; identify at least three protocols for use with chemical and/or process addictions; and determine when to use a specific protocol with an addiction client.

 Faculty Academy 
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Join us for a special evening celebration honoring our local EMDR Humanitarian Heroes.  This year we will honor the work of Anthony Campbell, New Haven Interim Chief of Police, and Colette Anderson, Executive Director of the CT Women's Consortium.  Both of these individuals have made a significant contribution to their community's capacity to provide EMDR therapy to those that need it most. 
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A comprehensive and flexible EMDR-based treatment manual designed to be used with clients in recovery from chemical dependency. Includes assessment and clinical application of specialized protocols.
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