Welcome to Marble Monday!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Saturday was so beautiful out, I actually got a little sunburn doing yard work, taking the dogs for a walk and sitting on my deck.  What did you do this weekend?  Are you ready to have some fun today?  Over the weekend we came across a bag of marbles.  I was wondering why we had marbles and I then remembered doing marble art with my kids when they were younger.  So I thought, what else can you do with marbles.  Ready to find out?
Many of you may have done this already.  All you need is marbles, paint, paper and a box with sides.  If you don't have marbles, you can use small rocks.  If you don't have a box, you can use a baking dish (ask mom first).   Lay the paper in the box or dish.  Pour small amounts of different color paints on the paper.  Put your marble or rock in the box or dish and roll it around through the paint.  You can use as little or as much paint as you want and see the different patterns you can make.  
This is a fun game you can play outside (once the rain stops).  You need a shoe box, markers or crayons, sidewalk chalk, and marbles.  

Decorate the outside of your box with crayons or markers.  With your parents help, cut our 3 holes.  Notice in the picture that the 3pt one is smaller than the 1pt one.  This makes it harder to get 3 pts.

Use sidewalk chalk (or tape) to mark the starting line.  Challenge your family to see who can get the most points rolling your marble (or you can use a small ball) into the holes.  Good Luck!
Here is a great use for all those empty toilet paper rolls.

Find a box with sides (or a large tray), empty toilet paper rolls, tape or glue, colored paper or markers and a marble or small round rock.  Cover the toilet paper roll with a strip of different color paper or use marker to color it.  You can number them. Tape or glue the toilet paper to the bottom of the box.  Put your marble in the box and roll it around in number order.  
There are so many games you can play with marbles.  Here are 7 Marble Games you can play.  

Classic Marbles           Mini Marble Golf
Eggs in a Basket         Booby Trap
Color Match                What Decade
Off the Wall

Click here for directions to all of the games.

As you can see there are so many things you can do with marbles.  

Click here to see different Marble Runs you can make with craft sticks.  Hours of fun! 
I am painting my rocks today.  I will share my creations with you on Wednesday.  Send me your pictures so I can share with others. 

Collect rocks to paint, paint beautiful pictures or sayings, and bring to the YMCA.  Take pictures and post on social media and tag the Darien YMCA @THEDARIENYMCA.  

Click here for more information.

And for your parents & staff:

The Darien YMCA is working with Person to Person to help provide food for families in need.  Please consider donating non-perishable food.  We will be holding our Food Drive at the Darien YMCA this week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 11am - 1pm.  YMCA staff will be there to take food right out of your car, while wearing gloves and masks.  Pull into the drop off circle and they will meet you.  If you'd rather, you can pull up and put the food on the curb and they will come and take it into the Y.  Most needed items are:  peanut butter, jelly, canned tuna or chicken and Mac & Cheese, but all items are appreciated.  

Keep letting me know what you are doing to stay busy!  I love getting all of your emails!!   I will continue to share pictures of you and your projects.  

I miss all of you!

Ms. Suzanne