March / April 2020   
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Lots of friendships cultivated by Bessie's Hope.  This newsletter features Summit Academy High School youth with elders at Gardens of Care at Jewell Estates; McLain Community High School students with elder friends at MorningStar of Littleton; and fourth and fifth graders from Polaris Elementary School enjoying their times with elders at Brookshire House.
Get your school or youth group involved with relationship-building visits with the elders. The youth gain compassion, respect and empathy--a life-long benefit.   
                   Click here for more information on the  Youth and Elders Program 

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This was written before the increased loneliness of late.  Bessie's Hope is deeply dedicated and engaged in delivering cards, letters, photos and drawings from hundreds of youth and adult volunteers to elder care residents, as well as providing email and digital joy for the elders.  Thank you to all who are participating in our "Staying Connected Initiative" to alleviate the loneliness by mailing and emailing your loving, joyful messages.  
Wanna get involved?  Mail to PO Box 12675, Denver 80212 or email

Youth are taught by Bessie's Hope the importance of listening to the elders, of acknowledging how much the elders have to teach all younger generations, of making the elders feel valued.  The youth also learn how to have meaningful interaction with elders of all cognitive functioning levels, including advanced Alzheimer's Disease.  Youth are prepared to step into the elders' reality and sometimes, just being who they think you are.
Below is a portion of a beautiful, insightful poem by Jamison Poate, 16-yr old Kent Denver student.  You will be glad you took the time to go to our website to read the entire poem.
As if He was My Dad
I step into a home for the sick,
A cafe filled with elderly
That stare at me and my friends,
On the outside, nothing is wrong with these people-
They are completely normal,
I walk up to an old man confined to his wheelchair
Whose eyes lock with mine-
They are a window into his past
That he cannot remember,
                     Click here to read Jamison's amazing poem 
Bessie's Hope volunteer, Tonya Lacy, began volunteering at Juniper Village Aurora at the beginning of the year in hopes to engage with residents. However, once introduced to resident Ms. Yvonne, her volunteer experience turned into a family one. 

  This program is for individuals, families, couples, friends, who want to cultivate a life-changing relationship with an  elder, who may have no other personal visitors.

Regis University Nursing and Pharmaceutical students have participated with Bessie's Hope for many years.  We appreciate our partnership with Regis University. Dance time! 

Get your fellow employees involved in the most rewarding corporate social responsibility service project.  Get your fellow club or church members involved.  One-time visit or ongoing, relationship building visits.  Education, training, coordination, scheduling, facilitation--Bessie's Hope takes care of all of this.  Just bring a lot of hugs!                                        
Become a Bridge Builder

Your investment remembers the forgotten

Become a Bridge Builder with a monthly donation of any amount and provide Bessie's Hope with continuous, predictable income to support work that builds bridges of compassion, empathy, and respect.  Donate in honor of a loved one, so that you and they will receive a thank you from youth and elders.  
Individuals, families, businesses and community groups who provide annual gifts that sponsor Youth and Elder partnerships. See the  levels for Partners and Angels.
Go online or call Cortney, 303-830-9457, to set up your monthly donations or to be a Partner or Angel, which can also be through monthly donations.  

Donations Made In Memory / In Honor

In Memory:

 Debbie Jones
By LaFawn Biddle
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Dema Bailey
By Iva Lou Bailey
In Honor:
 Peggy Shelton
By Linda Holloway

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