The Church Bell
Vol. 4, no. 3
March / April 2020
The next two Sunday's (March 22 & 29)
Letter to the Congregation from Mission Council:
Dear St. Agnes’ Parishioners and Extended Church Family: 

“Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ”. (Philippians 1:2) 

Mindful of federal and state advisories, Bishop John Bauerschmidt directed all congregations in our Diocese to forgo scheduled services and group activities through the end of this month.
Therefore, St. Agnes’ will not hold services this Sunday, March 22 nd , or next Sunday, March 29 th .  

Closer to time, we will determine if we can safely resume services on Palm Sunday, April 5 th

We should all be reminded that the life, ministry and witness of the church is ongoing even when our scheduled activities are restricted. In the coming days we will provide links to sermons and live-streamed services. Also, members of our church family will be reaching out to those who cannot go out in public for groceries or other routine needs. If you need assistance, please reply to this e-mail or leave a message on the church phone at (931) 636-6313.

Although scheduled services are canceled, the church campus will not be void of activity. A few of us will be on site at different times to do maintenance, repairs, and other seasonal chores as time allows and weather permits. 

Going forward, we need to keep the nations of the world covered in our prayers and keep ourselves safe from exposure and the potential spread of illness. 

With God’s help we will pull through, pull together, and grow in his grace!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a special need or prayer request in the coming days. We humbly look forward to worshiping together as a family and seeing each other again in person!

Sincerely yours and in Christ our Lord,

The Mission Council of St. Agnes’ Episcopal Church, Cowan, Tennessee.

Letter to the Congregation from Bishop Paul
Beloved of the Lord,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am writing to encourage you in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and his promise “ to be with you even unto the end of the ages.” It is times like this that we need to be assured of his presence in our lives and of Gods promise to be faithful to us. God is with us!

I have been in conversation with Jarod over the past few days and I heartily support Bishop Bauerschmidt’s Pastoral Directive to forgo services for, at least, the next two weeks. My previous Diocese of Dallas has suspended all services until after Easter. Georgia and Atlanta are also suspending services so we are not alone.

I am available to you should you need my pastoral care for any reason during this time of trial. Do not hesitate to call upon me, I will not be inconvenienced. Be assured of my and Sally’s prayers for each of you.

May God bless and keep you and may the light of his countenance shine upon you always. Lift high the Cross!

In Christ,
Bp. Paul
Video and Life-Stream Sunday Services
Many of our sister congregations in the Diocese of Tennessee will host Sunday services via the Internet on video and live-stream. We encourage you to devote time on Sunday morning or Sunday evening to hearing the Word of the Lord with the help of these dedicated clergy of our Diocese.

Here are some links and descriptions:
Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville will do a live-stream broadcast of services on March 22nd and 29th at 11:00 a.m. Other services will be broadcast on Sunday evening and during the week as well. Simply click on the link below:
St. Georges' Nashville will do a live-stream broadcast of services on March 22nd and 29th at 10:00 a.m. You can see the same services posted by video a few hours later that you can watch anytime. St. George's will also broadcast a noon-day prayer service each day during the week.

To see the live-stream and the video links, click here:
St. Peter's Columbia will do a live-stream broadcast of services on March 22nd and 29th through the church's Facebook channel. To participate, go to the church website and click on the Facebook icon.
Prayers to offer during the outbreak
Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful, and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Merciful God,
we entrust to your tender care
those who are ill or in pain,
knowing that whenever danger threatens
your everlasting arms are there to hold them safe.
Comfort and heal them,
and restore them to health and strength;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Gracious God,
give skill, sympathy and resilience
to all who are caring for the sick,
and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.
Strengthen them with your Spirit,
that through their work many will be restored to health;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Holy Week & Eastertide Services
Please note that our Holy Week & Eastertide Schedule may change due to federal and state health advisories.

We will post the latest information on the schedule on the church website , on the church Facebook channel, , and on the church voicemail greeting at (931) 636-6313. Messages will also be sent out to the congregation via e-mail.
April 5th - Palm Sunday Service, 11 a.m.
St. Agnes' will recall Jesus' Triumphal Entry in to Jerusalem with the Palm Sunday liturgy. Our service will begin at 11 a.m. in the parish hall with the procession of palms. In place of a sermon, we will read the Passion Gospel. This powerful service that prepares our hearts and minds for Holy Week.
April 9th - Maundy Thursday Service, 6 p.m.
St. Agnes' will host the Cowan Ministerial Association Community Maundy Thursday Service on April 9th at 6:00 p.m. This service recalls the Last Supper in the Upper Room where Jesus gave the New Commandment. Rev. Richard Morgan will provide the sermon.
April 10th - Good Friday Service, 12 noon
St. Agnes' will host the Good Friday liturgy on April 10th at 12 noon. Bishop Lambert will lead and other Cowan churches are invited to join us. The Good Friday service recalls the arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus.
April 12th - Easter Sunrise Service, 6:30 a.m.
The various Cowan churches will meet at Cowan Montgomery Cemetery to celebrate the discovery of the Empty Tomb and the glorious news that Jesus is Risen. The service begins at 6:30 a.m. Rev. Jerry Jochem will be the speaker.
April 12th - Church Easter Egg Hunt, 10:00 a.m.
Our Easter morning excitement will include an Easter egg hunt during the 10:00 Sunday school hour.

We expect to have an eager and energetic group of kids to join us!

We will need some help putting prizes together and hiding the eggs too!
April 12th - Easter Service, The Resurrection of our Lord, 11 a.m.
We will hold a festival service on Easter Sunday at the usual 11:00 hour.

Invite your friends and extended family to join us in joyful praise to Jesus who is risen in glory!

We will gather afterward for our Annual Church Family Photo.
Some Updates from Our Church Family
Steve Pearson is undergoing chemotherapy for the next several months. He is doing well so far and sends his love to the congregation. Fortunately, he is able to do some light work around the farm, which is undoubtedly helping him maintain strength.

Andrew Wilkinson underwent a surgery the week of March 9th. He is at home recovering and feeling better each day.
Early Spring Birthdays
March 21 - Jessica Dervin

April 7 - the parishioner who shall remain anonymous
April 7 - Montana Smith
April 8 - Betty Krauth
April 13 - John Ruffing
April 15 - Dane Leitzel

May 2 - Ella Grissett
May 9 - Carla Money
May 11 - Steve Pearson
May 19 - Paul Lambert
May 31 - Kathleen Black

"O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on thy servants as they begin another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."
We Remember in Prayer
Fr. Chad Jones, Claire Lusk, Christy Shepard, Steve Pearson, Dick & Mary Ann Austin, Rose Pearson, Marty Judd, Roger Bailey, Jonanne Hammer, Linda Hutton, Dan Bledsoe, Jay Yowell, Iris Ellidge, Mary McDonald, Will Olsmit, Peggy Nunley, Gina, Jordan and Austin Cleek, Brad and Anita Warmbrod, Roy Tankersley, Royana Stewart, Bill Keller, Howard Gene Eslick, Linda Milligan, and Karen McCallie.

We bless and commemorate Vicki Geer and Joyce Jackson, who recently passed away.

We pray continually for Christians around the world in grave danger and for those in our armed services, especially Wes Nevels.


"O God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers: Mercifully accept our prayer, and grant to your servants the help of your power, that their sicknesses may be turned into joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."
Sunday Service ....................................11:00 a.m.
Sunday School .....................................10:00 a.m.

Location/Address: 105 England Street E., PO Box 356, Cowan, TN 37318
Telephone: (931) 636-6313
The Rt. Rev'd John C. Bauerschmidt..................Bishop of Tennessee

The Rt. Rev'd Paul Lambert................................Pastor and Celebrant

The Rev'd Jean Mweningoma.............................Visiting Priest

L. Jarod Pearson..................................................Lay Reader