62nd Edition
March & April 2023

Welcome back!

Mary Anne and Glee Butts provided an update to the AIFA Advisory Board at last month's meeting on their unforgettable service trip in January. We are now excited to announce that Rick has confirmed his next trip to Tanzania will be October 7th-13th!
Facility Improvements
11th Annual MAMS Presentation!

For the 11th consecutive year, AIFA was invited to make presentations to all students of Mount Airy Middle School (MAMS), almost 700 children. Each year these children raise funds to support our work at Matim PS. Thank you, Mr. Chris Hynes and the staff and students for their continued commitment to assist the children of Matim receive a high-quality education including a daily porridge lunch.
Girls Health & Hygiene

Rephrine Kombe, Owner/Director of ReePads, completed the order for 1,000 sets of pads and 2,000 pairs of underwear for the Standard 6 and Standard 7 girls at Matim, Lemanyata, Olkokola Primary Schools and Mukulat and Olturumet Secondary Schools. Distribution and training will occur in May.
Continued Connections

We are always so happy to see AIFA volunteers visit Matim. Just this month, Lesley DeLia and Jeff Stark, in-school volunteers who spent 3 weeks at Matim in 2015, introduced their daughter and granddaughter to Matim. They had a wonderful visit and renewed old friendships with Mr. Lango and some of the teachers.  
As always, we sincerely thank all who have been so generous in supporting AIFA’s work: John & Jenny Bennett, Jacquie & Steve Tennant, The Ethel & Joseph Spatz Foundation, Ted Ziegler, Tom & Kathleen Crow, John Sery, Marsha McCauley & Jack Christy, Carol & Alan Dellapenna, Sharon Wilson, Steve Shaplin, Bob Balderson, Tom & Sharon Walker, Alex & Dorothy Rubin, John & Val Smith, The James Thrift Shop, The Saint James Sunday School Class, Jeff Berg, Lucy & Blix Winston, Jane Fahey, Kathy Shields, Martha Rush, David Wallace & Betsy Frick, Kathy O’Malley-Mallon, Laura Niper, Bruce & Sandra Etchison, Charlotte Scheper, Lora Plattner and Alison Schroeder.
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