NEWSLETTER | March 2022

Upcoming Events
EuroPris Annual General Meeting: Registration Open!
This year the Spanish General Directorate of Prison Administration will be hosting the EuroPris Annual General meeting and conference on the 20 June in Sevilla, Spain. EuroPris AGM will precede the Council of Europe Conference (CDPPS) which will commence on the 21 June. The event is only open to the 34 EuroPris members. Further information about the event and registration links are available on the EuroPris website.
Prison Achievement Award 2022
For the first time we are introducing the 'Prison Achievement Award' which will be awarded to a European prison. At EuroPris, we want to highlight and celebrate developments, overcoming challenges and initiatives that have been implemented in prisons across Europe. We know from our engagement with prison services that there are many excellent examples of practice and innovation which have been implemented in recent years. This is your chance to share your experience with the correctional arena. Interested to share your achievement? Click on the event page below and submit an application to participate in the selection process. The Award will take place during the AGM on 20 June in Sevilla, Spain.
CJPE Summer Course:
Register with an 'Early Bird' discount
The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) is a partnership of three network organisations working in the field of probation, prison and restorative justice. This ‘Summer Course’ consists of plenary sessions, three parallel workshops, four seminars and five study visits. By sharing ideas and considering the very latest research and programmes, participants will be stimulated to engage with the debate on how to respond to sexual violence. The summer course will be on 5-8 July 2022, in Barcelona. There is an 'Early Bird' registration until 1 April, register now to get a discount!
EuroPris News
EuroPris Stands with Ukraine
EuroPris promotes rights-based imprisonment with the objective of improved public safety across Europe. The right to life, liberty and the security of person is a fundamental human right, and accounts for both victims of crime and victims of war. We are deeply worried about the Russian attack on Ukraine. We express our deepest solidarity and compassion with all the victims of this war, a war that clearly violates international law and puts countless lives at risk. As a European network, we support the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine and stand by our Ukrainian colleagues and their families in this extremely difficult time.

- Gustav Tallving, Executive Director
Petra Pavlas joins the EuroPris team
Since 2009, Petra has worked at the Vienna-Josefstadt prison, and since 2015, has served as an expert on foreign national affairs at the Directorate General for the Prison Service and Preventive Detention, Department of Care and Services, of the Federal Ministry of Justice of Austria. Since January 2022, Petra took over the role from Nick Hammond as the Coordinator of the EuroPris/Confederation of European Probation (CEP) Foreign Nationals in Prison & Probation Expert Group.

Contact Petra via this address: 
Nick Hammond and Petra Pavlas
New feature on EuroPris website
The EuroPris website has a new feature, namely the possibility to view the website in 31 European languages (with the service of Google Translation). This feature is particularly useful when, viewing KMS responses, comparing agencies and establishments on EPIS, in your language, especially when sharing information with colleagues that prefer to view information in their own language. How does it work? Very simple, on the top right corner there are flags with an option to scroll and select the language of your choice.
Other News
EPTA Annual Conference
EPTA members will be meeting in Barcelona in June, at the next Annual Conference exploring the topic, evaluation of penitentiary staff training. At the conference titled 'The need to evaluate training: a work in progress…’, there will be discussions on questions as, how do we assess which are the relevant subjects that we need to include in our penitentiary staff training offer? Which is the best option of training for each need? How do we assess that we recruit the right trainers for each need? The conference will be informative and interactive, offering presentations, workshops and prison visits. The conference will be taking place at Centre of Legal Studies and Specialised Training, Barcelona, on 27-29 June.
PRI Guidelines: Good Governance for Prisons
In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic many countries saw enhanced cooperation and coordination between justice sector actors in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19 in prisons and maintain the core functions of justice systems where possible. While there are many lessons still to be learned on what worked well and what could have been done better, it is clear that the timely and effective collaboration demonstrated between different stakeholders in many countries should – and can – be possible beyond the short-term COVID-19 response and can provide important lessons for longer-term systematic reform. The guide aims to inform better governance in any future crisis situations, as well as the direction of penal reform more broadly. Different stakeholders and decision makers can act swiftly and work together effectively when needed, without a lengthy overhaul of existing systems and processes.
Prevention of youth radicalization in
prison and probation settings
The 2 year SERENY project “Strengthening approaches for the prevention of youth radicalization in prison and probation settings” of 7 inter-sectoral partners in 4 EUMS and Albania is co-funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme and aims to promote the adoption of effective, evidence-based interventions related to the prevention of radicalization processes among young inmates, respectful of their human rights as granted by International, EU, and CoE laws and regulations. The SERENY project aims to contribute to the prevention and decrease of radicalization in European prisons by providing actionable knowledge on young adults (between the age of 18 and 29) inmates considered as vulnerable/at-risk groups who could be or become radicalized and by assessing the effectiveness of existing radicalization prevention programs and practices. 
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Upcoming Events
5-6 April - Istanbul, Turkey

11 May - Lisbon, Portugal

20 June - Sevilla, Spain

27-29 June - Barcelona, Spain

5-8 July - Barcelona, Spain
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