Heart Chakra and the Endocrine System
March 2018
A couple of weeks ago I found myself fighting a terrible fever and feeling completely exhausted. After 4 days of fever I went to the doctor and discovered I had pneumonia. I immediately cancelled my schedule and got in bed for the next few days. Because I have a history of illness I was very disappointed that I was sick again. In addition, I've had pneumonia enough times in my life that I was also frustrated with my body's decision to hold illness in the lungs. But I wasn't going to let my frustrations get me down. Instead I chose to stay in the process. Ten years ago I probably would have kept going and in fact I did. I actually fainted at work the last time I had pneumonia because I just kept working. This time I stayed in bed with fluids and floated in and out of the lucid dream state. A lot of great information came during this time of dream and sleep and I awoke feeling grateful. I felt gratitude that I was able to rest and that I was alive. I remembered the illness that nearly killed me two years ago and how lucky I am that is behind me now. In that place of gratitude I decided to look at what was behind my pneumonia and I discovered some pretty cool stuff. First, pneumonia is 'drowning in one's emotions' and the lungs are linked to the Heart Chakra. Louise Hay's metaphysical definition states that pneumonia is being completely exhausted of life. I dug a little deeper and discovered that the Heart Chakra and Lungs are also linked to the Endocrine system and hormones. The Endocrine system and I are old friends due to my past auto immune dysfunction; hormone issues and adrenal fatigue have been a part of my past.

So what does this all mean? There are often stressors in our life that wreak havoc on our emotions and if they become overwhelming you can get sick. It is important that we do not lose sight of our need for self care and self love. Acceptance and Forgiveness are key themes here. Coming to a place of acceptance for where you are and being in the process can help you heal quickly and come back into a state of balance. I spent those days in bed chanting for my heart chakra and playing Tibetan singing bowls to heal my soul and identifying the key stressors that were affecting my emotional state so deeply that I was drowning in them. It was such simple work but it was really powerful! I bounced back within a week's time and am amazed at the energy and strength I have coming out of an illness that can often take weeks to recover from.

Heart Chakra Chant
Om Mani Padme Hung

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