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 March, 2014

Quote of the month


"We make a living by 

what we get, but we make 

a life by 

what we give."


- by Winston Churchill


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I welcome the opportunity to help you work through current issues and to look at your future with a sense of hope and purpose.


Masters Degree - Applied Psychology from Seton Hall University


Post-Masters Degree-Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Private Practice 

since 2008


Married 25 years


Mother of 2 young adult daughters 


Passionate about 

what I do




No matter how busy we are in today's society, we should all take some time to give back to our community in some way.  The reward of giving to others can be returned tenfold.  It can be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun if you make the right choice.  You don't have to be wealthy to give back either.  


All of us possess gifts, no matter how much money is in the bank or how old we are or where we live.  Read below about some potential ways to give back to your community and I challenge you to pick one of them and experience for yourself how good it feels to give. 


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Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT

Southlake Counseling & Neurofeedback Center

420 North Carroll Ave Suite 140

Southlake, TX 76092




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From The Positive Perspective.......


#1 - Share a talent with others.  If you are a good storyteller, volunteer with kids in your community at the library or a daycare.  Share your organizational skills with a local shelter or civic club who may need it.  Paint a canvas to brighten the wall of a local assisted living facility. If you are a good listener, offer your services to a local hospital and visit with those in need.  Bring your guitar to the park and sing for the kids on the playground. If your kids like to draw, have them make valentine cards or get well cards for an organization and help them to deliver those cards personally.

#2 - Join a local club that specializes in fundraising and giving back to the community. There are many jobs to choose from, some take months of your time, others take a couple of hours.  You decide the level of commitment you are ready to give and then find an opportunity to match.


#3 - Adopt a street in your community and work to keep it clean and presentable. This is a great family project.


#4 - Check your town website for volunteer opportunities.  Things like town greeter at city hall or helping in a town park or at a town festival will all be listed there.  You may even meet some people in town that you didn't know. You can also check www.volunteermatch.org or similar website for opportunities in your area.


#5 - Research your local 501 (c) 3 (non-profit) organizations and JUST CALL THEM!!  They can always use your help. Whether you like to drive around delivering meals to those who are home bound or you like soliciting for auction items from local businesses, there is a place for you.


Some of you may know that I take this topic very seriously.  I am currently on the board of the 'I Can Still Shine' ministry in North Richland Hills, TX that assists battered women and their children in getting to a better place and beginning to rebuild their lives. 


My involvement in the Southlake Newcomers' Club and it's upcoming Vision of Vegas Casino Night on March 29th at the Marriott Solana has helped me give back to the community for many years.  My favorite day of the year with this club is the day in May that we get to hand checks to the many deserving charities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and give away all the money we have raised over the last 10 months.  Join me in helping these charities by attending our event.  See www.southlakenewcomers.com for more details and to purchase tickets.


While some of these opportunities mentioned above are for those who are more gregarious and outgoing, there are just as many options for those who are not so extroverted.  Don't give up if your first outreach isn't a perfect match.  Try again and again until you feel the right connection and believe me...you will. 


Would love to hear about your attempts to get involved and what you were able to take away from those experiences. As always, look at this opportunity to give back to your community From The Positive Perspective.


Stay well.


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I wish you well...