Go Tell It on the Mountain

March 2015 Newsletter
Skyland Community Church

10:30 Sunday Service

Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Migrant Worker, Homeless Families Need Peanut Butter, Tuna Fish 


Angela Patterson reports that the Davenport Resource Service Center, which Skyland Church has been supporting in its efforts to aid migrant worker families and homeless people, needs sealed, nonperishable foods like peanut butter, canned tuna fish, and soups with meat. At present the center has to buy such food from the Second Harvest Food Bank in Watsonville.


Angela asks that such foods be brought for the food collection basket on Sundays to help defray this cost.


Work Parties
Trustees message:

Wood splitting partty planned for 9:00 AM Saturday, March 7. As you may have noticed, there are a great quantity of large rounds that need to be split. Please join this event and if possible bring a hydraulic splitter. If you need wood, then bring your pickup to take it home. Remaining wood will be left for neighbors who need wood.

Spring cleanup is planned for after Palm Sunday service (March 29). Wear your grubbies to church and join in wall and window washing, weed whacking, trimming, storage organizing, and anything else you have noticed that needs attention.

-- Gerald J. Alonzo


Skyland Quilt

Still Missing

Ye newsletter ed. has personally searched the Whitaker Hall attic, but did not find there the quilt created by Skyland women to celebrate the church's 100th year.

The quilt has not been seen for a couple of decades, and is sorely missed by Margretta Dollard and Joan Law, who have put out a general request for members to search those old chests and the shelves of those deep closets and see if it hasn't migrated there from Whitaker.

Please let Margretta or Joan know if it turns up.




Altar Flowers


Open dates for donating flowers are March 8, 15, and 29. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall.

calla lilies slumber

leaf out with springtime showers

trumpet creamy blooms


-- Haiku by John Heyes

Meditation Moment

The more a person expresses his love, 
the more people love him; and the more
people love him, the easier 
it is for him  to love others.  

In this way, love is eternal.

 Minister's Column;

Expressing the G-Ts Gratitude;
Stephen Hopes to Return Mar. 3

Stephen and Carolyn with Annalise. left, and Bethany, right

Dear Skyland Friends,

Gratitude! That is the word that summarizes my message for this month and my feelings for my family and you, my church family, as the G-Ts navigate the recovery project following Annalise's surgery this past month. 

It's by far the most challenging experience of our family life together, and we are so beyond-words grateful for your love and prayers and willingness to give me time to be at home with Annalise during this period when she needs particular care and attention. 

I am hoping to return to work on March 2d, but may have to balance work and home responsibilities for a few weeks to come. We do not know what lies ahead (of course we never do!); but we know the quality of your words and prayers and kind gestures, and they help to keep us strong to do the hard work. Bless you and thank you.

With hearts full of gratitude,

Stephen and Carolyn


Poet Laureates to Teach Teen Girls
To Turn Their Poems into Videos

Image from Media Poetry Studio video wherein Erica Goss tells how girls are taught to make videos from poetry.   See it here.

Los Gatos poet laureate Eria Goss has  joined with   colleagues  Jennifer Swanton Brown of Cupertino and David Perez of Santa Clara County to form the Media Poetry Studio,  which will  offer a summer day camp for Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz girls 13-18 on July 20-31 at the San Jose History Park.


Camp attendees will learn to work in art and technology through the medium of video poetry. The goal of the camp is to stimulate women's participation in technology.


The camp costs $799 for the two weeks. To register your child or for more information, see 



Financial Report for February 2015


NOTE from your treasurer:


Nothing special to report, other than our generous gift supporting our local Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire & Rescue purchase of  a Water Tender. We were able to contribute $10,000, using money previously allocated for capital improvements for which funds are no longer needed.

Pledge gifts are falling behind and are almost $2200 less than expected. Offering donations are still on target.


Here are our operating finances for Feb. 2015, as of Feb. 24.   


                   Summary of Operating Finances         

                Feb. 2015   |Jun 1,2014 to Feb.24                  Actual    Planned |  Actual      Planned

Income   $  8,781  $  9,361 | $146,318    $140,706

Expenses $ 10,078  $ 10,301 | $125,607    $126,091

Net      $(-1,297) $  (-940)| $ 20,711    $ 14,615


-- Gerald J. Alonzo



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