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New Loan Forgiveness & Refinance Assistance

The FMEC is pleased to announce a partnership with 
Navigate, a student loan consultation service that can help Family Physicians reduce their levels of indebtedness.
When most physicians begin practicing, they've incurred steep medical education debt. When they learn about loan relief programs and implement correctly, they reduce a major source of stress and save thousands of dollars on their student loans. They find reprieve through two programs:  Learn More
Direct Primary Care - The Best Kept Secret for
Primary Care Physicians

Primary care is in crisis.  Healthcare costs are skyrocketing.  Many Americans are not healthy.  Many of us working in primary care are familiar with the attempt to solve these challenges, called the Triple Aim.  The Triple Aim consists of better patient care, better health outcomes, and lower cost.  These are certainly critical to redesigning healthcare, but this approach misses the essential element of physician satisfaction.   Read More

Celebrating our 35th A nniversary
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IM4US Annual Conference - August 24-26
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