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March, 2021 A Year of Strength

Here we are, a year later, and so much has changed. Our world is one of wearing masks, social distancing and working from home. Many of us have lost loved ones or become ill ourselves from this pandemic. Some of our plans have been put on hold while other plans have just been executed differently. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t purchased new clothing in ages….as most of my attire has been jeans or pajama bottoms with, of course, looking professional from the waist up for my video sessions. Maybe I should not have revealed that. Hmmm??? In any case, have you acknowledged to yourself or to someone else, what strength it has taken for us to adapt to and survive all that was thrown at us in the last 12 months?

COVID has surely been a challenge. It has been exhausting to come up with new routines, learn the technology to work from home and become creative so our families could still get along and be cordial at the family dinner table. We have learned to multitask like never before. We are teachers and office workers and restaurant cooks and Zoom experts all at the same time.  We have developed new ways to celebrate the holidays and have virtual baby showers. We have enjoyed Zoom Happy Hours with coworkers and sung Happy Birthday via our phones just so we could stay connected to others. In spite of what has been thrown at us….we have remained strong. Do we have our frustrating moments, of course. Do we “lose it” once in a while? Absolutely. But we did those things before as well. 

What I have seen over the last year has not only been extraordinary, but it has been revolutionary. The bravery of our front-line workers and teachers to adapt the way they have is amazing. The way that those working in long term care facilities have been creative in keeping their residents happy when those residents could not see or touch loved ones for months at a time. The focus of the average twenty-something-year-old to rise up and care for those around them who may not understand the technology needed today to communicate is commendable. The ingenuity of youngsters to raise money or collect items to help others in need has been a great lesson for all of us.
These times have been tough, but we have been tougher. We did this people……we really did. It is not over and we continue to make strides to protect ourselves in the ways we agree with. We are still here and we are still fighting and working through this worldwide event. Let us not just look at what we have lost but let us look at what we have gained.

Thank you for your trust in me. Be safe and be well.

My services continue to be virtual but I am accepting new clients.

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Quote of the Month
"Don't tell me what you believe in. I'll observe how you behave and I will make my own determination."

by Alex Trebek, Canadian-American Game Show Host and Personality

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