Mission and More March 15-27
from Pastor Goetz

A group of 33 missionaries, ranging in age from 6 to 79, are excited to spend nearly two weeks in Costa Rica preaching and ministering to the communities around 20 different churches in the San Jose area. They have been fundraising and practicing sermons over the last months. 

Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, Bible workers and church members are making contacts to study the Bible and invite to the meetings. Most of the 90 theology majors at the university have teamed up with the churches to work during these meetings.

The university, Universidad Adventista de Centro America, is the campus where our mission group will stay and eat their meals. Thank you for your generosity in support and your prayers of blessing for this group. My prayer is that it will be one more component to continue shifting our Campion culture to one of outreach and evangelism. 
A few of the students have also shared their prayers and expectations:

"This is just the type of trip that I have been looking for; church-lead going to a safe country (well, as safe as everywhere else) and staying in a Christian establishment. I hope to use this trip to gain experience to later go on to more dangerous situations and communities to help spread God's love throughout the world. I am also hoping to get better at public speaking and practice my Spanish a little. I'm not particularly unhappy about the prospect of fresh strawberries, either ;)"
-Lily T.
"I feel like this trip will change others and my own life. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid and now that I got the opportunity I want to share what I’ve learned over the years. I’m praying that people are open to hear about the love that God has for us and that they are willing to give up all to Him."
-Brayden M.
"The reason that I want to go to Costa Rica is to spread the Gospel to people who have not heard about Jesus. What I hope will happen during this trip is that I can lead at least one soul to Jesus."
-Caleb G.
"When I first heard about the opportunity to go on the mission trip, I was ecstatic! I want to go because I feel that God has a big plan for me, and I want Him to use me. I am praying that I can have a church that is open to the ideas we are bringing down there, and that I can bring at least one person to the Lord."
-Addison G.
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor:
Micheal Goetz

Discipleship/Family Ministry Pastor:
Michael Taylor

Evangelism/Worship Pastor:
Leandro Bizama

RMC Literature Ministry Pastor: Matt Hasty

Campion Academy Chaplain:
Nancy Meszaros
Office Administrator/Treasurer:
Teresa Johansen

Head Elder:
Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team:
The Pastors
Carol Turk
Becca Herber
Campion Academy Principal:
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal:
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
Testimony from PreK and Kindergarten Classroom
Hello Church Family!
We’ve had a great school year. I’ve been blessed with 12 PreK & Kindergarten students. During the past two weeks my students have been learning about Moses. The theme for our unit on Moses is God is Powerful and He Can Speak to Me! I’ve explained to my students that if God can speak to Moses thru a burning bush then He can definitely speak to them too! My students have taken the time during Bible this week to kneel next to their desks and ask God to speak to them. It’s amazing to hear them tell me that they’ve heard Jesus talk to them! Then after that I’ve given them some silent time to speak to Jesus about things that are on our minds. I feel that it’s so important that my students learn to have a relationship with Jesus and that they learn how to talk to Him. This is something that I know a lot of adults struggle with and I’m so thankful that they’re learning this now.
Each student in my class will have the opportunity over the next six weeks to be a Mad Scientist. Our first Mad Scientist practiced her science experiment last week at home. Yesterday she came dressed as a Mad Scientist and she showed our classroom how to make slime that was full of gold glitter. She displayed on a board the title of her experiment, her hypothesis, and what the end result was. It’s amazing to watch the little ones in my classroom teach their classmates about science experiments!
This year for language arts my students have enjoyed learning from our new curriculum which is called Unlocking the Reading Code. They’re learning how to fish hook words, how to decipher between open and closed syllable words, and they can read words that I never knew a Kindergarten and PreK student could read. It’s been so rewarding to see how each student has progressed this school year.
Overall, I count it a blessing to teach each little one in my classroom about Jesus. Truly teaching is a rewarding job! It’s amazing to be apart of a wonderful church community, a great campus, and to be apart of HMS Richards School. If you haven’t taken the time to visit our school please feel free to stop by and see all the amazing things that God is doing in our classrooms!
Kristie Smith,
PreK Kindergarten teacher at HMS
Meet the New Group--55 Plus Prime-Timers!
This new group is for all the young at heart aged 55 and up. There are many in this group in the Campion Church, and sometimes they have felt over-looked, but no more! If you are in that age group you are invited to join in the fun and fellowship. Right now, there is an introductory event planned, but with your input there will be more, so be thinking about what you would like to do with an energetic, smart group of your peers.

Sunday, April 3 at 5:30 pm, prime-timers are invited to their first social in the church Fellowship Hall. This will be a dinner followed by entertainment and a party. Bring Mexican food to share, or bring what you like. Plan now to come.

If transportation is needed, please call the church and someone will pick you up.
New Grow Group for Young Adults
A grow group for young adults where they can connect with each other and be inspired to continue growing in their walk with God has been started. If you know of any young adult in the area please contact Pastor Bizama so they can be invited to the weekly activities. 
Pastor Leandro Bizama Teaches Creation Seminar
The series on Origins struck a chord with many. The follow-up conversation after the presentations was a very engaging dialogue and prompted the plan for additional time for discussions in the future. "It seems that now more than ever, the subject of the evidence for creation and the flood is a very relevant and imperative one."
If you missed the seminar or wish to watch it again, View the Creation Seminars Here
Pastor Leandro Bizama
Pastor Leandro and James hang the creation banner at the entrance to the campus.
Pastor Leandro squeezes six sessions on Creationism into three nights by speaking very quickly. Attendees are challenged to continue studying and questioning no matter their world view.
Photo by Chase Rodriguez
Pastor Mike Taylor teaches the children about creation while their parents attend the seminar with Pastor Leandro.
Photo by Chase Rodriguez
Women's Ministries Prayer Brunch
Jana Thurber, the guest speaker for the Campion Women's Ministries prayer brunch, speaks of Mary and Elizabeth and the honor they were shown to be the mothers of Jesus and John the Baptist.
Phoro by Joyelle Worley
Attendees select from an abundant selection of muffins, yogurt, granola, and fruit.
Photo by Ardis Stenbakken
Jeanette Fortner, the Campion Women's Ministries leader, presents a gift basket to the speaker, Jana Thurber, Women's Ministry Director for the Rocky Mountain Conference. Thurber is also the conference prayer ministry leader, and responsible for pastors' spouses. She says and shows that she is passionate about prayer.
Photo by Ardis Stenbakken
All About People
New Members

Welcome Back, Clegg Family
Charlene and Steve have returned to Campion Church after spending several years attending the Longmont Church. The Cleggs retired to Colorado from California. Charlene is a retired teacher who loves helping out in 1st and 2nd grade at HMS and is actively involved in the health ministry at Campion. She also loves to create Quilts of Valor for veterans. Steve is a retired health inspector, persimmon rancher, and substitute teacher k-12. They both enjoy gardening.
Charlene and Steve Clegg

Photo by Anndrea Taylor
The Koorenny Family Joins Campion
Robert, Sara, and Josiah moved to Loveland about a year ago to work with Voice of Prophecy. They have recently lived in Spokane, Washington, and Berrien Springs, Michigan. They enjoy Colorado because they can be involved in ministry and live close to family.
The Friesen Family
Lavern and Dlorah Friesen both grew up in the Loveland area attending HMS Richards Elementary and Campion Academy. She retired after 35 years with Adventist Health Systems working in the patient financial office at Avista Adventist Hospital. LaVern retired from CU Boulder maintenance. Lavern is a twin and the Friesens have twin daughters plus the eldest, Deena, who was already a member of Campion Church. They have now moved to Loveland and comment, "We are happy to be a part of a vibrant church with a great pastoral team." Both Lavern and Dlorah as well as their three daughters are graduates of Campion Academy.
Dlorah and Lavern Friesen

Photo by Anndrea Taylor
The Czajkowski Family
Douglas, a chemical engineer, retired from food packaging with companies like ConAgra, Campbell Soup, and Ball Corporation. Nesha retired from electronics manufacturing. She is a native of Colorado, from Rockville and Douglas is a native of upstate New York. They became Adventists through a Revelation Prophecy Seminar while living in New York. Their daughter lives in Broomfield and two sons live in New York. "We like the beautiful Campion Church and that we have a full-time pastor."
Douglas and Nesha Czajkowski

Photo by Anndrea Taylor
Robbins Join by Baptism and Profession of Faith
On Sabbath, February 5th, Pastor Goetz had the privilege of baptizing Dave Robbins into our church family. He is the brother of Eileen Blood and Linda Robbins.  His wife Mary was accepted into membership by profession of faith. Pastor Goetz recounts his first interaction with Dave and Mary as follows.

"A little over 5 years ago, I was a member of the HOA board in my neighborhood. One month an item on the agenda was one of the neighbors expanding the length of their garage and had already begun the concrete work. He had tried to get an answer for approval but hadn’t gotten a response so moved forward. 

"The question was debated for a bit by the HOA and finally determined that the project could go forward. Every time I passed the house, I thought of it. The garage looked good. 

"Fast forward about four years and Eileen Blood called to tell me about Bible studies she was having with her brother, Dave, and his wife, Mary. She invited me to join them and I did one Friday afternoon. In our conversation it was discovered that Dave was the man with the garage and we both had a good laugh.

"Through those Bible Studies, Dave (a former student of Campion Academy) and Mary grew in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus. To me it is a miracle, my neighbor, the man with the garage, was baptized as a member of the Campion Church. "

We are so pleased to welcome these two new members into our church fellowship. May God richly bless you, Dave and Mary.
Interview by Muriel Indermuehle
Dave Robins being baptized by Pastor Goetz.

Photo by Nicholas Jensen
Dave and Mary Robbins

Photo by Ella Jean Albertsen
March Birthday List
Special birthday wishes on the 25th to Lorraine Binder, one of Campion Church's over 90 members!
Coming Events
Service Schedule
Early Church: 9:00 - 10:10
Sabbath School 10:20 - 11:20
Second Church      11:30 - 12:15

Services streamed live from
Mark Your Calendar
  • International Worship, March 5: Each year, we gather and invite others to gather with us for a worship celebrating the diversity of language and people. It’s a foretaste of heaven and thus a high day to hear prayers and music in mother tongues other than English.
  • Breakfast for Lunch, March 5: After the second service, we will fellowship together in the Academy gym with one of the most popular meals of the year, breakfast for lunch. 
  • Go Sabbath March 5: Following lunch, there will be opportunities to reach out to our community.  
  • Human Trafficking Seminar March 5 at 2:30. Karen Fettig, an activist regarding human trafficking, will share information, and have a question and answer session. See further details in article below.
  • Special Music and Baptismal Sabbath, March 12: The academy music fest is looking a little different this year, but we will still be blessed as part of our February 12 worship service with some extra special music. We are also planning to celebrate baptisms that day. 
  • Young Adult Conference, March 19: Campion Church will host a regional young adult conference with the West Central Young Adult (WCYA) ministry. WCYA seeks to engage and inspire Adventist young adults from around Mid-America. Chris Holland, evangelist for Hope Channel, will be the speaker.
  • Cooking class by Vicki Kahler on March 24, at 6:30. See flyer attached for details.
  • Pathfinder Sabbath, March 26: Campion Pathfinders will lead the worship service.
On the 18th-20th, Campion Church will host the annual West Central Young Adult Conference.

The speaker is Pastor Chris Holland, the senior evangelist for Hope Channel International and President-elect of the Living Hope School of Evangelism.

"We are so blessed and proud of our young adult leaders in this area and in the Mid-America region for taking the initiative to create opportunities for the young adults to be equipped and inspired for service.

"The theme they have chosen is 'For Such a Time as This,' and it could not be more relevant." For more information visit  https://wcyoungadults.org/2022-conference/

Pastor Leandro Bizama
Human Trafficking Info Session March 5
Colorado has two major interstate highways crossing the state which makes the movement of human trafficking a problem in our state. Colorado reports almost twice as many cases as any of our surrounding states. Some of these are sex trafficking cases such as pornography or illicit massage/spa businesses, and truck stops. Some is labor related.

Karen Fettig of Wyoming has been on a campaign to stop this trafficking through our states and conference. You will have an opportunity to listen to her report and ask questions Sabbath afternoon, March 5, 2:30 pm, in the Community Center. Please come, get informed, and invite you friends and neighbors to join you.
Spring Town Hall Meeting April 10
April 10 at Campion Church.
Meet the Rocky Mountain Conference leadership team, hear reports and ask questions.
Campion and HMS Richards School News
HMS Richards School
Bridge building competition brings out teamwork at HMS

HMS Richards Adventist School’s fifth and sixth grade students faced off in a bridge building contest this month. Working in teams, the students were challenged to design and build a bridge out of toothpicks, glue, and string while sticking to a project budget. 

An audience of parents and friends watched in suspense as each company’s bridge was tested for strength and durability. Teacher Paul Bragaw hung increasing amounts of weight from each one until it eventually collapsed. Despite the fragility of the building materials, the bridges were able to hold a surprising amount of weight: up to 1500 grams.

In the end, the Bridge-Building Chipmunks team won the challenge with a design that incorporated many cross beams. 

As the architect for the winning team, fifth grader Matias explained they had to work through several challenges: “At first we didn’t have enough toothpicks, so we had to buy more, and we almost ran out of money. We also had to change our plans a lot.” 

The bridge building project and competition is a good example of project-based learning at HMS Richards Adventist School. The project incorporated many educational objectives such as physics, engineering, and math, but the biggest lesson of all, according to fifth grader Tryg, was “learning to work together and put the bridge together as a team.” 
By Jill Harlow
Campion Academy
Senior Recognition Week-end concluded with Campion Academy students nominated into the National Scholarship Society, as well as those awarded scholarships who were formally recognized at the annual Scholar’s Lunch on Sunday. 

Fourteen select orchestra students got to spend four days rehearsing and performing new songs at the Mid-America Union Music Festival at Union College, February 2 through 6.
Campion Church member Jack Jordan, freshman, won a Young Artist Solo award and got the opportunity to play a professional-grade solo on his violin. Along with this award, he received a $1,000 scholarship To Union College.

Scholars sport their cords which they will wear at graduation.
Jack Jordan performing at Union College.
Church Business
March Offerings:

March 5
Local Church Budget: The Campion Church budget is big! But with our membership it is easily doable if we all work together. "’Every Member Gives’ is a motto of the Rocky Mountain Conference, and “it is critical to building healthy churches in RMC.” It has proven true in the Campion Church. Some can and do give large offerings to the need, and others can pay only a small amount. But if we all work together, it works! And we all benefit.

March 12
World Budget: Adventist World Radio (AWR): This ministry is the major radio outreach of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and miracles are reported almost daily as people, especially in hard to penetrate areas of the world, learn about Jesus and want to follow Him. If you want your offering to go to AWR specifically rather than the general World Budget, you need to indicate that with your donation.

March 19
Local Church Budget: Our various church ministries were invited to submit a request for special funds through what is called S.M.A.R.T. You will be seeing special things happening to benefit you and our community. All of this was possible because of your generosity to this offering.

March 26
Rocky Mountain Conference Advance: One of the beneficiaries of this offering is La Vida Mission School, a real missionary effort right here in our own conference. The pandemic has been hard on the school but they have continued to be a blessing to the Dine people on the reservation. There are many ways we can support this school; this offering is one of them.
Building Campaign Status
Kitchen: Waiting for ovens to arrive.
Gutters: Seamless gutters installed on sanctuary building.
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