March 2018

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Happy California Arbor Week! arborweek

Celebrate trees March 7th-14th!  
Join us April 7 for The Wonder of Trees
Hope Jahren, award-winning scientist and best-selling author of 
Lab Girl, explores roots, leaves, trees, and
why all life hinges on the magic of plants . wonder

The Wonder of Trees, a benefit for Canopy
Saturday, April 7, 2018
6pm - 9pm
Hotel Nia, Menlo Park
"....there's still no journal where I can tell the story of how my science is 
done better with both the heart and the hands." - Hope Jahren, Lab Girl

More Upcoming Canopy Events
Tree Planting: Cubberley Community DayCubberley
Saturday, March 24, 2018
9am - 12pm
Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto

Join Canopy, City of Palo Alto, Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto, and local Rotary Clubs for a day of fun and service at Cubberley Community Center! Plant and care for trees with Canopy, check out performances, and visit open art studios. We will be installing some new trees and landscape plants, as well as providing essential tree care like mulching and weeding to the existing trees. Volunteer event happening rain or shine!

Sign up to volunteer...

Tree Planting: Greenmeadow Neighborhood Greenmeadow
Saturday, March 31, 2018
9am - 12pm
4075 Scripps Ave, Palo Alto

Join Canopy and residents from the Greenmeadow neighborhood to plant new street and yard trees. This planting is one of the first of the South Palo Alto Tree Initiative, an effort to increase the tree canopy cover where it is needed the most in Palo Alto.

If you are a Greenmeadow resident that would like to sign up for a tree, contact Elise Willis at We're accepting tree sign-ups until March 20th!

Tree Planting: Palo Alto Park Neighborhoodpaloaltopark
SUNDAY, April 15, 2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Bell St. Park, East Palo Alto

Join Canopy as we plant trees in the Palo Alto Park neighborhood of East Palo Alto. Together we create stronger, healthier communities by bringing the life-improving benefits of trees to the places we live. 

Tree Planting: Palo Verde Neighborhood paloverde
SUNDAY, April 22, 2018
1:30pm - 4:30pm
4075 Scripps Ave, Palo Alto

Join Canopy and Palo Verde residents to bring new street and yard trees to the neighborhood.  Sign up to volunteer...

Sign up for a free tree! If you live in the neighborhood, visit Canopy's table on Saturday, April 7th at Palo Verde Elementary from 9am to 11am to sign up, reserve your tree, and speak with a Canopy arborist. We're accepting tree sign-ups until  April 12th For questions contact Elise Willis at .

Celebrate trees all year with Canopy! 

From the Canopy Blog blog
Tips for Hiring an Arborist

Choosing a contractor for any job can be quite challenging, and picking an arborist can be exceptionally tough. The first step is to make sure you're familiar with what a proper arboricultural service looks like. In this post, arborist Jason Shirar, shares what to look for when hiring an arborist, including legal requirements and credentials. 

Trees in the News news
Green Oaks
Urban Forestry in the Schoolyard

Tree canopy cover plays an integral role in improving the academic performance of young students. In a recent study, standardized performance scores from 3rd and 6th graders from 387 schools in Toronto, Canada were analyzed. After controlling for socioeconomic factors which play the biggest role in academic performance, the researchers found that tree cover, as distinct from other green spaces, is a significant positive predictor of performance.

The analysis further revealed that a mix of different species and having both deciduous and evergreen trees provides the most benefits. Improved academic performance  was found to be most significant for 6th graders, leading the researchers to conclude that tree cover is beneficial for schools and that investments in increasing the tree canopy cover may result in large impacts on learning outcomes.

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Canopy plants and cares for trees where people need them the most. We bring the life-giving benefits of trees to the schools, neighborhoods, and public spaces of the San Francisco Mid-Peninsula.

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