Seasons of Friendship
A conversation about the changing nature of friendships
March 25th, 8-9 PM (ET)
An online gathering facilitated by Doug Wysockey-Johnson
What it's all about:
Friends and the nature of our friendships change throughout our lives. Whether we tend to hold a few friends close to our heart, or consider ourselves a friend to all whom we meet, these relationships change over time. There are seasons for making new friends, there are seasons for reconnecting, and there are seasons for letting go of friendships that no longer sustain us. Our friendships may be central to our life and work, or they may help to support our primary relationships (like those with our partners or children) and work from the sidelines.

Join us for ideas on how to make new friendships, reconnect with old friends, and even how to let go of friends when their season has passed. What kind of transitions ar e you experiencing in your friendships? How have your friends changed you? This is a time to tell and hear stories. Bonus points if you invite a friend to join!
How to join:
You will need internet access and a computer, tablet (iPad or something similar) or smartphone with a camera. Most laptops and tablets have cameras built in; if you only have a desktop computer, you would need to add a web camera to that. Our video conference platform is called Zoom . If it is the first time you are using it, you will need to download  plug-in  software. Most people find this quite easy to do.
If you'd like to participate, please reply to this email (or email ) and send your full name. We'll send out a meeting agenda with additional logistics closer to the event.