Community Update
March 1, 2019
D ear friends,
Whenever I meet someone new and share what I do professionally, the comment that most naturally follows from my new acquaintance is along the lines of "Waldorf Education? What's that? I've never heard of it."

For those of us who spend our days flowing along in the orbit of a place like Cedar Springs, such a question offers us both an opportunity and a reminder. The opportunity comes in trying to articulate just what it is about Waldorf that so distinguishes it from the myriad schooling modalities that exist out there. It's times like these that I wish I had at the ready a photograph like this one of our 7th Graders. In their recent studies of the Renaissance, their teacher, Ms. Shaver, brought to them the story of Michelangelo, who spent a decade creating the incredible frescoes that adorn the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In bringing his story to life, the children were challenged to spend a main lesson getting a little taste of the famous artist's endeavors by recreating small elements of the chapel on their own classroom ceiling!

This lesson is one that is frequently brought to Waldorf 7th Grade classes, with some teachers choosing to have students lie on their backs on the ground and paint on paper affixed to the underside of their desks. But I especially liked Ms. Shaver's approach since it necessitated the students' having to incorporate into their creative process not only how the image looked as they saw it close up, but also how it appeared to someone farther below the vaulted ceilings they were adorning. Seventh Grade is also the age at which Waldorf students learn perspective drawing. Instruction includes 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective. At a surface level, this might be seen as simply the next logical step in their art instruction, but nothing in the Waldorf pedagogy is casual. Bringing this lesson at this age is intentional, as adolescents can often become quite opinionated, even self-righteous in their viewpoints (parents of middle schoolers are nodding their heads right now).

Considering the view from somewhere other than where you're standing is a lesson we cannot bring enough to children growing up in the dynamic - and somewhat tumultuous - world into which they will launch. That this lesson lives and breathes daily in our classrooms is just one of the ways that we can answer the question of who we are (a movement for social renewal) and remind ourselves of just how precious (and increasingly rare) is the community and learning environment that value and foster such a message.

Waldorf education is both simple and complex. Its simplicity lies in its foundational impulse to both honor childhood and nurture human development. Understanding, living (and explaining) the artistry and will forces needed to fulfill that mission is something of a larger task, but something we commit to each day that we choose to be part of this very special school community.

Thank you for being here, and helping to sustain the work we do to shepherd this impulse into our world through these fabulous young people. Many blessings on your weekend.

In spirited community,

Nicole Deutsch
Director of Community Development
Gaining a different perspective!
Art Unveiled: Red Carpet Gala
Many fun jobs still available: Sign Me Up!
Invitation design by London Deutsch, Class of 2015
2019 Yearbooks on Sale - Your Photos Add the Color!
Is your camera roll filled with pictures from that recent field trip or class activity? Do you have a great shot from a sports event or festival that you'd love to share? The 2018-19 Yearbook is currently under construction and is in need of additional photos. If you have captures from this school year you'd like to share, please upload them to your class's Shutterfly site ASAP or contact Lindy Smither at: .

You can pre-order your child's yearbook by clicking here and entering our school's code: 1015351359213522
Parent Forum Next Friday!
Lend Your Voice to our Strategic Planning Process
Dear CSWS Parents,

The Board of Trustees is requesting your input for our 2019 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is a Blueprint for the short and long term future of our school, and engages us to identify where we are, where we want to go, and how to get there. It enables us to set priorities and focus our resources.

We are offering two opportunities for giving feedback:
  • An upcoming survey (to be emailed to parents separately and available for pick up in the school office beginning next Tuesday); and/or
  • In person at a parent forum with members of the Strategic Planning committee at 1:30 on Friday, March 8th. (Childcare will be provided by our lovely EC staff. If you need childcare, please RSVP by March 6 to

The questions asked on the survey, and to be discussed at the meeting are designed to gather feedback about the following:

  • What’s going well with how we are working toward our mission
  • Where we might be missing the mark
  • What opportunities are there out there that we might take advantage of

We will consider all feedback we receive. 

Thank you for your input! We want to know what the experience of attending CSWS is like for you.

In gratitude,

The Strategic Planning Committee
Janette Dodge and Amber Jensen, Co-Presidents, BOT
Amy Roehl, Co-Chair, College of Teachers
Laura Hauge, Co-Chair, PGSC
Suzy Holtrichter, Treasurer, BOT
Bill Dittmann, Secretary, BOT
Jason Grace, Business Manager

If you would like to know more about the Strategic Planning process, click here
Final Session of Parent-Child
Classes Starts Next Week
Please join us for our Parent-Child Program for 3-4 year olds. Session 4 of our Sunflowers Program  begins March 6. It is held fully outdoors and designed to help children deepen feelings of confidence; build capacities for learning; develop new communication and problem-solving skills, and strengthen emotional well-being.

Our Day:
  • Gather and play 
  • Morning circle time: singing, movement, finger games and verse
  • Nature, crafting, and/or a campus walk, or more play if that is what the day is asking of us
  • Snack time (We will supply delicious homemade snack, please let the teacher know of any allergies when registering) and meal clean-up
  • Nursery rhyme/nature inspired story and a goodbye song 

Breathe deep and enjoy parenting support, imaginative play, laughs, and warm meals while you share good conversation with like-minded parents. You can register by visiting our website or by clicking the link below and downloading the registration form.

Captures from Beneath the Oaks
Teacher Devo shares a story with the 5th Grade in Woodworking class
An inspiring reminder to all who enter the 7th Grade classroom!
A peek at a 4th Grade Animal Project showcasing the fennec fox
Sra. Massa in action with Ms. Cavin's class
Sixth Grade Homework Club kids taking a little movement break on a recent afternoon
Advertisements and Opportunities
WANTED: First Car

We are reaching out to our dear community family with interest in purchasing a first car. Our daughter, a CSWS alumna, is looking for a reliable, fuel-efficient, compact vehicle. If anyone has a good lead, please contact Veronica Gunasekara at (916) 833-8234 or come visit in the Early Childhood Village! Thank you!
Spring Break at the Stardust Lodge in Tahoe

Enjoy a gorgeous spring week in Tahoe! We've booked a 1-bedroom unit (sleeps 4) at the Stardust Lodge for Cedar Springs' second week of Spring Break, 4/21 - 4/28. Highly rated on Trip Advisor, many people consider the Stardust Lodge to have a perfect location with a friendly staff and comfortable rooms. We're asking $800 for the whole week. Please contact Christine Land at (530)313-8714 if you're interested!
CSWS Positions Available

Our school is much in need of an early childhood extended care assistant. We are seeking a warm, responsible individual to help supervise this program. Experience with young children and knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy is preferred, but not required. The extended care position hours are Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. To meet state licensing requirements, applicants must have 12 ECE units, and be willing to comply with current CPR and First Aid training, clear a Livescan background check, a TB test, and a health screening and comply with current California vaccination requirements. Please send inquiries to: Veronica Gunasekara at   

The College of Teachers is seeking individuals who can act as substitute teachers. With our pedagogical chair position now vacant, we no longer have a go-to for when our teachers are ill or need to be away for the day for personal or family needs. With the cold and flu season approaching, the College would like to begin compiling a list of people, especially those with a teaching credential or experience working with children, who can support our faculty in this way. Please contact Amy Roehl at  if you would be able to help with this. 
Upcoming Events
Mar. 8 ----- Parent Forum for Strategic Planning, 1:30 p.m.
Mar. 14 ----- Board of Trustees Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
Mar. 22 ----- Auction set-up
Mar. 23 ----- "Art Unveiled" Red Carpet Gala, 5:30 -10 p.m.
Mar. 25 ----- No School - "Auction Recovery Da ----- "
Mar. 29 ----- Third Grade Play - 11:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
April 1 ----- Eighth Grade Presentations, 6:30 p.m. (Open to CSWS Community)
April 3 ----- Eighth Grade Presentations, 6:30 p.m. (Open to CSWS Community)
April 5 ----- Eighth Grade Presentations, 6:30 p.m. (Open to CSWS Community)
Inspiring our students to reach their highest potential as free-thinking, creative human beings who have a life-long love of learning, Cedar Springs offers Waldorf education to families and their children, infants through Eighth grade . - CSWS Mission Statement
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