Weekend Lineup
Polka time in Goliad, Cyclone, San Antonio, & Hungerford!
Wow! Talk about a polka weekend! Set your GPS to Polka On! Start Saturday night with Chris Rybak at Schroeder Hall in Goliad. Then Sunday, it's the Texas Polka Music Museum fundraiser at Flag Hall in Cyclone with Fritz Hodde & Fab 6 and Ennis Czech Boys...Bexar County Czech Heritage Society spring dance at Martinez Hall with Mark Halata & Texavia...KJT fundraiser at Hungerford Hall with Red Ravens.

Rather go country? Saturday night it's Jeff Woolsey & Dancehall Kings at Cotton Club in Granger & Lost Cause at Sealy Dance Club public dance at American Legion Hall...On Sunday, Charles & Fab 4 will be at Sweet Home and East River will be at VFW in Northwest Houston.

Polka On, Y'all!

Subscription Drive Underway!

Coming in March: Editor Gary McKee fulfills reader requests to do a story on country music legend Jimmy Heap from Taylor, Texas. He also offers part two about train songs; this time Texas specific. Justin Everett reviews the new Czech & Then Some CD, a great collection of polka, waltz, and country tunes to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary. The Polka DJ profile features Noninto Martinez of KMIL in Cameron. And photos! See the fun times at Ennis Czech Music Festival, National Polka Month Dance, and Chris Rybak's World Series Party. Of course, we have your listings of dances, festivals, and live music events.
The 3rd Annual Spring & Summer Fest Guide features Texas Folklife's celebration of the accordion, "the national instrument of Texas." Read about the Big Squeeze finals in April in Austin, and the Accordion Kings & Queens in June in Houston. Find out more about festivals in Houston, Tomball, Anhalt, Ennis, Hallettsville, Kyle, Brenham, Burton, East Bernard, Schulenburg, Bremond, La Grange, and Amana, Iowa. The guide gives you all the info you need to plan your spring and summer travel calendar.

Photo Gallery
Polkafest by the Sea
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Swiss Alp Dance Club
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More Photos/Videos
Geronimo Surprise Artist See the photos by Mark Hermes

Watch the videos by Walt Harfmann of the Red Ravens at Cyclone, and the bands at Ennis Czech Music Festival
A husband wanted to have a serious talk with his wife about their budget. "Dear, we need to watch our spending," he said. 

"I know," said the wife. "I should tell you I just bought this great red dress," she said modeling it. 

"The devil is testing you," he said. 

"I know," she said. "But, he kept saying how good I looked." 

"Why didn't you turn your back on the devil," asked the husband. "I did," said the wife. "But he said it looked good from back there, too!"
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