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Nearing the 2018 Legislative Session Finish Line
March 12, 2018

The 2018 session of the Indiana General Assembly is nearing its end and is scheduled to conclude this Wednesday, March 14. This year, lawmakers introduced more than 900 bills and less than 300 bills remain alive. See the information below regarding the remaining issues AIA Indiana continues to monitor.

(L-R)  Hayley Johnson, Assoc. AIA and Sen. Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis)
HB 1015, unlawful indemnity agreements , authored by Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel), was heard in conference committee on Thursday, March 8. The legislation calls for changes to Indiana's anti-indemnity statute. Section one of the bill is particularly important this year given a recent court case requiring certain construction site managers to be responsible for the negligent acts of others working on site. AIA Indiana has been particularly interested in section two of the bill, which would prohibit a design professional from being responsible for defense costs, which were unrelated to the design professional's work, and in any event not insurable. This language in section two was amended in the Senate and now only recommends the matter be studied in a legislative summer study committee. Rep. Torr prepared a conference committee report reinserting the original section two language that passed out of the House and has received vocal support from House and Senate Democrats on the conference committee. The question remains as to whether opposed groups, primarily large general contractors and utilities, will ultimately support the change as a deal for section one of the bill. The final outcome of HB 1015 remains in question. 

(L-R) Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis) and Jennifer Miller, AIA
SB 399, professions and occupations, authored by Sen. Travis Holdman (R-Markle), appears to be dead at this time. Thank you to all the AIA Indiana members who contacted their state representative and asked them to oppose the bill. Your efforts paid positive dividends.
SB 399 required the small business ombudsmen to review any occupational regulation that would have imposed an additional licensure requirement on an individual. Touted as a way to reduce entry costs into a profession and provide greater access to veterans and others looking for careers, it was broadly opposed by the impacted, regulated industries as government meddling into the private sector. The bill required the ombudsman to ensure the least restrictive means of regulation be utilized, which per the bill's terms, preferred litigation to any licensure requirement. Because the bill passed the Senate, efforts are being made to ensure the language is not inserted somewhere else. AIA Indiana remains vigilant in seeing that SB 399 does not pass into law.

Do not hesitate to contact AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley, , 317-634-6993, if you have questions or concerns regarding these or any other issues.
Lobbying Basics for Communicating with Your Local Legislators 

*Please contact your state senator and state representative and introduce yourself, if you don't already know them. Invite them to tour your firm. Discuss with them the issues that are important to you and your firm. I am sure they will appreciate hearing from you. To contact your legislators, see the information below.
House of Representatives - 800/382-9842
State Senate - 800/382-9467
AIA Southern Indiana members meeting with Rep Ed Clere (R - New Albany), Sen. Ron Grooms (R - Jeffersonville) and Rep Steve Stemler (D - Jefferonville) at Kovert Hawkins Architects' office in Jeffersonville, IN. 

*Take a personal inventory of how you know legislators with whom you have a personal relationship (political or civic activities, church, business relationships, etc.)
*If you are having an open house, or important press release or ribbon cutting event, add your local legislators to the mailing list.
*Ask legislators and other elected officials to attend local AIA chapter meetings.
*Invite your local legislators to visit your firm.
*Invite your local legislator to lunch or coffee.
Do not hesitate to contact AIA Indiana Executive Director Jason Shelley, 317/634-6993 or , if you have any questions.
Architects for Indiana Political Action Committee 

Please contribute to the Architects for Indiana Political Action Committee (ARCHPAC). The importance of our participation in the political process becomes more and more evident each time we must take action to cope with legislative proposals that call for extending the sales tax to services, requiring stock school plans, or providing interior designers stamping privileges!  
Please join many of your fellow Hoosier AIA members who have already contributed and write a $50 check today to ARCHPAC and return it to AIA Indiana, 115 W. Washington St., Suite 955 S, Indianapolis, IN 46204.
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