Grade Seven Bridge Project

This year the seventh graders built popsicle bridges designed to hold a minimum of 10lbs to learn about force distribution. In order to bring a bit of the real world into their projects, students designed their bridges with a budget in mind ($1500 per popsicle stick and $20,000 per glue stick). Bonus points were awarded to the strongest bridge and the most efficient bridge ($/lb) Miranda Miller tested her popsicle bridge today and stole the show. Not only did her bridge hold until 94.4lbs granting her the Strongest Bridge bonus points, but she also won the Closest to Budget bonus points. Her initial estimated cost to build was $1,245,500 ($1,500/popsicle and $20k/glue) and her final bridge came in at $1,273,500 only 2.25% off target.
Travel Guidelines

Although the number of vaccinated adults is increasing, students have not received vaccinations. We are still following the CDC travel guidelines.

The kind of travel that you engage in does matter. There is no quarantine/testing required if traveling by car and lodging with household members only (or other fully vaccinated individuals).

Virtual Learning is not intended as a fallback for vacation travel. Thanks for your understanding!
Sign-Up to Help our Teachers!

Once again, we are asking our parents to help our teachers with lunch and recess coverage. See the sign-ups below! Thank you!!

Please complete the Pre-Volunteer Form before signup!
2021-22 Academic Calendar

We are happy to share the 2021-22 Academic Calendar. Although we can not predict the nature of the pandemic in the fall, this calendar reflects a more typical year. We will do our best to limit changes if possible.
2020-21 Annual Fund

Your participation in the Peabody Annual Fund provides essential operating support to Peabody. The generosity of our community supports almost everything that keeps Peabody running, from salaries and classroom technology to arts and supplies. This year, we are also faced with increased expenses for items such as technology infrastructure upgrades, outdoor learning spaces, additional cleaning supplies and protective equipment, and additional aid to Peabody students and families who felt the financial impact of COVID-19. We hope that you will support Peabody in this area and that you will keep in mind that your Annual Fund gift, of any size, really matters to the school. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration of a gift to Peabody School for the 2020-21 year and for being such strong supporters of our wonderful school!

We Love our Peabody Students and Teachers!