Set-building for HS spring play, The Diviners

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Stay Informed, Engaged With Your School Board

Did you miss the latest meeting of the MRH Board of Education? ALL open meetings are streamed live and then archived on the Board's webpage.

There, you will also find a new feature called Board Briefs, a synopsis of Board activities of interest to families, students, and staff.

Upcoming Dates/Events

March 16: Board of Education regular monthly meeting

March 21: Snack With the Supe: meet & greet with Dr. Jamison (details below)

March 23: End of 3rd quarter

March 24: Professional development; no school for students

March 27-31 Spring break; no school for students

Students Participate in Strategic Plan Focus Groups

Last week and this week students, parents, community members, teachers, support staff and more participated in focus groups related to the MRH draft strategic plan. Each focus group reviewed our draft mission, vision and core values while also giving feedback on what their portrait of an MRH graduate might look like.

MRH strives to improve its offerings and services, and gathering feedback from students (and adults) is an essential part of the process. Focus groups provide an opportunity for students to share their thoughts and opinions on a particular topic or issue, which can be used to inform strategic planning efforts.

By participating in focus groups, students have a chance to voice their concerns, share celebrations, suggest improvements, and provide insights that can help shape the future of their educational experience. The feedback gathered from focus groups can be used to develop new initiatives, refine existing programs, and address any areas of concern.

Additionally, participating in focus groups can be a valuable learning experience for students. It allows them to develop critical thinking and communication skills, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the strategic planning process and how their input can make a difference.

Get the complete results from our focus groups by attending and watching our Board meetings held on the third Thursday night of each month throughout the year. Recordings can be found on our website.

Tech Wish GRANTed

As teaching evolves and becomes linked with technology, it is imperative to secure additional funding to support these devices and new infrastructures. One way our schools do this is through writing for grants. Recently, our Technology Coordinator, Abby Erwin, secured a $15,954 award from the local nonprofit the Innovative Technology Education Fund.

ITEF awards tech in education grants including Professional Development, Innovation, and Catapult. MRH’s recent gift was in the Catapult

designation, this provides essential equipment for which we otherwise did not have money. In this case, that covers 280 chargers, 7 science laptops, and a smart board for the newly renovated setup in the Research & Design Center.

Regarding the chargers, Erwin states, “They’re needed. Sometimes the kids forget them, and teachers ask for spares.” And even less expensive items add up when you need a larger quantity. High School Physics teacher Ryan Massey explains, “In Modern Physics 2, we complete projects that involve coding and building electrical circuits. The laptops allow us to write code, and upload it to the Arduino circuit boards.”

Smart board is essentially a giant tablet that is interactive and attached to the wall, a large learning conduit with multiple uses.

It’s been several years since MRH was last awarded ITEF money in an application written by Dr. Michael Dittrich. High School Assistant Principal, Dr. Samantha Smith, was awarded Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 50/50 grants in 2021 and 2022 and a 10K Project Lead the Way, Lockheed Martin Grant in 2022 to get our Computer Science program up and running.  

Abby Erwin has received all three of ITEF’s grant types at her previous schools. She hopes to write an Innovation application this year for MRH. There isn’t a limit on how many departments or buildings in the district can apply for the Catapult grant, which is the more succinct application process. The deadline is in October.

“They’re lovely people, and they just want to help get people the tech to support innovative teaching,” recalled Erwin. She also stated how helpful and friendly Chief Executive Officer Charmaine Smith and Foundation Administrator Jenny Birgé were to her personally. To learn more about the foundation and these opportunities, visit

Elementary Students Act to Curb Auto Emissions

MRH Elementary School students concerned about fumes from idling cars decided it was time for action.

Based on their concerns, MRHE partnered with Washington University and an air quality monitoring company called PurpleAir to install an air monitor on the east side of their building on the Glades Avenue circle. This sensor sends air quality data to Weather Underground, an IBM business. The data can then be reviewed on a web page.

On March 7, Washington University doctoral student in engineering, Tyler Cargill, affixed the monitor to a brick partition while 5th grade students watched and heard an explanation of how the system works. Also on hand was Dr. Thi Nguyen, a neuroscientist, who explained how the meter records data to MRHE Green Team members. Dr. Nguyen is researching how air pollution affects human brains. 

The 5th grade students are concerned about air pollution from idling cars affecting lung health while students are outside for physical education and Seed to Table activities. Given that there are nearly five dozen MRHE students with asthma, the hope is that this data may educate drivers about the dangers of car exhaust and motivate them to turn off their engines while waiting. 

This project is made possible in collaboration with a local environmental justice group, Metropolitan Congregations United.

MRH Students Become U.S Citizens

Four MRH students recently obtained their US citizenship: 

  • Ammar Sakroujeh (10th grade)
  • Hanaa Sakroujeh (8th grade)
  • Amer Sakroujeh (5th grade)
  • Paul Ryan (10th grade).

We congratulate them on this wonderful milestone! There are several more students in the process of obtaining theirs, so we anticipate celebrating with them soon as well.

MRH Mock Trial Team Qualifies for State Championships

The Mock Trial Team finished the St. Louis Preliminary and Regional competition undefeated, earning a bid to Missouri Bar Association Mock Trial State Championships. The team defeated Ladue, Lafayette, Ursuline Academy and St Louis University High School. The 16 school state tournament will be held in Kansas City March 31-April 2. Both Regional and State competitions include both public and private high schools of all size classes. 

The Varsity Team includes: Annie Rayburn, Anna Munn Carstensen, Ellen Powell, Dakota Colbert, Miles Pahl, Odessa Javier, Katy Corcoran, Nate Boyle, Sam Siemer, Graham Colvin, Jordynn Phipps, Maya Mueller, and Enzo Gilbonio. 

Speech and Debate Team Continues its Postseason

On March 16-18, the team will compete against Central and Eastern Missouri high schools for a chance to represent the District at the National Speech and Debate Association Championships in June. Nate Boyle and Katy Corcoran will represent MRH at the State Championships at Missouri State University in late April. 

Maplewood Mayor and former MRH School Board Member Nikylan Knapper led a Women's History Month parade through MRH Early Childhood Center.

TOMORROW: SSD Family Seminar: Charting the Course to a “Good Life”... Tools for Creating a Plan for Your Child at Any Age or Stage

Life is a journey with many different paths, adventures, and even roadblocks. It can be overwhelming figuring out steps for the next day and into the future.

An upcoming workshop will provide an overview about utilizing the "Charting the LifeCourse" framework, which has been adopted by local and state agencies. This framework promotes the core belief that “All people have the right to live, love, work, play and pursue their life aspirations in their community.”

Come learn how to create individual plans for your student and family. Information about summer recreation and funding for summer programs will be included.

Debra Fiasco, Administrator in Special School District's Family and Community Engagement department, will lead this workshop. It will take place March 14 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the Preschool Multipurpose room at MRH Early Childhood Center, 2810 Burgess Avenue in Maplewood.

Clear your schedule on March 21.

Additional "snack" dates coming in April and May!

Donate to the Nelson Mitten Scholarship Fund

The Nelson Mitten Scholarship is named in honor of Maplewood Richmond Heights Board of Education (BOE) emeritus director, Nelson Mitten. For more than two decades on the BOE, Mitten’s service and contributions were exemplary. He successfully helped steer the District out of financial and academic hardship, was a tireless advocate of early childhood education and a staunch defender of public funding for schools. When he stepped down from the Board of Education in 2019, the former Cornerstone Scholarship was renamed for him. Mr. Mitten’s favorite quote is “The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”

The Nelson Mitten Scholarship is awarded to seniors who embrace the four MRH Cornerstones: Citizenship, Scholarship, Stewardship, and Leadership. Each scholarship is $500 and is designed to be used for an educational expense (tuition, fees, books, etc.) and will be paid directly to the scholar’s college, university, community college, vocational or trade school.

To donate electronically to the 2023 Nelson Mitten Scholarship Fund, please indicate the amount and click the DONATE button.

For individuals who prefer to send a check, please make checks payable to “MRH” with “Mitten Scholarship” on the memo line. Send them to:

Maplewood Richmond Heights School District

Attn: Nelson Mitten Scholarship Fund

2650 S. Hanley Road, Suite 300

Saint Louis, MO 63144

Thank you for your investment in the MRH educational mission!

MRH Family Communications Survey, Spring 2023

At MRH, one of our goals is clear and concise communication between families and schools. It is our goal to issue surveys multiple times throughout the year as part of our continuous improvement plan. 

Please take five minutes to complete THIS SURVEY no later than March 31 to let us know how we might improve our communications with you. This month, we will focus on BUILDING-LEVEL communication. 

You may complete THIS SURVEY more than once, based on the number of your children attending MRH schools.

THIS SURVEY will remain active until 5 p.m. on March 31, 2023. Results will be shared with you in mid April.

Mark your calendars for MRH Summer School!

More details coming soon...

Progress Updates

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You don't have to be a golfer to support graduating seniors at MRH! Those interested in being a hole sponsor for the annual Kiwanis Club of Maplewood Golf Tournament may email the club for information. If you DO love to golf, registration information is below.

Use this link to apply for the FTLA 2023

Use this link to apply for the FTLA 2023

Stay connected with our local libraries, which offer ongoing enrichment programs for children and adults throughout the year. Just click the images below to find schedules of upcoming events!

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, sexual orientation and/or perceived sexual orientation, or genetic information in its programs and activities. View Notice of Non-Discrimination or Board Policy AC.
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