This issue includes news about Holy Week Services, March Outreach collections, Rebuilding Together...and more

Celebration of New Ministry This Wednesday

Upcoming this week...Bishop Johnston will be visiting Wed., March 14 at 7:30 PM to celebrate the new ministry of The Rev. Beth Magill here at St. Michael's. Please join us for the service and a festive reception.

"Read It Again!"  
One of my godson's favorite books is, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie." He has just turned four and whenever he crawls on my lap and asks me to read him a book, I know what awaits me at the end of the story, "Read it again, Aunt Beth!" Before he had words, he would sit up in haste and flip back to the first page, as soon as the story was complete. In my mind, it was sometimes baffling that he wanted to hear, yet again, what happened to that same mouse, with that same cookie. It was a simple request, but it made him happy. So I continue to oblige, every time.

This request that is so common among children, is something we would do well to learn from. To return to a story more than once is to trust that the story is doing it's "work" on you. Meaning, as the words seep in, as the characters become familiar, as the impact of a narrative takes root, a small piece of us is changed and shaped by that story. As humans, we are a narrative people. We learn best through the telling of and listening to stories. These stories create meaning, and inform how we articulate our individual stories.

I bring this up because Holy Week is approaching. It is easy to make plans for brunch on Easter morning, and consider that the holiday has been appropriately celebrated. This year, I invite you to prayerfully consider how you might be open to the Passion story disrupting your life. We return to this final week of Jesus' life every year, and painstakingly reenact what unfolded. In the course of a week, you have the opportunity to hear the Passion narrative read to you twice in its entirety, and in small portions at various occasions. The church gives us an excuse to return to the child-like instincts that would have us say, "read it again!" Within the story, between the lines of the text, something will come alive for you in a new way.

As disruptive as Holy Week may be to your daily life, consider the danger of happening upon the cross once it is already empty. To celebrate the resurrection without the passion robs you of the mystery and joy with which we have to grapple. Please pray through the schedule below, and wonder about how you might hear this familiar story yet again, with child-like enthusiasm.

Easter Lilies

Due to the fires in Northern California this past year, the delivery of Easter Lily bulbs to growers on the East Coast was affected. Therefore Easter altar flowers this year will consist of white hydrangea plants, white mum plants, as well as Easter Lily plants, although fewer of them. You may still list your Easter flower dedication in the bulletin on Easter Sunday by filling out the form in the Sunday bulletin, or on the church website. And we request, though do not require, a $25 donation to the Altar Guild. Thank you.

Linda Denson
Easter is coming...

and so is our annual egg hunt! Donations of candy, small toys/prizes, change/coins, and such should be dropped in the labeled box at the back of the church by Sun., Mar. 25. No nuts please, and items should be appropriate for kids of all ages.

Melanie Monahan with questions.
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Palm Sunday, Mar. 25
  8:00 & 10:00 AM: Holy Eucharist II
10:45 AM: Nursing Home Service at Regency

Mon., Mar. 26
9:00 AM: Morning Prayer

Tue., Mar. 27
9:00 AM: Morning Prayer

Wed., Mar. 28
9:00 AM: Morning Prayer 
7:30 PM: Tenebrae (Service of darkness)

Maundy Thursday, Mar. 29    
9:00 AM: Morning Prayer  
7:30 PM:
Holy Eucharist II and Footwashing
8:30 PM: Vigil with Reserve Sacrament

Good Friday, Mar. 30    
12:00 & 7:30 PM: Good Friday Liturgy

Easter Sun., Apr. 1
6:00 AM: Sunrise Service
8:00 & 10 AM: Holy Eucharist II 
10:45 AM: Nursing Home Service at Regency 
11:15 AM: Easter Egg Hunt and Flowering of the Cross   
March Mission & Outreach Collections

Outreach Envelope:
Donations will support Rebuilding Together (see article below).  

Outreach Basket: We are collecting non-perishable food for the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC).

Save the Date:
      Sat., Apr. 28 for National Rebuilding Day

Please join St. Michael's parishioners for a day of repair and renovation on a home of a needy Arlington resident. Rebuilding Together coordinates a nationwide program where, in one day, volunteers come together to rehabilitate homes of low income, often elderly homeowners who can no longer afford, or have the physical ability, to make repairs to their homes. These homeowners must often choose to put aside basic home maintenance in order to purchase necessities such as food and healthcare. Homeowners have a sense of relief and renewed optimism when they see the results of the volunteers' efforts.

The St. Michael's family has participated in this program annually for the past 20 plus years. In addition to needing volunteers to work on the property that day, we will need volunteers to prepare lunch. We don't have our house assignment yet, but more information will be coming once we do. Thank you!

Dan Ruff
Rebuilding Together House Captain
St. Michael's Episcopal Church
 1132 N. Ivanhoe Street  | Arlington, VA 22205-2445

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