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Reflections from Amy Schwabenlender, CEO

Reflections from the front lines serving individuals experiencing homelessness, with Spring entering the atmosphere (to be very quickly followed by Phoenix Summer), adapting, planning, closing out, and looking ahead. It's the time of year to wrap up audits, compile calendar year data, and assess for the next fiscal year starting July 1. Like the swirling, increasing pollens in the air, there are a lot of moving parts that wax and wane with seasonal predictability.

As I write, the calendar says it is March 11, still eight days out from the official start of Spring. And then another 90 days until the official start of Summer.

The high temps here in the Valley of the Sun vary dramatically in Spring, with some days in the 60s, then the 70s. The Weather Channel is forecasting highs in the 80s next week.

For the thousands of people we serve in a week, this means that the sun will be bright, the clouds will be scarce, and vulnerability to heat related illness will sneak up on everyone. This is why we are starting to talk about Thirst Aid earlier and earlier every year.

Thirst Aid is the collective effort at the Key Campus to provide sufficient water and heat relief items to those we serve. Last year more than 100,000 bottles of water were needed monthly. If you are interested in supporting Thirst Aid to benefit all 15 partner organizations and the humans we serve daily, please plan now and reach out to set up a collection drive. Details are here: https://hsc-az.org/thirstaid/

As proud members of Arizona Impact for Good, we are counting down to this year's Arizona Gives Day (April 2). The focus of our fundraising effort that day will be Thirst Aid. And, for anyone who likes to work ahead, early giving donations begin March 12 at AZGives.org

March seems to be the month that people wake up, it's busy! The winter and holiday slumber is over. Hibernation is ending. The hours of daylight start to extend bringing energy and movement. Baseball fans seek out Spring training games and countdown to Opening Day. Some of you may do Spring cleaning.... I have it on my to-do list, which is probably where it will stay! For me Spring is about reorganizing and strategizing for how to put the best efforts of Keys to Change toward functional zero on homelessness. After spending several days with colleagues from across the country at last week's National Alliance to End Homelessness conference, there are new ideas, affirmation of what works, and calls to action. A few key take-aways that will stick with me: [Read More...]

URGENT Call for Volunteers!

Thank those who served, by serving them.

Maricopa County Veterans StandDown is right around the corner. Volunteers are still needed for all shifts March 21 and March 22.

Join us to ensure that Veterans spend less time standing in line and more time engaging in services and benefits. Must be 18 years old and over to volunteer. Groups are welcome!


New Episode of McQuaid Mission on Social Television Network

Now Streaming!

Season 2, Episode 6 of It Happens at STN is out.

It's an action-packed and heartfelt episode you won't want to miss.

Pay tribute to the the late Robin Reed; be inspired by astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor; and learn from subject matter experts about how homelessness is solvable.

Jump to minute 43:15 for the McQuaid Mission segment featuring our very own Bryan McGruder, Rachelle Selestewa, and Amy Schwabenlender.


Take a Tour of the Campus

Join us the first Wednesday of every month for a tour of the 13 acres and eight buildings that make up the Key Campus, learning along the way about the 15 incredible partner agencies that

make the Campus so special.

Next Tour

April 3, 9:00am

You may register online or call us (602) 282-0853. 

Be Like Mike.

Mission: Using the power of collaboration to create solutions to end homelessness


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