in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
March 16, 2020
CCCR Newsletter
March 2020

CCCR Actions for 2020
Lay Network Update -  
The world has been forced to take a break, a "big time" break, as the threat of COVid-19 takes over and dictates how we do our everyday lives. We get confusing messages, and the not knowing what this pandemic will bring, leaves us with the distinct feeling of loss of control. Some of us are more isolated than others leaving many lonely and depressed. These are hard times - times of sacrifice.
It is also an opportunity to find out what we are made of. "Look for the helpers" a quote from Mr. Rogers is so profound during this time. The medical helpers are those on the front lines that are risking their lives to protect us. We should support them and listen to their advice for social distancing and isolation to help bring down the curve of this pandemic. Here in Minnesota, Gov. Walz and other public servants have mapped out a plan to get through the rocky times ahead. We can trust them and trust ourselves to also be the helpers.
We can spend some time in silence and reflection to go deeper into surrender. Not surrender to the virus but surrender to the wisdom of science, medicine and to God who will guide us through this crisis. Our Good Friday is upon us and we may be in the tomb longer than usual but be assured Resurrection will come and Joy in the Morning.
I have little news from CCCR as everything is at a standstill. The extra listening session will probably be on hold for a while. The CTA US June Convergence may turn into a teleconference. Not our call. We will wait for instruction.
Our CCCR Board meeting for April may be cancelled. Stay tuned as we gather advice from the CCCR Board and Cabrini. Until then, love one another.


CCCR Board
Nancy Gotto, chair

Still living in joyful hope,
CCCR Board