It's Tax Time.
Redirect your AZ State tax liability as a Donation to the HSC or one of our Partners and Help End Homelessness.
By making a donation to HSC or one of our partners, you will not only be helping those experiencing homelessness, you also may be able to obtain a dollar-for-dollar tax credit toward your Arizona state tax obligation. Single or head of household qualifiers may qualify for up to $400 and married couples filing jointly may qualify for a tax credit up to $800.

Simply click on one of the logos below to make a donation by April 15th to take advantage of the AZ State Tax Credit for Qualiying Charitiable Organizations on your 2021 taxes.
Jordan and Veronica Get a Fresh Start
Jordan and Veronica recently came into the Brian Garcia Welcome Center and had been experiencing homelessness for about a year. After dealing with their substance abuse issues, they are both now sober and shared that they have a baby on the way. They are prepared to make a significant lifestyle change. Jordan stated he has another child in CPS custody, and he is working to prevent the same from happening to the new baby. He stated he wants to do right and start fresh and reunite with his other child. Staff called Jordan's mother in Idaho, who was more than happy to have them come live with her. Both Jordan and Veronica now have a solid plan in place in Idaho, including employment and education, and working on a building a new family together. Bus tickets were purchased and they arrived safely to be reunited with Jordan's mother.

Thank you for making family reunifications part of what happens at the HSC every day!
Episode 29 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
Episode 29: Health & Homelessness (aired March 14th)
The latest point in time count reveals a 35% increase in the region's unsheltered population with a count of over 5,000 individuals. In this episode, we rally community leaders to talk solutions in the specific areas of prevention, services and housing.

Special guests include Kim McWaters, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation; Dr. Meka Allen, Director of Social Work, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, Rob Podlogar, Chief Community Development and Engagement Officer, Valley of the Sun United Way, Paul Mulligan, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Charities; Suzanne Pfister, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vitalyst Health Foundation

Episode 30 will air on Monday, March 28th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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