March 17, 2020
Dear Concord Hill Families;

With each day as the impact of COVID-19 continues to grow, with it comes the reality that we may need to extend our absence from school beyond March 30. I hope to make this decision by the end of this week as more information from the state and federal government becomes available. I ask that our families anticipate the likelihood of this possibility.
Today’s update will provide you with important information about how you and your child can access the Concord Hill Home Learning program, as well as the materials and technology needed for success.
Later this afternoon, please look for an email from your classroom teacher that includes your personal login information to Seesaw, as well as details about lessons that children can pilot this Wednesday and Thursday. Please note that we plan to implement the full Home Learning curriculum beginning March 31, in the likely event that our closing is extended.
Home Learning Requirements


  • PREPRIMARY–PRIMARY Students may use household items including scissors, paper, markers and/or crayons, glue sticks, etc. 

  • KINDERGARTEN–GRADE 3 Students were sent home with the required materials last week. 


  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Internet-enabled student-friendly device (tablet, computer, or phone)

*If you do not have access to the above technology, please call 301-654-2626 or email me.

You will need to access the following technology on your student friendly device as teachers will be providing messages, instructions, and learning activities through the following:
An online platform for students to engage with instruction and activities created and shared by teachers. Using the Seesaw's creative tools, students can take pictures, draw, record videos, and more to capture learning.
Zoom is a video conferencing tool that we will use to have weekly individual and group checkins. Please visit the website and sign up for a free account. Each week CHS teachers will email a link to parents inviting students to group or individual check-ins.
To learn more about how to access the above resources,
please visit our new Home Learning Page.
Home Learning Goals

  • To provide meaningful and appropriate at-home learning opportunities for students. A range of activities will be provided to support literacy (reading, writing, word study), math, project-based, play, and specialist subjects. Each week teachers will share a schedule of learning activities to provide additional structure and clarity.

  • To support and maintain connection among our students, families, faculty, and staff.
Additional Learning Resources

We have started collecting appropriate websites and resources to supplement the CHS Home Learning curriculum and instruction. Please visit the CHS Home Learning Page to learn more!
Moving Forward

I want to thank you again for your patience and support during these uncertain times. We are working diligently with faculty and staff to ensure that our students will continue to receive exemplary care and attention.

We will continue to share updates with families and update both our COVID-19 Planning & Preparedness page, as well as our new Home Learning page.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Nate Dennson
For the safety of CHS students, faculty, and staff,
upon arrival at the Hunt Avenue entrance, all visitors are required to use hand sanitizer and
to sign in at the Front Desk.