March 19, 2020


I am deeply grateful to our parents, teachers, and staff as we truly partner in the education of our children.  

Please let your children know how much I already miss praying with them in the morning, wishing them Happy Birthday, reminding them to be Global Ambassadors as they rise to being Regal Celtics, and most of all praying with them again at the end of the day.  I miss hearing their joyful voices and seeing their happy faces. 

 Enjoy this unexpected family time as I am.  Last night was a rare occasion, sharing family dinner with all four of my kids gathered around the kitchen table!

I will be attending a virtual Principals Meeting today and will share any pertinent information with our community as I receive it.

Looking for Mass?  Fr. Greg has been posting Mass feeds on the Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish Facebook page.  Fr. Mike presided yesterday and Fr. Greg filmed and participated.  It was the most peaceful 30 minutes of my day.

You are all in my prayers.

May God bless your day.

Donna Lauro


Let us look to St. Joseph to inspire us on our faith journey.

Let us pray...

For the courage to live our faith through word and action as St. Joseph did throughout his days.  We pray to the Lord.

For all who are struggling with tough decisions in life, may they look to St. Joseph as a brave friend.  We pray to the Lord. 

For all married couples, may they continue to be an example of the love and devotion that St. Joseph and Mary shared.  We pray to the Lord.

For all fathers and those who nurture others, help us to protect and respect life from conception until natural death.  We pray to the Lord.

May we have the conviction to lead the way as St. Joseph did to hope and the promise of new life through Jesus Christ.  We pray to the Lord.

Heavenly Father, your servant St. Joseph was a man of great faith. May we look to him in times of trouble or doubt.

We ask this though Christ our Lord.


CHILDREN'S DAILY PRAYER 2019-2020, Liturgy Training Publications

Sc hoolwide  L earning  E xpectation focus:   Global Ambassador
  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Respect themselves and each other
  • Are peacemakers
  • Appreciate and care for all God's creation
  • Recognize that everyone is equal in God's eyes

Gracie Heroux
Jack Janison
Hannah Bell
Oliver Coburn
Cade Burud
Ty Madson
Lucian Tumialan
Jace Dunphy
Amelia Ruppert
Joslyn McCleaft
Alice Janison
Olivia Sweeny
Abel Aguirre 
Luka McClane
Emily Minares
Isabella Franco
Calvin Bopp
Mattie Mae Murphy
Austin Liburdi
Ana Sofia Menendez
Frida Monarrez
Aileen Paul
Wyatt Pepe
May Yates
Connor Steele
Anthony Trevino
Soledad Tumialan
Skyler Dunphy
Ariana Maestas
Katie Pezzuto
Maggie Connell
Gabriel Aguirre
Collin Pezzuto
Charlie Pescatore
Ryan Fagan
Talia Coury

Congratulations to our Regal Celtics!

... for healing for Jean Marie Tipsord as she recovers from back surgery

... for healing for all those inflicted with the Corona virus

... for a successful surgery for Ralph Gonzalez on March 10th and for his continued healing

... for Madeleine Grace Novotny, granddaughter to an alumna, born premature she needs prayers to grow and thrive

... for the repose of the soul of Zachary Guerrero, class of 2013, and for comfort for his mom, dad, and sister

... for Jacqueline Markus, Kylie Popa's grandma, may she rest in peace and for Kylie Popa's family as they mourn their loss

... for healing for Henry Simon

... for the passing of Josie Miotke's uncle,  Frank Soto, may his soul be at peace.

... for the passing of Cruz Gomez; may her soul be at peace.

... for healing for Mollye Taylor, Mrs. Purcell's mom, as she recovers from surgery
Our Lady of Perpetual Help  Catholic School   

Our school is a community of  Jesus' disciples growing in
knowledge, love, and service.
We are committed to  academic excellence,  loving one another, and  serving people beyond ourselves.