2019 Noval Coronavirus (COVID19) 

We understand that you may be concerned about the potential impact of the COVID19 as it relates to the school. We share your concerns, but want you to know that MCS is monitoring the Snohomish Health District, the Washington State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. 

If there is an emergency regarding COVID19 such as a school closure, we will continue to follow the Monroe Public School decision regarding the schedule changes and/or school closures. Additionally, we will follow our normal notification policy via text messages.

What is happening at school to keep your student safe:
  1. We are following our sick policy. We ask that you partner with us and follow that policy too.
  2. If your child is sick, please keep them home. Your child needs to be FEVER FREE with NO medication for 24 hours. Do not give them Tylenol and send them to school thinking they will improve. It places the other students and teachers at risk for getting sick.
  3. If we call you, please come and pick up your child as quickly as possible. We know that many of you work and it is impossible to drop everything and run to school but we do ask that you arrive as soon as you can. We will keep your child as comfortable as possible until you arrive.  If you think your student is taking advantage of being home, work closely with the teacher to figure out what is going on. But be mindful that recently, the students appear to be feeling well and then within ½ hour they show symptoms such as vomiting or a fever. They also recover quicker than adults but they still need to stay home, fever free for 24 hours.  
  4. In the health room, we are disinfecting the cot after each use. We are washing the blankets after each use and changing the plastic pillow covering after each use. Then we are disinfecting the room with Clorox wipes and Lysol spray.
  5. Our Janitors are cleaning and disinfecting our school each night.
  6. Teachers are disinfecting their classroom tables, door handles, and drinking fountains throughout the day.
  7. We are constantly reminding students to wash their hands. We use paper towels for drying hands. Those paper towels are removed from the building each night during cleaning.  

Latest update and more information in regards to the COVID19 can be found on these web sites:

Open enrollment begins today, March 2nd! Let your family, friends and co-workers know what an amazing place MCS is and invite them to visit. As mentioned on our previous newsletters, we have Family Referral Offer cards available in the office. Write your name on the card, give it to a potential family, and when the new family enrolls, they receive free registration, and  YOU receive a $500 tuition credit for Kg-8th grade or $250 for Preschool/PreK,  regardless of the time of year they register! And yes, you can receive tuition credit from multiple referrals. It's a win-win! You are the best and most important marketing tool to grow our school!

Theme:   "Knight At The Carnival"
Date:   Saturday, April 4th, starting at 4:00 p.m.
Location:   The Rock Church in Monroe
Caterer:   Famous Dave's

Watch for your auction invitation, designed by Melina and Pablo Guerrero! Returning your RSVP as soon as possible helps us greatly with auction planning. Do you know someone who would like to receive an invitation? Give their address to the office and we will send an invitation to them.

Have you brought in your procured donation/s yet? Need ideas? Here's a list to get your creative juices flowing:   Donation Ideas. No time to shop? We can use gift cards for $20, $25 and $50. Please bring donated items to the school as soon as you can! If you are unable bring them to the school for any reason, please email a description and value of your item to secretary@monroechristian.org so it can be included in the catalog.

Please remember to follow up with businesses that you have visited regarding auction donations if they did not donate at the time of your initial visit.   Also bring donations in to the school office as soon as you have them along with the filled out procurement form. 

We have an amazing auction procurement committee. They have been working hard and the donations have been coming in steadily. Here are more samples of what we've received for the auction!

Broil King BBQ Grill from Lowe's Home Improvement
Tickets to Evita performance from The 5th Ave. Theatre
Wine Tasting & Pizzas from Noverty Hill Januik Winery
Gift Certificate to Oriental Trading Company
Seattle Art Museum Tickets
Frances Grace Salon Haircut
Mi Tierra Restaurant Dinner for two 
Massage Envy Woodinville Gift Certificate
Evergreen Speedway Tickets
Advantage Gymnastics Academy Classes
Boehms Candies Private Tour
Coffee Coral Basket
Battle Creek Golf Course Green Fees
MyOwnly Boarding Kennel Services
Wood Signs from Repurposed For His Purpose:
  • "Ask and it will be given, Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be open to you"
  • "Seahawks Man Cave"
Gift cards and tangible items from MCS families

We still need 16 desserts for the Dessert Dash portion of the auction. If you would like to donate a dessert (it can be homemade, procured, or purchased), please contact Becky Werkhoven at 360-794-8200 or  becky.werkhoven@monroechristian.org

Open house for the Preschool/PreK and Kindergarten is scheduled for Friday, March 20th from 9am-12pm and 6–7pm. Invite your family and friends! Invitation cards are available at the office, if you know of anyone who is interested.  This is a great opportunity for prospective and current families to visit.

This Wednesday, March 4th is Popcorn Day! If you would like to pay in full for the remainder of the school year , p lease bring in-full payments to the office. Individual payments can go directly to the teacher. Please note, any missed days will not be refunded.
6 popcorn only = $3.00
6 popcorn + juice = $6.00
The scheduled pizza, popcorn and Yoforit dates can be found on this downloadable TAPP calendar. If you would like to be part of TAPP or would like to volunteer for any of these events, please sign-up to this link  

Have you ever been at a complete loss for an effective consequence? One of the most common requests we get is:
“Can you give us a list of consequences?”
The reason you won’t find this in any of our materials is that effective discipline involves far more than simply picking the right consequence. It involves building and maintaining loving relationships so that: (a) kids are less likely to rebel, and (b) they experience genuine remorse when they blow it. It also involves setting effective limits, sharing control within these limits, and teaching skills so children are prepared for life’s tough challenges.
With this said, there are a variety of consequences that often outperform all others. These are often called “restitution.” We at Love and Logic refer to restitution as the “Energy Drain” approach. Performing restitution means to restore. It means to make things right by performing any action that repairs the inconvenience or damage inflicted on others.
It’s the preferred type of consequence because it:
  • Leaves kids seeing they can solve the problems they create
  • Requires real thought, action, and learning
  • Builds healthy self-esteem and efficacy
  • Meets the need to reconnect when relationships have been damaged

While it’s not always possible to repair a concrete object, it’s almost always possible to replace energy drained from another person. Having kids replace voltage they sap is the approach of choice, particularly with youth who feel poorly about themselves and need to see they are capable of doing good.
The next time your child drains somebody’s energy you may want to experiment with saying, “This is so sad. What an energy drain. How are you going to replace that energy?” Then provide some options, such as:
  • “Some kids decide to do extra chores.”
  • “Others decide to wash the person’s car inside and out.”
  • "Some decide to stay home instead of being driven to practice.”
Be positive and thankful about their energy replacement efforts. Don’t try to make them feel bad, and don’t be surprised if they appear to enjoy replacing your energy.
Kids don’t have to feel horrible to learn from restitution. In fact, many will feel good about it. When this happens, it often translates into fewer battles for everyone involved.
To learn more about this approach, and what to do if your child refuses to replace your energy, listen to our audio, Love and Logic Magic When Kids Drain Your Energy.
Thanks for reading!
Dr. Charles Fay
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