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Dance Musicians, Welcome to Mentoring!  dance musicians

The Guidance Council recently approved the following addition to the Leaders Guidlines: 

"This is a 'walking with' path. Dance musicians who are called to cultivate and participate in this concentration more deeply are invited to take a mentor for that purpose. In this case the mentoring process focuses on deepening in dance musicianship and attunement rather than dance leadership, and does not necessarily lead to certification." Dance musicians join the Leaders Guild by choosing a mentor and abiding by the Agreements, including remaining current with annual Leaders Guild fees. Musician members have access to the resource library and other benefits. For more information, see our new For Dance Musicians webpage. 


Website Updates!

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Language Menus Added to the DUP International website allow you to jump to the English, Spanish, German or Russian languages from anywhere in the website.  
However, if the website looks odd in your browser, you need to press your browser's refresh button to clear your cache for the page to load correctly.  
Now in German! We are nearing completion of translating the website into German. Our deepest Thanks go to Darvesha Susanne Bauer and Rashid Andreas Beurskens for their dedicated work on this.

"My Info" Glitch Repaired A software problem with saving changes to your contact information under "My Info" has been repaired. We're sorry for any inconvenience and encourage you to continue to keep "My Info" up to date.

New In the Dance Library 16 Dances write-ups added from the booklet Creation Dances and more. To see recent changes, first log in and then click:

To see  Dance write-ups added so far in 2013 

To see a summary of 2012 Updates to the Foundation Dances and Walks Manual, or 

View the Available Downloads for the 2012 Foundation Dances and Walks Manual.

Communicating about Mentees

Mentors and Mentors-in-Training please note that we no longer have a formal application form for new mentees. Collect whatever information or background from your mentee you need as their mentor. Then, as noted in The Mentoring Path, "In order to commence a new mentoring relationship, the mentor or mentor-in-training needs to provide to the Community Coordinator the following data about the new mentee: name, mailing address, phone, e-address, beginning date of mentoring. The mentee will thus become a member of the Leaders Guild, subject to remaining current with the annual Leaders Guild fees. The Community Coordinator will confirm registration of the mentoring relationship to both mentor and mentee."
Retiring Board Member 
Deepest thanks to Maitreya Jon Stevens who is retiring from the DUP International Board of Directors after serving a 3-year term. Maitreya, the creator of many beautiful Dances, is about to become a proud father for the second time! Thank you Maitreya for all that you have given to our organization. The Nominating Committee is preparing a slate for our Annual Meeting on April 26. If you or another mentored leader is interested in serving on our board, please see more information here for submitting nominations. 
Rafia, Nurah and Zahira

Thank you Nurah! Welcome Rafia and Zahira!
Changes in the German Network Office - "For 15 years our beloved Nurah Jager built up the German Network (NdL) office and the distribution for the DUP in Germany, and has been in charge of it. At the end of 2012 she finished this work passed it on. So we would like to express our thanks for her dedicated commitment again. The office will move from Berlin to Ruckhardshausen, in the South of Germany. We - Rafia Sieglin und Zahira Neuberger - are really pleased to take on the office with all its tasks." DUP International thanks Nurah for her many years of service and welcomes Nurah and Zahira to the tasks at hand!


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 Leader News and Update


 Elements of Mastery: 

 by Munir Peter Reynolds


International Voices 

The Dances 

in Bras�lia
by Gisele Leite L'Abbate




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masteryElements of Mastery:


The Dances as Sacred Art:

Embodying the Universal Creative Force

By Munir Peter Reynolds


The Elements of Mastery column explores the art, craft and spiritual practice of Dance leading and mentoring through the reflections and perspectives of individual mentors. Comments and discussion are welcome either on InTheGarden or on our Facebook page.  Ideas for future topics are welcome, as are offers to prepare articles -- please contact the Executive Director.
To revisit all the articles in this series, click here


One must be willing to stand alone-in the unknown, with no reference to the known or the past or any of one's conditioning. One must stand where no one has stood before in complete nakedness, innocence, and humility....For then that which is sacred, undivided, and whole is born within consciousness and begins to express itself. - Adyashanti from the essay "An Inner Revolution" � 2008.


As we travel the path of leading the Dances of Universal Peace and Walking Concentrations we may find our lives become under the influence of something beyond our knowing. It may be impossible lead the Dances and not eventually come to contemplate the questions that challenge the deeply held notions of the separate self: "Who am I? Who is leading this Dance, for whom, and why? What is the message? What is being revealed?" Answers to questions like these may seem clearer in the beginning of our journey, less clear later. We may think we know, or not know. But, in time we may feel that something Other, something in the unseen, has taken hold and begun to have "its way" with us.   


Bath Abbey Ceiling
Fan Vault Ceiling
Bath Abbey, England

Hazrat Inayat Khan said "The Life absolute from which has sprung all that is felt, seen and perceived, and into which all again merges in time, is a silent, motionless and eternal life which among Sufis is called Dhat (zat). Every motion that springs forth from this silent life is a vibration and a creator of vibrations." He points to the Sufi view of the human being standing in the doorway (darwesh) between the relative and the Absolute order of being - between stillness and movement, inner and the outer, "this world" and "that world." In our work with the Dances, a potential exists to unite with a force that is rooted in the silent and eternal, yet expressed through the boundless creativity we see in the natural world all around us. As we become more silent and attuned to what Inayat Khan speaks of, what we bring forth reflects the power and creativity of Wholeness itself.

Art that flows from this mysterious depth has been called sacred art. Sacred art recapitulates the cosmic order of the seen and unseen worlds. Sacred art could be said to be the true art, because it is untainted by the ego notions that human beings often bring to their creations. These include the affectations and the need to make a personal statement that says "Look at me!" The attractions, aversions and self-glorifying tendencies of the ego are what we may see in the works of highly creative but often neurotic contemporary artists.

Sacred art operates on a completely different level. Sacred art scholar and self-described "rogue astronomer" John Martineau in his work on sacred geometry has noted some of the attributes that set Sacred art apart. Sacred art:
1) Is transitory 2) Uses natural materials 3) Follows sacred proportion and design, and 4) Is unsigned. What it would mean to adhere to these principles in leading the Dances of Universal Peace?


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Arjun InternationalVoices

In this series of articles by prominent Dance Leaders around the world, we give voice to their vision of the role of the Dances in culture, to new ideas, current emerging issues and pathways to intercultural understanding.


The Dances in Bras�lia

by Gisele Leite L'Abbate


No cora��o do Brasil, bem no centro do nosso vasto pa�s, na capital federal Bras�lia, gira um lindo c�rculo de Dan�as da Paz Universal. Um grupo de amigas(os) que, � partir do entusiasmo de nossa grande amiga Tammy e da disponibilidade e amorosidade da nossa querida Anahata, come�ou a se reunir semanalmente para celebrar a paz, o amor e a harmonia atrav�s da m�sica, do canto e da dan�a.


In the heart of Brazil, in the very center of our vast country, in the federal capital Brasilia, turns a beautiful circle of Dances of Universal Peace. A group of friends that, out of the enthusiasm of our great friend Tammy and the availability and lovingness of our dear Anahata, started to gather weekly to celebrate peace, love and harmony through music, chanting and dances.


Nossa amada Anahata, Mentora S�nior das Dan�as da Paz Universal, vem ao Brasil todos os anos por cerca de seis meses e durante este tempo ela conduz este grupo no caminho das DUP apoiada por Gisele, l�der certificada nas Dan�as. Anahata ensina n�o apenas as Dan�as, mas tamb�m seu m�todo especial de tocar viol�o para as DUP em afina��o aberta. Esta forma de tocar n�o s� � f�cil como tamb�m � aberta para todo o universo!


Our beloved Anahata, Senior Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace, has been staying in Bras�lia, Brazil with us for six months a year and during this time she guides this group in the path of the DUP supported by Gisele, a certified leader in the Dances. Anahata teaches not just the dances but also her method of playing guitar for the DUP in the open tuning style. This way of playing is easy and open to the whole universe!


N�s sempre temos momentos maravilhosos dan�ando para nossa alegria e prazer e tamb�m para celebrar anivers�rios, amigos que vem e v�o, lua cheia e muitas outras ocasi�es.


We always have beautiful moments dancing for our enjoyment but also to celebrate birthdays, friends that come and go, full moon and many other occasions.


Este ano de 2012 n�s dan�amos tr�s vezes em um lugar muito especial que � um Parque Nacional onde as nascentes de tr�s grandes rios brasileiros se originam. Este lugar se chama �guas Emendadas.


This year we danced three times in a very special place that is a National Park where there are the springs of three big rivers of Brasil. This place is called �guas Emendadas.


Quando Anahata est� fora do Brasil o grupo continua se reunindo sob a lideran�a de Gisele. N�s costum�vamos nos encontrar inicialmente na casa da Tammy, mas agora que ela se mudou de Bras�lia para sua terra natal, o nordeste do Brasil, n�s estamos nos encontrando em um lindo parque que se chama Olhos d'�gua, todos os s�bados �s 17h. Quem estiver viajando e passar por Bras�lia pode fazer contato com a Gisele e confirmar o local e hora do pr�ximo encontro de Dan�as: gisele_la@mac.com



When Anahata is out of Brasil the group keeps gathering under the leadership of Gisele. We used to meet at Tammy's house initially but now that she moved from Brasilia back to her home in the North East of Brasil, we have been meeting in a beautiful park called Olhos d'�gua on Saturdays at 5pm. Anyone traveling to Bras�lia should contact Gisele to confirm the meeting place and time of the next dance meeting: gisele_la@mac.com.


GainesvilleNew Years Eve 2012, Gainesville, Florida USA
New Years Eve 2012 in Gainesville, FL USA
The 17th annual Global Peace Dance on New Year's Eve 2012 in Gainesville, Florida, at United Church of Gainesville, led by Dianahita Diana Kanoy. Many community members who are not "regular" dancers attend this "alternative and spiritual" New Year's event. The dance is "Peace Greeting" using English, Arabic and Hebrew. More photos available at http://peacockparadise.org/2012.12.htm. Pictured in this and the photo at the top of the newsletter are musicians Jackie Davis - stand up bass, Mary Fukuyama - Flute and Drum, David Willkomm - percussion, Mike Felisko - Guitar