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March 2013 Newsletter
200% ROI with Predictive Analytics
Retaining customers is critical to most organizations whether you operate in a Business to Business environment or a Business to Consumer.
How do you know if a customer is dissatisfied with your service, product or the interactions he or she is having with your company?
Imagine being able to identify a customer with a high propensity to leave before they leave. Imagine the ability to create and implement an intervention and save that customer. This is exactly what one of our clients, a major financial services company has being doing. Through the application of Predictive Analytics, they are now in a position to target those customers with a high propensity to quit and by the value they bring to them. The results are in; 200% return on investment in the first year
A successful predictive analytics program requires the development of a custom retention model geared to a customer's business and once the results and customers are identified, a comprehensive retention marketing program which includes email marketing, telemarketing calls, in person visits needs to be developed and implemented.
Imagine the power of being able to know the propensity to quit and the value of a customer when they call your customer care department. Imagine Being able to flag those customers for different treatment. 
The key to these successes are a strong customer sponsor and executive support combined with a partner who will go the extra mile to uncover these gold nuggets.

Purolator Rates Jump?
There seems to be a courier price re-alignment going on. We can help get you back on budget. Our "Cost Miser" software package allows rate comparison between competitors. We have tender specs; expertise; and proven negotiation techniques. You may want to join one of our " community groups" which share rates. You won't achieve the same result on your own.
Data continues to grow out of control

In mid-2010, the information universe carried 1.2 zettabytes and 2020 predictions expect nearly 44 times more at 35 zettabytes coming our way.

All this big data doesn't necessarily mean big insights for business.

The only way for that is through powerful analytics and interactive reporting tools that deliver high performance results by keeping up with modern chip technology.

Secure Electronic Parcel Locker
Don't want the parcel delivered to your home? Want to pick-up the parcel after business hours?

Addressing the changing direction of e-retailing and e-logistics,
delivers convenience for the consumer and gives small package delivery companies more options.

Key benefits to the carrier:
* Lower operational cost
* Successful first-time delivery
* Parcel consolidation
* Saving on delivery routes

Key benefits to consumer:
* Improved e-commerce experience
* Pick-up and drop-off at any time of day

The Parcel-Keeper is designed to interface with the delivery options of the small package delivery companies. The automatic (unstaffed) Parcel-Keeper addresses the "pick-up points" and "drop-off points" requirements by holding the parcel in a secure locked device. Access is by bar code, credit / debit card or PIN. Support for proof of delivery signature is provided.

Parcel-Keeper is an automated kiosk for self-service parcel collection, shipping and returns. Typically located at high pedestrian traffic areas, Parcel-Keeper can be configured in a range of locker sizes.
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