March 2014

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It's almost time for Spring! Get ready for the clocks to jump ahead this month, which means we get more time to enjoy our sunsets with a glass of Martin Ulisse wine.

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DigiOr Coda Di Volpe

A sharp wine that is somewhat imposing for a white. The Coda di Volpe is straw-yellow with subtle notes of florals and herbs. The influence in the soil of lava and ash from Mt. Vesuvius lends a unique minerality to the wine. This is a TART wine with a strong citrus and lemon rind dominating the taste. Dry and crisp, it has an acidic finish. The name comes from the shape of the grape bunches on the vine, which resemble a "coda di volpe" or foxtail. Serve with sushi with wasabi; blackened fish or Cajun spiced food; green tea gummy bears.

Featured Recipe Pairing -

Chicken Saltimoboca



Saltimbocca translates to "jump into the mouth" and that's just what you'll want this dish to do when you make this easy version of the classic Italian favorite.  Traditionally Saltimbocca is made with veal, prosciutto, sage, and a white wine sauce.  It often involves pounding veal and then making a roulade, rolling all the ingredients and then tying the meat with butchers twine before cooking.  Here we are going to make a quicker version using chicken breasts.



 Click here for complete recipe.

Resta Gelso Moro Negroamaro
gelso moro
Gelso Moro


One of the two principle grapes of Puglia, this fresh and lively red is truly scintillating and an easy drinking example of an Old World Italian wine. An intense taste of fresh black fruit and spice combine with good body and balance to make this an elegant wine. Added layers of complexity come from the mulberry trees that are prolific in this area of Puglia, giving an additional blueberry undertone. From start to finish the bold fruit and spicy pepper seem to linger on your palate. Serve with hors-d'oeuvres, pasta dishes, white meat, lamb, light roasted meat, chocolate and cigars. 


Featured Recipe Pairing -

Veal Marsala

veal marsala
Veal Marsala
Veal marsala is a classic dish that is as easy to prepare as it is good to eat.  It requires less than 10 minutes and less than 10 ingredients to prepare, if you have your butcher pound your veal cutlets for you and buy sliced mushrooms.  So if you are looking for a quick easy meal that will impress your family or your guests, here it is.


Cooking Spotlight

Host Sarah Tindall and Chef Doan Shockley are joined by special guests from the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra, executive director Robert Reed and marketing director Brittney Richerson, while they learn how to cook Chicken Saltimboca and pair it with our DigiOr Coda di Volpe.

For more information about the orchestra, please visit
Cooking Spotlight with CCSO: Chicken Saltimboca
Cooking Spotlight with CCSO: Chicken Saltimboca

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European wines are named after their geographic locations (e.g., Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot and Bordeaux) while non-European wines (e.g., Pinot Noir and Merlot) are named after different grape varieties.
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