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March 2014




I would like to introduce you to the first issue of my monthly newsletter.  I hope you find the articles to be no only informative, but entertaining. 


This first issue features three of the most popular recent posts from my blog The Divorce Report. The first article, given that we are approaching the Spring wedding season, appropriately answers the question "How to You Ask for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement and Still Get  Married?"  It can be done; I am busy writing and reviewing pre-nups.    


The second article illustrates how you can shoot yourself in the foot by using social media during a divorce.   The lessons of the article are not only appropriate in a divorce case, but in just about any litigation or business setting.


The third article addresses what happens when you get in a dog fight, literally 


I thank you for entrusting your matters to me. Your continued referrals are the highest form of compliment.     


Until next month,


Daniel Clement


Congratulations, you just got engaged. You and your fianc´┐Że are on cloud nine, Nothing could be better. Now you have garner the strength to utter the most unromantic words -"I want a pre-nuptial agreement."   How do you do it?


Given the high divorce rate, a pre nuptial agreement offers a hedge against the unfortunate, but possible prospect of divorce. The agreement forces you and your soon-to-be spouse to discuss ending  the marriage even before it has begun.


So, how do you discuss divorce when you also planning your marriage?


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Should I Be Using Social Networking Sites During My New York Divorce (or Should I Just Shoot Myself In The Foot)?

It is getting easier and easier to catch litigants in lies. You don't need hire a private detective or be lucky enough to catch them on surveillance tape. It is a lot simpler than that. Best of all, the proof is unimpeachable.


Despite all the warnings to stay off Facebook and other social networking sites, people keep posting things that belie the very arguments they are trying to advance in court; their own words disprove their case.


The posts, out of the divorce context, may be innocuous and really benign; but in the divorce setting, the postings could destroy your credibility. For example, a father in a recent child support case, claimed to be broke, but made the mistake updating his facebook status about his recent engagement. His new fiancee tagged him on her page, flashing a big and expensive diamond ring- so much for his cries of poverty.


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Pet Custody in New York: Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?

Every dog has its day- a day of trial in a New York divorce court to determine which "parent" will obtain custody.


Increasingly, custody of cats and dogs are issues in family law cases. While our pets are beloved family members, New York courts, up to now, have been reluctant to consider them anything other than personal property. Courts have traditionally dealt post-divorce custody of pets the same way they addressed distributing other personal property like a car or a piece of furniture.


Things may now change. One Manhattan matrimonial judge recently recognized that pets have a unique and cherished place in the family; they are not chattel or personal property and to treat them as such would be inappropriate.


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