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March, 2015                                                                                                Vol. 1, No. 4
Letter from the Director

Dear colleagues,


This quarter, I am honored to announce that ISTL will formally collaborate with one of Europe's most prestigious transportation institutes, Hasselt University's Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) on numerous  initiatives related to research and education. I hope that you are able to take the time to read more about this partnership below. 


Other exciting activities at the Institute include the addition of several new faculty members as well as the continuation of the transportation seminar series which will feature a number of high profile transportation academics and researchers this quarter. ISTL researchers and students have also  released a Smartphone app, the Toronto Buffalo Border Waiting (TBBW) app. This innovative product is designed to collect, share and predict waiting time at the three Niagara Frontier border crossings and has the potential to decrease some of the estimated $268 million dollar loss to New York State caused by border delays every year. You can learn more here


Finally, the University at Buffalo has taken the lead in planning to host the First Annual Symposium on Transportation Informatics this summer on August 13th and 14th. As always, you can learn more about all of these activities, and more, in this publication.


Thank you for your continued support of ISTL!


Best regards,


ISTL Announces International Collaboration with Hasselt University's Transportation Research Institute

The Institute for Sustainable Transportation and Logistics (ISTL) at the University at Buffalo (UB) has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) of Hasselt University (HU) in Belgium (http://www.uhasselt.be/IMOB-EN) to promote collaboration between the two institutes in areas related to transportation research and education. The purpose of the collaboration is to explore the possibility of:

  1. Faculty exchange in master's & PhD program using a virtual environment through which teaching could be possible. The prospect of physical exchange could be further explored based on the availability of resources and time.

  2. Student exchange in selected master's & PhD programs. Each university will evaluate the curriculum of the other and propose a smooth exchange mechanism to facilitate credit transfer.

  3. Value Addition Short Courses; Two - three days short (virtual and/or physical) courses may also be arranged on variety of topics within Transportation field and faculty members of both institutes may organize/share/teach some sessions.

  4. Cooperation between the respective Ph.D. programs of the partner universities through which joint research and possible joint supervision might be explored.

  5. Joint Research in Specific areas of Transportation Sciences & Engineering

  • IMOB & UB have a Driving Simulator instrument, using these simulators to test some specific road accidents scenarios or enhancement of these simulators.

  • Research topics within public mass transportation will also be envisaged with the combined efforts.

  • Transport behavioral modeling; traffic congestion modeling, GIS based route planning and activity-based transport modeling.

  • Big Data Applications in Transportation

Upcoming Events

April 24th, 2015 

Transportation Systems Engineering Seminar: Dr. Mahdieh Allahviranloo  - Inferring Activity Selection and Scheduling Behavior

Buffalo, NY 


May 1st, 2015

Transportation Systems Engineering Seminar: Dr. Markus Ettl

Senior Manager, Commerce Advanced Analytics, IBM Watson Research Center

Buffalo, New York


SAVE THE DATE: August 13th - 14th, 2015

First Annual Symposium on Transportation Informatics

Buffalo, New York


Does your organization have an upcoming event? Let us know HERE 

Awards, Honors and News

Dr. Panos Anastasopoulos, along with University at Buffalo students Thomas Androutselis, Ugur Eker, Nima Golshani, Gary Jordan, Seyedata Nahidi, and Tawfiq Sarwar presented five papers at the 56th Annual Transportation Research Forum. For additional details, view the forum program HERE.


ISTL researchers Dr. Sean Wu, Dr. Chunming Qiao, Dr. Adel Sadek and Dr. Kevin Hulme were recently awarded funding from the National Science Foundation for Modeling Cyber Transportation and Human Interaction in Connected and Automated Vehicle. Click here to learn more.
Featured Researcher



Dr. Chunming Qiao

Professor, IEEE Fellow  

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

University at Buffalo, the State University of New York

Director of Lab for Advanced Network Design, Evaluation and Research (LANDER)



 Professor Chunming Qiao directs the Lab for Advanced Network Design, Analysis, and Research (LANDER) with current foci on survivability/availability issues in cloud computing, cyber transportation systems, and smartphone systems. He has published extensively with an h-index of about 60 (according to Google Scholar). He pioneered research on optical burst switching (OBS) in 1997, and in addition, his work on integrated cellular and ad hoc relaying systems (iCAR) in 1999 is also recognized as the harbinger for today's push towards the convergence between heterogeneous wireless technologies, and has been featured in BusinessWeek and Wireless Europe etc.. His research has been funded by several major IT and telecommunications companies including Alcatel Research, Fujitsu Labs, Cisco, Google, NEC labs, Nokia Research, Nortel Networks, Sprint Advanced Technology Lab, and Telcordia.


Dr. Qiao has given more than a dozen of keynotes, and numerous invited talks on the above research topics. He has chaired and co-chaired a dozen of international conferences and workshops. He was an editor of IEEE Transactions On Networking and Trans on Parallel and Distributed Systems,

and a guest-editor for several IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC) issues. He was the chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on High Speed Networks (HSN) and the IEEE Subcommittee on Integrated Fiber and Wireless Technologies (FiWi) which he founded. He was elected to IEEE Fellow for his contributions to optical and wireless network architectures and protocols.


In This Issue
ISTL Researchers Release Smartphone App
ISTL researchers recently released an Android smartphone application; the Toronto Buffalo Border Waiting (TBBW), designed to collect, share and predict waiting time at the three Niagara Frontier border crossings.The innovative app offers the user three types of waiting time estimates: (1) current waiting times where estimates are based on data collected by border crossing authorities as well as user-reported or "crowd-sourcing" data shared by the community of the app's users ; (2) historical waiting times where  the app provides statistical charts and tables to help users choose the crossing with the likely shortest wait time; and (3) future waiting time predicted by an underlying traffic delay prediction model which provides predictions for the next 15 minutes (and updates them every 5 minutes). The ability to integrate officially reported delay estimates with crowd-sourcing data, and the ability to provide future border wait times clearly distinguishes the app from others on the market.
Meet ISTL's
New Faculty

Winston T. Lin, Ph.D.

 Operations Management and Strategy 

  Christian S. Renschler, Ph.D.
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