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Common Mistake #8
Not Understanding How to Deal with City Hall


City Hall does not exist to teach Church members--or anyone, for that matter--the nuances of real estate development. They are there to interpret and enforce the local, state, and national codes. They expect the owner, or its representatives, to have more than a general working knowledge of the code requirements.


A church is considered a commercial building, and will come under the code requirements for a commercial building.  Many churches think they should be exempt just because they are a church. The church, in our experience with most municipalities, has a poor reputation for "self-delivery". When a city official sees a church going it alone, you can count either on greater scrutiny or greater resistance and compliance.


City Hall needs to be engaged as an ally. Your team, including hired professionals, needs to know the items and the time to push for something that is non-conforming, and when it's best to comply. You will need City Hall to approve your project, and after approval comes the review process, multiple inspections, and then your ability to take possession of your new facility. There are many ways for the governing authorities to delay your project, add costs, and eventually leave you disappointed without actually saying "no" to the project in general.


In our experience, rarely, if ever, does it pay to have a confrontational relationship with the governing authorities because you disagree with their interpretation of their rules.  You may win the battle, but I doubt you will win the war. 

The 3rd "C"

This is the last of three excerpts from "Courageous Leadership" by Bill Hybels.   You can  read about the first "C" in our April 2014 newsletter and the second "C" in our July 2014 newsletter.


"The third "C" I look for is a relational fit with me as well as with other team members. Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One-Minute Manager, counseled me never to invite a person onto my team who doesn't have a positive emotional effect on me the minute he or she walks into my office.  I initially thought that counsel was a bit extreme.  I'm not looking for a golfing buddy, I thought.  I just need a capable person to work faithfully in our church.  Today, however, I am a convert to the doctrine of chemistry.  Why?  Because so much of my time is spent with these folks that it helps if I really like being with those people!  So, if two job candidates have equal character and competence, I'll give the nod to the person whose personality and temperament blend with the other team members.  If you lead a church that is just a few years old and you don't have a "kingdom dream team" for outreach and ministry yet, don't despair. It's taken us thirty years to develop our team to this point.  My advice? Stay the course, but keep the bar high."

What's New?

Located in Virginia Beach, VA construction is taking place in two phases. Phase I included the demolition of the wooden structure closest to the southwest lot line and construction of the Fellowship/Multi-Purpose addition. The Sunday School classrooms that are currently located within this structure to be demolished  were temporarily relocated to the remaining wood structure closest to the existing sanctuary building.




Phase II is almost complete, and  consists of the construction of the Fellowship/Multi-Purpose area and the portico, the demolition of the final wooden structure, and the reconfiguration of the parking and landscaping. 


CDS ... In the Community
Reducing Malnourishment Has Phenomenal Economic Benefits

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled,  "Smart Aid for the World's Poor:    How Can Rich Countries Best Help Poor Ones?"  (Click Here to Read Article)  In his  article,  author  Matt Ridley  determined  that  the  number  one  developmental  goal for world aid  should be  to  reduce malnutrition.  When children get better food, they develop  their brains, stay  in school  longer,  and end  up  becoming  far  more  productive  members  of  society.    Every  dollar  spent  to  alleviate malnutrition brings $59 of benefits. 

To come to this conclusion, Ridley used the Copenhagen Consensus' cost-benefit analysis which measures the effectiveness of world aid.  The Copenhagen Consensus is an international think tank of the world's top economists which includes four Nobel laureates.  The group has won worldwide respect for its groundbreaking work which addresses the question:  "For every dollar spent (on aid), how much good would be done in the world?"  Ridley states that the point of the research "... wasn't (to identify) that these are the biggest problems, but that these are the problems for which each dollar spent on aid generates the most benefit.  Enabling a sick child to regain her health and contribute to the world economy is in the child's interest -- and the world's."

At ORPHANetwork, we know these benefits to be true.  That is the reason why we've been strategically targeting the reduction of malnutrition since 2012.  In just over two years, we have reduced malnutrition rates from 26% to 11% in over 5,000 children!  One of these children, pictured on the right, is Joshua.  When our nutritional team evaluated Joshua, he was underweight, anemic, and suffering from repetitive flu-like symptoms.  He was treated with multi-vitamins, iron supplements, and vitamin A.  His mother was counseled about proper nutrition, and we helped her transition Joshua from breastfeeding to eating solid foods.

Just two months later, Joshua is at a proper weight for his age, his anemia is improving, and his mother reports he is much more active. While he's not yet walking, he is pulling up on chairs, and, with the help of his mother, he is taking his first steps.  This is the work you are doing with ORPHANetwork!  You are creating $59 of benefit for every dollar invested into each of the children at our LCIs.  Your investments nourish our children, and this fosters healthy brain development.  Healthy brains allow children educational opportunities that break generational cycles of poverty.  Best of all, you are changing their quality of life not only on earth, but for eternity.  Thank you for providing "Smart Aid for the World's Poor!"
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