Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited
March 2015


I want to bring to your attention two important events that are coming up soon.  Sweep the Hooch on April 11 is our opportunity to help clean up our home waters which, unfortunately, badly need our help.  You have the option to wade or float, but volunteers need to sign up in advance.  You can do this through our web site ucctu.tu.org by clicking #3 at the top and then going to the Sweep the Hooch web site.  Please be sure to sign up for the Jones Bridge site (Fulton County side).


The Rizzio Clinic for girls and boys ages 10 to 15 will be held on May 2 at the Chattahoochee Nature Center.  This is an opportunity to introduce fly fishing to the next generation.  While we have done our best to publicize this event, we would like to enlist your help in getting word out about the Clinic.  Please share the flyer & registration (located on our web site, or get a hard copy at the March meeting) with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, schools, etc.  If you have homeowners association newsletter, church bulletin, boy scouts, girl scouts, community board at work, space at your gym , etc, please post.  Let's see if we can fill up the Clinic with 36 new fly fishers. 


Jim Harvey
Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

Chapter Spring 2015 Trip to Florida

We've fished local and nearby waters over and over again, so it's time we head someplace new (down South) and make our mark on the sun-drenched shores of the Florida Panhandle! That's right, we're heading south to fish the Port St. Joe bay, flats, shoreline and Gulf. The plan is to drive there Thursday afternoon, April 23, fish Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning (optional), and return Sunday afternoon, April 26. Arrive earlier and/or stay later-it's all up to you. Continue Reading


Sweep The Hooch



Once again UCCTU will be doing Sweep the Hooch and taking part in the Wader's Section of Jones Bridge Park. Every year tons of trash in the form of tires, cans, and miscellaneous items, is removed from the Chattahoochee in the effort to clean up our home waters. We can always use your support and time. Visit the webpage or Facebook for more information about the event. 


Webpage www.sweepthehooch.org



Blackhawk Guide - John Rice


Speaking in March, John Rice, Blackhawk Guide on the topic of "How to Fish and Catch the Really Big Ones." Read his Bio

2015 Rizzio Clinic

Rizzio Clinic 2010

The 2015 Sam Rizzio clinic is now open for registration. Please visit the following link to find more information: http://ucctu.tu.org/upperchattahoochee/rizzio-fly-fishing-and-conservati...


In order to make this a successful event, we are in need of serveral volunteers. Tasks include Fly Tying demonstrations, Fly Casting demonstration/instruction, Knot Tying demonstration, Setup/Break down crew. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ron Cheslock: eductation@ucctu.org 


April Speaker
Anthony Rabern DNR



Anthony is a DNR Officer and will be speaking to the chapter about stream rebuilding projects, results, and plans for this upcoming summer and years ahead. He is currently in Rabun, Georgia. 

Guide's Angle
Chris Scalley- River Through Atlanta

Caddis flies are found in most stream ecosystems around the world but are overlooked by anglers. Caddis are considered an advanced aquatic invert species as they have four stages during their lifecycle; egg, larvae, pupae and adult. Early spring is when anglers can flip a few rocks on the stream bed to find what locals call "rock worms" or "Apple Caddis" which scientists call the Family Hydopsychindae or net-spinning Caddis larvae which spin silk to create nets to capture other invertebrates, plants, algae and detritus to eat. As this free-living Caddis larvae prepares to pupate and hatch in early spring they become more available to the trout as they attempt to complete their lifecycle into adults. Larvae imitations such as the Czech nymph and pupae patterns like La Fontaine Deep Sparkle Pupae will surely produce some trout in the spring during their early emergence. Next month we will explore the adult final stage of the caddisfly lifecycle which can live out of the water up to a month as adults before they lay eggs and die. The trout will then eat them off the surface which is mimicked with dry flies.

News Bites

Don't forget to pay your UCCTU Voluntary Dues  Here

The Georgia Tech Fly Fishing Club who partners with TU and UCCTU, needs any extra waders, boots, rods, reels, line and flies that you might have laying around the house.  

Youth over 10 years old will have a chance to win a box of hand tied flies from Jim Harvey at this month's meeting.

Contact Fulton County's Georgia DNR Officer Mark Puig if you see any poaching or violations while your fishing next time.
Ranger Hotline: 800-241-4113
Cell: 404-997-3214
Email:  Mark.Puig@DNR.STATE.GA.US

Check out the new Chapter Website at  ucctu.tu.org and leave comments in the Shout Out box. 
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Blackhawk is now taking Spring reservations please call Abby J @ (706) 947-3474 for availability.

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March 24- March Meeting 
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Dutch Earle will be hosting March Fly Tying. Email Chris Smith for information about the event if you are interested. 
Atlanta Fly Fishing School  

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Jim Harvey with a Redfish from this year's Spring Trip Destination

Chris Smith with a Redfish from this year's Spring Trip Destination

Callaway Garden's guides speaking February about Lake Strategies

Gerry Mecca with a fly box he won at the February Meeting
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