And this commandment we have from Him: whoever loves God must also love
his brother.  1 John 4:21 ESV

One Heart Newsletter: March 2015

Meet Pastor Ricardo 
From Pastor Ricardo, the Pachancho community is his home land! Several years ago, he was stoned away from his village because of His love for Jesus. Luckily, his fire towards the Lord did not stop, but grew! He continued sharing the gospel in surrounding areas and now has a church in the next village. 3 years ago, the Lord lead One Heart ministry to this area to bring medical services. We started to build a relationship with the village and now Pastor Ricardo has been welcomed back to the village. Working together, Pachancho is opening up more and more and becoming a land that loves Jesus--To God be the Glory!

Family Valentine Celebration
When we pray, the Lord answers! The weather in this area was rainy and cold the entire week; however, on this special day, it was sunny and one of the most beautiful days Pachancho has had in a long time!
We had about 350 people show up to take part in the celebration. There were 4 different age groups: little ones, medium ones, teenagers, and adults. We are always so thankful for our support group, as they are always ready to help and work!  We all had such a great time playing together and enjoyed some of the most interesting rounds of family games ever! Also, a most special thanks to Pastor Ivan, who delivered a beautiful message and shared about Jesus.

One Heart Disciple group
The The Balloon Game
El grupo De Las Jirafas
(The Giraffe Group)

Setting up the "Ollas Encantadas"
(Enchanted Pots; aka pinatas)

GANADOR DE: La Llama Mas Guapa
(Winner of the prettiest llama)
La Cuchara Con Huevo
(The Spoon & Egg carry game)

Las Ovejitas
(The little ones)

 Meet "Lucas" GANADOR DE: La  Llama Mas Rapido
(Winner of the FASTEST llama in the race!)

GANADOR DE: El Cuy Mas Gordo
(Winner of the FATTEST guinea pig!)
Everyone Had Fun!
These guys weren't as lucky as others and had mistaken the "rooster catch" game for something much different! :)
But, we still gave them prizes!

Adopt-A-Village Project: Pachancho
Join us in prayers for Pachancho!

We are excited to announce that we have started building in Pachancho ! Construction has many phases and we are first started working on the fencing the land and assessment/studying of water sources. There is so much to do BEFORE we can actually start working on the building itself. Here is what we have been able to accomplish during the last few months:
  • Processing Of Legal Paper Work
  • Leveling Of The Land
  • Fencing
  • Water Source Study 
  • Soil/Materials In The Land Study
By May of 2015, we plan on pouring the foundation of the church, building a Community Green House, and building a Water Tank.

If you would like to know more about this plan, our strategies,
or participate in the construction process-- please let us know!

Our 1st Green House!
Inside The Green House
We are growing acelga (chard), lima beans,
lettuce, and cilantro 

Dear Friends and Family
I am so blessed to share with you the joy and also the many trials that rest upon me and the ministry. Sometimes balancing the challenges and responsibilities can be overwhelming, but this work is not about running to the end. It is about learning how to endure and persevere the race with faith--Learning to NEVER give up!


I beg you to commit to pray for me and for One Heart Global Ministries. Life is not easy down here, but our strength is in the Lord! We have many plans and goals to accomplish on the road ahead...here are two ways you can take part in the journey:     

  • Pray for wisdom
  • Pray that God will continue to draw the indigenous communities into the Kingdom
  • Pray for Pachancho, especially as we plan to pour the foundation for the church in May
  • Pray for Happy Feet International Team coming from Houston next week.
  • Pray for each student team member to be a blessing, but most importantly be drawn closer to Jesus.
  • Pray for Natagua, Sagblon, Llinllin, Calpi, the indigenous communities in the Chimborazo Province. Please pray that hearts will be opened to the Gospel as next week we will be ministering to them with the Team.


We invite you to prayerfully consider making a pledge commitment to support the ministry, mission and outreach efforts of OHGM's Adopt-A-Village Project in Pachancho. In order to sustain the work that needs accomplished in this village, we are striving to get at least 25 committed pledges in place!

Funds raised through pledges will be used to purchase supplies, hire professionals to help us with the work we can't complete on our own, and much more! We would love to tell you about this project, and hope that you will take time to learn more and pray about this opportunity!

This cause is great and the support it will provide will bless countless lives and generations to come, so we hope you will search your hearts for what you can specifically do to help!

Remember, there are many ways to support this project. If you, or your organization, are interested in taking part or contributing to the work that we are doing in Pachancho, PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY!

We pray that more hearts will find peace and come to Jesus everyday! Thank you for your prayers and continued support. We remain committed to service in His name and look forward to growing with you in faith and love!