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Welcome to our latest newsletter. It's not too soon to be thinking of gifts for Mom (May 8th!) or something thoughtful for those who get out and get involved with Earth Day (April 22nd). We have two green gifts to share.

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March 2016

Green Gift Basket.

Green Gift Basket
New!! T his large gift basket from our Subarashii orchards is super green. The basket itself is a fabric planter pot designed for planting. Included is dried moss (instead of gift tissue paper) and a token pack of flower seeds to complete your garden work! 

To help fuel green thumbs, this gift includes two packages of our 100% natural dried Asian Pears and a jar of our all-natural Asian Pear Spread, all nestled in this basket. Because we love to dip pretzels in our pear spread, included is a complimentary bag of local, Pennsylvania made pretzels.  

Shop online to order. Soil and green thumb not included.

Too Soon for Bloom.

Asian Pear Young Bud
Winter all but skipped us it seems. But we welcome the cool days & nights we've been feeling the last few days as they will help delay our trees' bloom a bit longer.

The later the bloom, the better for our Asian Pear harvest. Typically we hope for bloom to transform our orchard during mid to late April. Bloom now will risk fruit damage should we come face to face with a frost event in the weeks ahead. 

Luckily, the young bud pictured here is still bundled up for chilly weather.

How Green Can You Be? 

Give the gift of a real tree for Earth Day or for Mother's Day: Adopt-A-Tree

Thank Mom with a most memorable toast to all that she's done. And of course, a gift she doesn't have to tend to. Mom'll enjoy the beauty and growth of her tree all year long and in the Fall, she'll love crunchy, sweet, fresh Asian Pears hand-picked just for her.  

Adopt-A-Tree also makes a fantastic Earth Day gift for a the whole family, the classroom, or the office. Students in particular can learn about the growth of a fruit tree; and in the Fall, relish in healthy snacking of fresh fruit.

Learn how to adopt now.

Wine Anytime.

California Wine Club
Coming Soon! Experience Subarashii Kudamono Wines through the California Wine Club.

CWC is a specialty wine club sharing boutique wines from small wine producers. We're thrilled to see our wines as part of their their collection particularly for all those Asian Pear wine fans out there who don't live near a store that carries our unique Asian Pear wines.  

Click here to be notified when you'll be able to enjoy Subarashii Asian Pear wines via the California Wine Club. Visit our wine website for more info.

  Ramen Noodle Pears

Mixing it Up for Snack Time.
Ramen Noodles?  Chex rice cereal? Dried Asian Pears?  Combined with other clever ingredients,  Chef Lesle created a fun snack mix featuring our dried Asian Pears.  Great for a party, afterschool snacking or sitting back enjoying a game or movie.
Click here to download the recipe for Ramen-Dried Asian Pear Snack Mix.

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