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         MARCH 2016 NEWSLETTER

Get FIT and ready for Spring with reduced rates and enhanced coverage on EXERCISE/ HEALTH STUDIOS and SUN TANNING SALONS!

Or, if it's your lawn that needs some TLC, try us for all your LANDSCAPE and LAWN CARE service contractors, as well as SPRINKLER installation/maintenance, TREE TRIMMING/ REMOVAL operations, and more!

We can't wait to get in shape with you!   Call today for an app, or send your submissions to for a quote!
-Metal Fabricators
-Machine Shops
-Auto Body/Repair Shops
-Apartments (including student, senior and/or subsidized)
-Retail Stores/Strip Centers
-Manufacturing of all shapes and sizes
...and MUCH more!

Call today to discuss your specific account/s, or send your submissions to!
Let us help you RENOVATE your profits!

Are you looking for a market for the individuals who are "flipping" properties?  We can write a vacant/renovation policy on a DP-1 - Named Perils ACV basis for the dwelling (1-4 family).  We can also consider a DP-3 if the dwelling is newer.  These are rated for the completed value (Current ACV + Cost of Renovations).  Premises liability can also be offered if a licensed contractor is doing the "major work" (wiring/heating/ plumbing/roofing).  Whether your client is just making cosmetic updates or doing a full gut rehab, let us help you write these policies to RENOVATE your bottom line.   Contact Marsha Peck, ext 236, today for a quote today!
A Few "Fun Facts" About 
Marsha Peck...
  1. I was born and have lived in the Springfield area my entire life.
  2. My best friend and I owned/operated a small flower shop right out of high school for 4 years.  We didn't make much money, but we learned a lot about life and people.  It is a fun hobby and has come in handy many times.  We both ended up working in the insurance industry.
  3. I was the baby of my family for 13 years, before my younger brother and sister were born (we all have the same parents).  
  4.  Both of my brothers are 6'8" tall.    
  5. I love to travel and enjoy photography.   
  6. I have two daughters, Jessie (28) and her husband, JP, and Laura (20).  They are my favorite people in the world.  
  7. I will go to and/or do anything my kids mention.  They push me out of my comfort zone frequently.
  8. I have been in insurance a REALLY long time.  I do enjoy my job (most days).
  9. My birthday present last year was a hot air balloon ride that ended with a "crash landing"- literally.  It was pretty wonderful until then.   
  10. My baby sister (Jeanetta), also works at CIU in the Commercial Auto Department.


We'll be at the MAIA Small Agency Conference  in Columbia, MO  on March 17th &18th.  

Stop by and see Kim Hampton at booth #51.

We will look forward to seeing you there! 

Allied Medical & Healthcare 
Related Accounts

We can include not only the GL and Medical Professional coverage, but also Non-Medical E&O coverage (that picks up applicable non-professional E&O issues as well as the Professional coverage). 
Target classes include:
- Health Care Staffing
- Home Health Care
- Medical Education
- Research Labs
- Clinical Trials
- Paramedical and Emergency Medical Treatment
- Pharmacies
- Psycho-Social Services

Send all your Healthcare related submissions to today!

Have you seen our UPDATED website?  
Stop by for a "virtual visit" and let us know what you think!
And if you have our "old" site saved to your favorites, be sure to update it with our new and improved site!

We hope y our month is full of luck and prosperity!
Commercial Lines  
Pizza Delivery- $300,000 Excess limit (over the driver's primary policy). $6,400
Halfway House/Substance Abuse Program- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1,323,500 Prop TIV; $1mil D&O.                                                                  $18,135
New & Used Bus Dealer- $500,000 Excess DOL limit (over $500,000 primary). $30,000
Restaurant w/ Entertainment (open until 3AM)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $900,000 Prop TIV.  Prior loss history. $11,600
Drone Video/Photo Services (for construction industry)- $1mil/$2mil GL (excluding Personal & Adv Injury); Sexual/Phy Abuse at $25k/$50k sublimits; & Unmanned Aircraft System Liability at $50k/$100k sublimits. $1,250
Manufacturer of Plastic Bottles & Hand Cleaners-  $3,141,729 Prop TIV. $16,350
Electronic Cigarette Store- $1mil/$2mil GL (excluding products); $130k Prop TIV's. $1.2mil GR. $3,040
Organization of Medical Professionals who travel abroad for Professional Development/Continuing Education- $1mil/$2mil International Coverage (incl H&NO Auto & K&R); & $250k AD&D Coverage. $3,635
Gun/Pawn Shop- $300k Prop TIV w/ 10% theft sublimit. $2,065
Plastic Products Manufacturing- $1.75mil TIV. Prior loss history. $16,275
Personal Lines  
HO8- $381k TIV.  Prior loss history. $1,845
HO4 (Tenant/HO PKG)- $27,500 TIV.  Apt in a commercial building. $340
HO3- $422k TIV. Pit Bull on premises (no bite history). $1905
DP3- Vacant Condo. $120k TIV. RC. $625