Top 4 modular enclosure myths 
Every industry has its misconceptions, and the modular building and enclosure business is no exception. This month, we'd like to put some of those myths to bed forever.
Are modular buildings temporary?
Starrco has been around for over fifty years. Although we don't know the fate of every building constructed during that time frame, we do know that offices fabricated more than 30 years ago are still in use.

Are modular buildings flimsy?
Starrco structures are durable. We use proven materials that are strong, long lasting and sustainable.
Our structures can be designed as two-story office systems and can be specified to provide material storage on the roof.
In fact, Starrco structures can be installed in California and other earthquake zones where building codes demand enclosures that are robust enough to resist seismic forces.

Are modular building designs inflexible?
Each Starrco modular enclosure is custom designed to meet a customer's needs.
The layouts are tremendously flexible and can be designed to accommodate kitchenettes, restrooms, equipment enclosures, break rooms, and much more.
Clean rooms can be designed and fabricated to meet specific process enclosure requirements.
And for manufacturing environments, virtually any size opening can be incorporated into the walls to accommodate large or bulky equipment needs.

Are modular enclosures architecturally dull?
Starrco modular offices and enclosures are used by high-end brands such as Coach, Zappos, and Oracle. The designs can be refined to include custom doors, windows, and other features to accommodate the demands of style conscious clients.
Starrco uses the latest manufacturing techniques and materials to build offices and enclosures that are flexible, durable, and high quality.
In most cases, modular construction is extremely cost effective. And because the construction work is done at our St. Louis manufacturing facility, the buildings are fast to install and cause less operational disruption than traditional construction.
About Starrco
Starrco has been providing modular office solutions since 1965.  In addition to pre-engineered modular offices, we manufacture clean room wall systems; floor to ceiling interior wall partitions; starrguard safety guard rail systems; and pre-assembled portable offices.