May your life have the strength of the lion
and the gentleness of the lamb.


Artist Bria Lauren explores the psyche

of eight women in March 11 exhibition 
Artist Bria Lauren's exhibition "Naked," opening March 11 at the Community Artists' Collective, gives real women the opportunity to truthfully tell their story of struggle, adversity, insecurity and perseverance.
Her photographic exhibition challenges the reverberated appropriation that society has placed upon the black woman's attitude, image and role.
"In order to assess the black woman experience," she explains, "we must defy objective measures and acquire insights from the oppressed group in order to accurately understand why we believe what we believe to be true."
Initially created as a documentary narrative, Naked intends to reveal the raw essence of eight women who dare to break their silence and boldly reveal their scars.  The visual narrative is not intended to create a sense of radical separatism between majority and minority groups nor does it aim to place blame and portray the black woman experience from a victimizing standpoint.  Read more

Art Education Activities

The Collective offers art classes after school to approximately 80 third through fifth graders at  the Academy of Accelerated Learning, Inc., a charter school in southwest Houston.

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My Journey
The work of Dr. Charlene Claye
April 7 - June 3, 2016

Performance Art 
A Chicago Fire in Houston
Spoken word artist Deonte Scott releases second EP 'Damage Control' amid captivating performance

By Holly Charles, M.A.

An intimate crowd gathers at Houston's Frenetic Theater, patiently awaiting the continuation and conclusion of what has been an emotionally charged evening.

As if the night's spectators aren't already on edge anticipating the return of spoken word artist Deonte Scott, the faint sputter of a smoke machine sends forth a small, thick mist from stage left. The cloud of gas follows a montage of surveillance videos and mourning parents who have frequented the news over the past few years--the martyrs and catalysts of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Another sputter is heard throughout the small theater, sending up another billow of smoke. The crowd, perched from the red-cushioned seating, has no idea that, behind the curtain, there is no engineer or stagehand adding to the drama of the already tense moment. Scott is there himself, firmly pressing the vintage fog machine to signal the fury to come from his closing piece entitled "Don't Trust 'Em."

Symbolic of his attitude towards building his own artistic career, Scott is the kind of artist who doesn't wait for anyone else to pave the path, to press the button. He is the type of creative who sends forth his own smoke, without complaint or apology, to inform the world that where there's smoke, there's fire. Read more

The Collective was very busy in February;
thank goodness for that extra day!

Alonzo Williams, Jr., shared his photographic exhibition "The 100 Strangers Project, a 13-month-long documentation of random encounters with 100 perfect strangers, with visitors to The Collective.

We enjoyed showing off The Collective to visitors from the Finnegan Park Community Center/ Precinct 1.

What a terrific experience and honor for The Collective and the Jubilee Quilt Circle to be involved with the African American Music Gala "My Lord, What a Morning," a concert celebrating the legacy of black composers.  The Houston Ebony Opera Guild Chorus presented the concert at the Westbury United Methodist Church.


Join the Jubilee Quilt Circle

Workshops and demonstrations  are offered at The Collective, 4101 San Jacinto, Suite 116, on Thursdays from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. and Fridays from 1 to 4 p.m.

The Community Artists' Collective invites you to learn about and to work on textiles, including quilting, knitting, crochet and embroidering.

Supplies provided. Suggested donation is $30 per month.


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