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March Newsletter
The Wolcott Galleria Specialty Stores

Big Sky Carvers
These mugs are perfect for Adult Easter Baskets!
Let us help you fill them with coffee, tea or candy to your liking to make the best gift.
These mugs are available in a variety of colors and characters including trout, bluebird, horse, elk, butterfly, and so many more.
St. Patrick's Day is March 17th

Come in a get a pot of gold or just a handful. Chocolate gold coins are $0.25 each or 5 for a $1

Vita Sana Pairing

of the Month

Spicy & Sweet
Sopressata Picante- Sweet & Spicy
We have all the supplies that you will need for your cheese and meat platters this Easter including this Italian dried salami.
Sottocenere Cheese ~ 
Laced with Black Truffles
The Merry Peddler has
The Cheese Knife
Ganz Silicone Egg Baking Mold

Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats!
Just arrived!  These new delicious treats are now availale at Crave! They are delicious hand cut, completely covered in chocolate and hand crafted for any occasion! We have several different designs that will be great for Easter, Mother's day, or just for a snack!

Easter Bunny Poop Craft

Easter Bunny Poop is an easy, fun, and sweet treat for the kids and adults too.
This  link will give you instructions, an example and a free printable for the bag toppers.
These little treat bags are great for Easter parties or for the kids to give as gifts to their friends. Find a huge assortment of jelly beans at Crave Candy store, including a spring mix as seen in this photo!
Vita Sana - Opening Soon!
Making the Perfect Cheese Board
Photo by Andrew McCaul
   Its hard to go wrong with cheese, but here's some tips I found fore making a successful cheese board for your next party or gathering.
Keep it simple, 3 to 5 cheeses thrown in with some Stone Wall Kitchen Jams or fruits, Sopressata salami and something crunchy, (like crackers, nuts or pretzels).
   When you start picking the star of the party, the cheese, try to keep it diverse. An easy way of doing this is by picking different textured cheese. Here is a good mix from our cheese cooler:
  • Sottocenere Cheese: A semi-soft, Black Truffle Cheese with a beautiful grey rind.
  • LaClare Farms Chandoka: A semi-firm  cheddar with mild fruitiness.
  • Pecorino Ginepro: A hard sheep cheese with flavor of balsamic vinegar and juniper.
  • Humboldt Fog: A soft creamy goat cheese, with a subtle tangy flavor. One of the best known American cheeses.

   Now to present your cheeses. A traditional cheese board is wooden, but you could also use a soap stone for an elegant touch or a ceramic platter for a more rustic feel, and you can find a large selection at the Merry Peddler Kitchen Store. Provide separate cheese knifes for each cheese, or you can pre-cut the more firm cheeses and use butter knives for the soft cheeses. Use your fruit, meats, and crackers to separate the cheeses. Have fun with your cheese board and don't be afraid to use your creative side!

Sparq Soapstone Appetizer Plate
 The Sparq Soapstone Appetizer Plate's sophisticated design takes full advantage of the Platter's soapstone properties. 

The appetizer plate can be easily heated or chilled to maintain food at the perfect temperatures. Simply place the appetizer plate in the freezer to keep hors d'oeuvres chilled or stick it in the oven to keep food warm. 
Each plate is unique in itself with color and veining patterns. The SPARQ Oven-to-Table Entertainment Plate is a unique and beautiful addition to any cocktail party or family gathering.