Howls of Joy, There's a what?! in the coop, and kids everywhere!

March 2016
3 Rescues Howl for Joy:
By Doris Duncan, Executive Director

It took three rescue organizations, but now Angel and Nazareth are howling for joy!  When they lost their owner, they came to the attention of Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue . Their executive director, Pamela Hormiotis, contacted us to see if we could foster the two homeless wolfdogs until they found permanent placement .

You might wonder why we would be interested in helping wolfdogs. Wolves are returning to California. We feel that working with wolfdogs will give us valuable experience so that when there are wolves needing rehabilitation, we will have the skills necessary to assist them. We've already learned a lot from Angel and Nazareth!

Almost two months and countless phone calls later, Executive Director Layton Cougar of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and his crew drove 18 hours to bring Nazareth and Angel to their forever home in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico. Cooperation made it happen!
Free Skunk

Stuck Skunk

Longtime volunteer Margaret was as surprised as the finders to see a skunk with its head stuck in a hole in their chicken coop. Thanks to some quick thinking and a little corn oil, the skunk was successfully freed. She brought the skunk back to SCWR to be checked. During a slightly smelly exam,we found the skunk to be healthy, sassy, and ready to go home. To our happy surprise, the finders wanted their skunk back in their yard! Maybe they already know that skunks are fantastic insect control specialists.
Dia del Nino (that's Day of the Child in Spanish)

Join us in celebrating with Family, Nature, and Fun on Saturday, April 30, 2016, at fifteen locations throughout Sonoma County (including SCWR!). Hosted by the Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC), Sonoma County parks, nature centers, preserves, interpretive centers, and even a wild animal rehabilitation center ( that's us!) will open their doors from 10am to 4pm offering fun outdoor explorations, nature crafts, kayaking, hands-on activities, visits with animals, family nature walks and more! 

SCWR is having a tour in Spanish at 12:00 and in English at 2:00, and tours are 20% off this day! The PEEP barnyard and arts and crafts are open all day long. 

To make a day of it and see other locations, click here


Upcoming Events
4/2/16 Raccoon Care, 10am-12 noon
4/9/16 New Volunteer Orientation,  10am-12 noon
4/16/16 Policies and Regulations,  10am-12 noon
4/23/16 Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation,  10am-12 noon
4/30/16 Dia del Nino and FarmTrails 10am-4pm
4/30/16 Mandatory Animal Care Meeting Make Up, 4pm-6pm
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