March 2017
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March Client My Fitness Pal Challenge
  The March My Fitness Pal Challenge started on March 1 and runs through March 31. The challenge is based on points earned by tracking calories on a daily basis and maintaining sufficient macronutrients. The top three clients with the most points at the end of the month will win the following: 

1st Place - One FREE session
2nd Place - 1/2 off a session
3rd Place - $10 off a session

Brett, Laura, Lori, Kalie and Nicolette are all strong contenders to win the challenge!

Congratulations to Lori who placed 1st with 85 push-ups, Brett who placed 2nd with 52 push-ups and Maureen who placed 3rd with 50 push-ups for the February Push-Up Challenge! All the clients who participated did great...they all stuck with it and improved their upper body strength as well as the number of push-ups they were able to do! Awesome job!!!

Look for the announcement of the winner of the My Fitness Pal Challenge in the April newsletter plus details on the JZTrainedme Fitness April client challenge!  
Pre & Post Workout Meals/Snacks -
They Are Essential For Results!

As a personal trainer, I often run into situations where I notice that clients are not performing at their usual energy levels and I instantly start to asking them the following questions:

  • Did eat something beforehand?
  • When is the last time you ate?
  • What did you eat?

Food is fuel, it's as simple as that. You wouldn't let your car run out of gas and expect it to go anywhere, so why would you expect your body to "go" when your food fuel tank is empty.

The fact of the matter is what you put into your body is fuel for your workout as well as how you manage muscle on your body. Food can help you to recover in a better way and help you build muscle or get lean. What you eat before and after your workout is extremely important. There are different snacks that you can have throughout the day to give your body the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein that is going to not only satisfy your hunger but provide fuel for your workouts.

Pre-Workout Snacks

Eating a snack/meal within 30-45 minutes before a workout can help your performance to be so much stronger. By eating before your workout, you increase your energy, which allows you to workout longer and at a higher intensity level. If you workouts are early in the morning, you don’t need to have a heavy meal, a lighter snack will work just as well. 

Post-Workout Snacks

Eating a snack/meal within 30-60 minutes after a workout helps to rebuild the tissue that breaks down and restore the energy that is lost during your workouts. In addition, this also helps to rebuild muscle and fueling your muscles with the right foods is an excellent way to do that.  

Here's a few examples of foods to eat before/after a workout:

  • Smoothie or protein shake
  • Oatmeal with fresh fruit
  • Egg whites
  • Multi-grain toast with peanut butter or avocado
  • Greek yogurt with granola
  • Protein bar
  • Banana
  • Hummus with multi-grain pita bread
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Rice cake with a smear of almond butter
  • Trail Mix
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Hard boiled egg

Your body needs certain foods to sustain itself and to thrive. When you workout, you use a lot of your body’s resources and nutrition is there to replenish what was taken away. It’s essential to not only exercise but to have good nutrition as well. They are both equally important when you look at your optimal health. When you have good nutrition your body gets energy, fat, amino acids, calcium and so much more. These things are necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Golf Performance Training
Do You Want to Get Golf Fit?  
Golfers experience some of the highest injury rates of any sport played in the United States with low-back, wrist, shoulder and elbow ranking as the sites most susceptible to injury.

My golf performance training programs are based on the NASM OPT (Optimum Performance Training) model which provides a proven structure to improve all measures of golf performance for all demographics and skill levels, including driving distance, accuracy, putting, and decreased injury as well as an emphasis on nutrition. Studies have shown that increased strength, joint range of motion, and balance are directly related to better scores and lower handicaps.

​Each client receives a free comprehensive physiological, fitness, postural and, movement assessment to assist in gauging your current fitness level and to determine if there are any apparent muscular imbalances or dysfunctional movement patterns that could be inhibiting your golf game. Whether you are suffering from or recovering from an injury or just looking to shave a few strokes off your game, my golf performance training methods are perfect "FORE" you and provide real results!

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

You’ve probably heard a lot how important hydration is for you.  Well, water is not only the best fluid to hydrate but it is also a performance enhancer!  To ensure you are adequately hydrated, your urine should be a light color.  Many people confuse hunger for dehydration.  Many times we don’t drink enough water and in effect feel hungry sometimes before we feel thirsty.
Your body needs water for more than just wetting your lips and feeling refreshed.  Water is a solvent for biochemical reactions in your body.  It helps with gastric secretions (drinking water helps prevent constipation and urinary tract infections), transports nutrients to and from cells, helps discard waste products, and helps with body regulation (for an example sweat). 
Many people ask if you have to drink water alone to get the hydrating benefits.  The answer is no, but you want to consider some diuretic effects that caffeinated beverages have as well (making you urinate more). Foods also have high water content for example lettuce, tomatoes, low fat yogurt, even broccoli has about 89% water.
The hotter the weather, the more we raise our core temperature by working out at higher intensity, and other environmental factors can affect our hydration status so make sure that you are staying adequately hydrated especially in the upcoming spring/summer months.

St. Pat's Day 5k
  On Sunday, March 12th, some clients and friends got decked out in green and participated in the South Elgin St. Pat's Day 5k at Seba Park to support local animal shelters. 

Though it was a little chilly, luck was upon us as the sun was shining bright! Some of our group ran the whole thing, some ran and walked but we all finished and had a great time in the process. 

Can't wait to participate in our next client race! WE GOT THIS!!! 

Client Spotlight - Meet Brett and Laura

Brett and Laura have been training with me for about two months. They came to me with different goals in mind--Laura's goals involved weight loss, toning and firming and Brett's goals were to increase strength and muscle mass and they both wanted to improve their nutrition. They have two beautiful little girls, Cassidy and Madison. The girls and their jobs keep them both extremely busy but they make the time to workout and are committed to reaching their goals. Brett and Laura participated in the February Push-Up Challenge and they both added an additional 20 plus push-ups during their Stage 1 assessment's compared to the number they were able to do at their free assessment. This is a substantial increase and show's how much their upper body strength improved in such a short time.

We placed more emphasis on nutrition and both Brett and Laura have been diligently tracking their calories and macronutrients in My Fitness Pal. Laura is currently in 1st place and Brett is in 2nd place for the March My Fitness Pal Challenge. They are learning a lot about food management, calories and macronutrients and have a better understanding about which foods support their goals and how eating healthy is relative to their goals! 

They fully support each other and are not only getting stronger together but having fun in the process.  Their Stage 1 results were unbelievably good and their hard work and effort is definitely paying off. I'm so thankful to train with them and I am so proud of both of them. It is truly inspiring to watch the success they are having while taking on this journey together. THEY GOT THIS!!!!

March Featured Recipe
  Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls
  • 2 Squares of 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate (I used Ghirardelli)
  • 1 cup unsalted roasted peanuts or 1 cup of PB2 (in the form of peanut butter not powder)
  • 1 cup Medjool dates, pitted (about 10-12 dates)
  • 1 scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

​Shave chocolate squares with a knife and set aside in a small bowl or plate. Add peanuts or PB2 mixture to food processor; if using nuts, process until creamy peanut butter forms. Add dates and mix until smooth. Add in the protein powder and applesauce. Mix until a creamy, thick dough forms. Roll dough into 1 inch balls, coat each ball with chocolate shavings. Eat immediately or store in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. Store uneaten balls in an airtight container in the fridge.

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