March 3, 2017
March 2017 Facilities Update

A view of the construction site from HPISD's newest elementary school

Highland Park ISD continues to make progress with design and construction related to the $361.4 million bond election approved by voters in November 2015.
The following is an update on what has taken place throughout the district:
New Elementary School

The school is still projected to be completed in time for the 2017-18 school year. As of Friday, March 3:
  • The first floor garage deck is completed. Plumbing and lighting conduit is being installed in the garage. Masonry work for the gym is complete, moisture barrier has been installed (the bright teal color) and stonework has started. Area C interior walls are being installed.
  • All floors for Area A have been poured. HVAC duct and electrical conduit is almost complete on the first floor, and is being installed on the second and third floor. HVAC unit screening is installed on the roof deck. Roofing installation work has begun
  • In Area B, all steel is in place and all floors have been poured.
  • Windows frames are being installed in Areas A and C.
The public can monitor progress at any time online with the camera that has been placed at the location. Still photos and time-lapse photography of the project are available.
University Park Elementary Rebuild
  • Design Development documents have been completed, and the contractor, Balfour Beatty, is working collaboratively with the architect to refine the estimates. The parking garage design has been expanded to accommodate all staff from the school.
  • The design submittal was approved during the City of UP Planning and Zoning meeting, and is now scheduled for a hearing before the UP City Council on March 21.
  • The construction drawings are scheduled to be completed and ready for bidding in early April 2017.
Armstrong Elementary School Renovation
  • HPISD staff and the architect are scheduling reviews to develop schematic design, followed by presentation and discussion to the Design and Construction Committee.
  • The project is on track to issue construction documents for bidding in April. Construction is planned for a late summer 2017 start.
  • Concept plans for Planning and Zoning were reviewed by the Town of HP staff. The application is currently scheduled to be made in anticipation of an April Planning and Zoning hearing.
McCulloch Intermediate and HP Middle School Renovations and Additions
  • The Design Development drawings were completed and delivered to HPISD at the end of January.
  • The project is on schedule to issue for bidding and construction in May.
  • The project had a preliminary review by both the City of University Park and Town of Highland Park. The project application has been submitted to both cities for staff review in preparation for Planning and Zoning  
Highland Park High School Renovations and Additions
  • The schematic design of the Northwest Addition and fine arts renovations are complete and the contractor, Lee Lewis, is in the process of developing a cost estimate.
  • The project is on schedule to issue documents for bidding and construction in June 2017.
  • The conceptual master plan of the HPHS site has been submitted to the City of UP.
Seay Tennis Center

Lee Lewis received bids which were reviewed by architect, staff and the district's attorney. The Board approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price from Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. The original construction estimate for this project was $4,334,400, and the project is within budget.
  • The project is scheduled for the March 21 University Park City Council meeting.
Multi-Sport Building
  • The programming is being finalized. Staff input has been incorporated into the program, and specific needs with appropriate staff are being further developed.
  • HPISD staff is exploring relocating the proposed Training Room from the proposed Multi-Sport Building to the existing baseball locker room facility.
  • The project has been rescheduled to stay in sequence with the construction completion date for the new Seay Center.
The project schedules will begin this summer for Bradfield Elementary, and in the summer of 2018 for Hyer Elementary. The work on renovations for Highlander Stadium are scheduled to begin January 2018.