March 2017  
The Chicken or the Egg:  The Wall vs. Stimulus Package
By Ben Wilhelm, President, Carolinas Region

I suspected that talk of a 50 foot tall wall spanning 1,000 miles and traversing the United States/Mexico border would fade post-election, but it appears to have political momentum. As a construction advocate, it is important to consider The Wall's implications and opportunities for our industry. 

According to a recent analysis published by MIT, The Wall will potentially cost between $27 billion and $40 billion to construct. Money suggested it will employ as many as 25,000 construction workers and require three years to complete. This is a boom for the construction industry, right? If The Wall is indeed going to happen, it is instructive to consider some other factors     (Read More...)
Construction Update: Options Expanding for Durham Apartment Living
Shiel Sexton is making headway at the site of Gateway Center Apartments. The project team is a little over halfway through the two year construction schedule of this five-story, 305-unit luxury apartment community in bustling downtown Durham, NC. 

"Durham has undergone major growth and development over the last five years and this location on the Southeast side of downtown is the next up and coming area with additional office, hotel, retail and apartments going in just next to our project over the next few years," says Tim Marsh, Shiel Sexton project manager. "This will bring more people to the downtown Durham area continuing the growth of 'live, work, play' communities that have been so desirable across the country over the last several years."

"Live, work, and play" is exactly what future residents of Gateway Center Apartments can expect. 
[Read More...]

It's a Bellringer!  A Telecommunication Center Power Upgrade

Shiel Sexton was selected to complete a new telecommunication center power upgrade for a confidential client in Charlotte. 

The project includes upgrades to the current call center with two 2.5 megawatt generators and installation of redundant A and B power system. Construction is phased in mission critical sequencing to insure power is never compromised during construction.

This project follows a successful smaller project at the same site completed by the Shiel Sexton team. Construction is scheduled to be complete in early January 2018. 
Expect More: Living the Brand
John Matson  
At Shiel Sexton, we have a culture that thrives on pushing each of us to be our best at all times and without hesitation.  We expect the best of ourselves, our subcontractors and our partners.  Our passion for creating a great building experience can be rolled into one simple mantra...
Expect More.  While we expect the best from all of our employees, some show significant effort to go above and beyond in their responsibilities as an employee-owner.   [Read More...]

The Art of Building on a Tight Site
Nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Myers Park, known for its tree-lined streets and curvilinear drives, you'll find 511 Queens, a 64-unit apartment complex under construction.  The intimate 1.5-acre site is bounded by Theatre Charlotte to the north and grand homes adjacent to the rest of the site. Faison, the developer, identified this area as being ideal for large, exquisitely appointed apartment units.

Tight site constraints dictate just-in-time delivery because the site is void of laydown and staging areas for storage of materials.  This circumstance requires intense hour-by-hour coordination of manpower, deliveries and hoisting to manage the challenging logistical issues.     [Read More...]

New Hires and Promotions
Shiel Sexton is pleased to announce a few new members to our team.    

Sara brings over 12 years of marketing and business development experience throughout the Southeast. She is responsible for analyzing market growth, securing new business and fostering client relationships.    

Richard Heath, Senior Preconstruction Manager 
Richard is a veteran in the construction industry with over 30 years of experience.  Starting as in the field as a carpenter, Richard has worked his way up through superintendent, project manager and estimating.  He is well versed in all aspects of construction and will be an experienced asset to our Preconstruction team .

Ryan Jones, Assistant Project Manager 
Ryan has 7 y ears of construction experience and is working on the telecommunications center power upgrade project as assistant project manager and supporting our pre-construction department.  
Shawn Pappas, Superintendent 
Shawn brings over 25 years of experience as a superintendent to Shiel Sexton.  He is currently onsite superintendent for the Music Factory Apartments in Charlotte.  

Blessing Box to Become Charlotte Public Art
What is the cost of making a difference in our community? It isn't monetary or time consuming - it can be one, simple, small act of kindness and compassion - a blessing.

The premise is that one small act of kindness can make a difference in our city. The act of kindness can be as simple as letting someone go in front of you in line or offering a helping hand to volunteering to read to children or building a habitat house. Over 1,500 blessing boxes are in circulation around the city - each box contains 100 slips of paper to document the blessings. AboutFaceCLT will collect the boxes on March 31st and create public art with the 150,000+ "blessings" and 1,500+ boxes.

Over the next couple of weeks, as you participate in acts of kindness and compassion please take a moment to drop a Blessing in the Box at our office or in one of the 1,500 blessing boxes throughout the city.

Every day is an opportunity to reach out to those around you with loving kindness. Change one life!

WFAE Sponsorship - Check it out!
Shiel Sexton is joining the WFAE sponsorship family.  In the coming weeks, you'll start recognizing our ads on both the airwaves and on  The web ad is already up... check it out now!

Are you following our social media posts?  Our Shiel Sexton team members are proud to show what they've been up to over the past three months since our last newsletter!  Check out what we've been doing and see why we are #Proud2BSSC
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