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Confessing Christ for the next generation
"Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.
(Romans 4:7-8)  
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This is where we share with you e-news from our missionary friends and others. Please take a look:
Tyler McMiller's newsletter from the DR, and his prayer card. 
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March 18 at Peace Lutheran Church, Beaver Dam
March 25 at First Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cedarburg
March 2017
Fulfilling the law
I spent the last two days of February having the privilege of doing my civic duty by reporting to the Milwaukee County Courthouse in response to a Jury Summons. I spent a day and a half in one of the courtrooms as part of a jury panel (number 43 of 45) that eventually was pared down to just 14. Two reserve jurors were needed because of the anticipated length of the trial. I was not one of the chosen, but learned to appreciate--even more--the way our court system works in our country. I also learned that in most other countries, trials by jury are quite rare. Decisions are usually made by the judge without the benefit of the defendant's peers.

Try as we may, in this world of sin we can never expect perfect justice. Even with the benefit of a jury, the fate of the defendant depends on agreement among 12 jurors coming from vastly different life experiences. When the trial is over, there will be some winners and some losers, and it may not be "perfect."

It's altogether different in the heavenly kingdom of God. Fortunately for us our eternal judgment is not based upon the verdict of our peers, but rests solely on God's perfect judgment. Yes, we have all been judged "guilty as charged", but our Judge took care of that by placing that verdict on His Son, Jesus Christ. And when the damages had all been paid, God declared us free from all blame and punishment, and our victory was complete. Jesus' resurrection, in the flesh, affirmed for us that it will be the same for us. We believe this, and we are all "winners"-forever!

God bless you as you continue your Lenten journey!
Pres. Wille's report from the Dominican Republic

"Early this past week, Sunday, March 5, as I sat in a worship service I was reminded of the words of the Psalmist and our responsibilities in this current generation as the people of God. The Psalmist Asaph writes in Psalm 78:
He established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel,
which he commanded our fathers to teach to their children,
6    that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children,
so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.
"Here's the picture...
"As you know, we are one of the international partners helping to support that effort to plant Lutheran congregations and a new Lutheran church body in the Dominican Republic. I was in Palmar Arriba, the Dominican Republic, for the FORO meeting (which is the partners' meeting).
"I am robed sitting next to Sergio Fritzler who had served as the president of Concordia Seminary, Argentina. In front of me was Pastor Ted Krey. Next to me were several pastors; one from California, two Dominican vicars, and Pastor Carlos Schuman who is the lead missionary in Chile. We are there for the installation of Pastor David Preus as Pastor of the congregation and seminary professor.
"It was a wonderful service! There was there was the baptism of a baby. There was a confirmation of a young man. There was the installation of a new missionary. And there were children from our Palmar school singing. The video is attached. Please take the time to listen to it. While, like me, you may not understand the words, you will recognize the melody of the songs they sing. And after the children sing, they recite the 10 Commandments.
"That is when the words of Psalm 78 began to echo in my thoughts, as well as our SWD tagline, Confessing Christ for the next generation ... The words of the Psalmist describe what we are to be about and why...'that the next generation might know [the testimony, the Holy Scriptures], the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God.'
"The events of Sunday, March 5, 2017, will be branded into my memory for a long time. While you were not there, and I only for a short few days, you are what make that video a reality. The next generation is learning about Christ Jesus and His love because of our partnership with the church plant in the Dominican.
"My prayer is that there are similar stories about the children in your community as you and your congregation reach out with the good news about Christ's love 'so that they should set their hope in God.'
"Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom on so many fronts!! God bless!"
Rev. John C. Wille,President SWD
Looking for a short-term mission trip for this summer?

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is currently seeking out people who love Jesus and can help teach an English Bible Camp (similar to our VBS) in Poland this summer. Does that sound like you?
There are ten congregations in Poland ready to reach out to the children of their neighborhoods with the Gospel. Most of these children do not know the Good News of Jesus, and through these camps, they learn about their Savior and in turn tell their parents. These local Lutheran congregations will then follow up with these families after the camp is over. These camps make a lasting difference in these communities!
They are looking for teams of 5 to serve July 18-31 or August 1-14, 2017. Teams can come from one congregation or school, or individuals can apply and be placed on a team. Team members raise support to cover the cost of the trip, which is about $1100 and includes all costs while in Poland.

For more information, please go to Vacation Bible School Poland, and/or contact Anne Gonzalez, DCE, at 314-996-1649 . 
Vicar Edmundo Rosales
Our South Wisconsin District's Hispanic ministry is expanding in many places, including the city of Racine and neighboring areas where there has been significant growth in the Hispanic population.

After coming to the U.S. from Oaxaca, Mexico, Edmundo Rosales, his wife, Beatriz and their four children have been a part of "Santa Cruz" (Holy Cross) Lutheran Church for about 12 years. The Lord has led him to become a pastor in the LCMS and he is being equipped with the necessary preparation at Concordia Seminary, Center for Hispanic Studies, St. Louis. In January, 2017, he was installed as Vicar Rosales, and began a two-year vicarage of preaching and teaching in Spanish, but also in English. He is under the supervision of German Novelli, Sr., and is in partnership with other congregations for his support. This effort involves the SWD, CPTLN and the congregations of Santa Cruz, Racine, Holy Cross, Racine and Our Savior, Burlington.

Please keep Vicar Rosales and this ministry in your prayers! 
Pastor Vang Ordination Anniversary
This Sunday, March 12, the members of Benediction Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, will have a special reception between the services as they give God thanks for the 5 -year anniversary of the ordination of Pastor Moua Vang!

At this celebration the congregation will receive gifts for Pastor Vang to use toward the citizenship for both Pastor and Kou Vang. Please keep the Vang's and the Hmong ministry at Benediction in your prayers! 
One Nation Under God     

Amid divisive rhetoric, violence, riots and racial tensions, confusion arises. How can Christians tear down the racial walls dividing our country?

Rev. B. Keith Haney, Mission Facilitator for the Northern Illinois District and formerly a pastor at Gospel Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, is the author of this newly-released Bible study for use in our LCMS congregations.

Author Haney, an African American LCMS pastor, encourages everyone to seek answers to racial tensions in the only place where truth and peace can be found--God's Word. Healing must begin with Jesus. In this six-session study, you'll openly communicate and begin the healing process.

One Nation Under God is published by and available from Concordia Publishing House.  Here is a link for more information about One Nation Under God