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Storm Damage?
  CIU can help!
Unfortunately, Winter and Spring often bring the potential for severe weather, which can then cause major property damage.  

But we suggest taking " advantage" of Mother Nature by cashing in on our quick turnaround for contractors who respond to this adverse weather! 
We can write almost any kind of contractor, including:
  • Demolition
  • Remodeling
  • Roofing
  • Masonry
  • Siding, Door & Window installation
  • Fence Erection 
  • "General" Carpentry
  • Debris Removal
  • Tree Trimmers
  • Excavation
  • And MANY MORE! 
Try us today for all your contractor accounts!

Send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com, or call for a quick phone indication!

Cyber Liability, Data Breach, or whatever else you want to call it... your clients need this important coverage now more than ever! 

Data breaches occur every day; and while hacking incidents are the most recognizable (and expensive) cause of data loss, they are not the most common.  It's a startling fact - simple human error (think of a lost laptop or flashdrive) accounts for the majority of data breach reports, and malicious or criminal attacks account for more than a third of reported breaches (and are the most costly).  Something as "innocent" as a software glitch, or a failure to update a system can even create a breach by inadvertently exposing sensitive or private files.

Recovering from a breach can be expensive and time consuming. Determining the cause and extent of the breach, complying with the notice laws, correcting damage, public relations and potential lawsuits from customers and clients can truly drain a business. 

So make sure your customers have some sort of Cyber Liability or Data Breach coverage to provide innovative protection and help mitigate the financial effects of a breach of company records.

Almost all of our carriers offer some form of this as an optional/add on coverage, so if you have not seen this on your quotes, be sure to ask about it!  
'Tis the Season for...

You and I may not be excited about the need to start mowing our lawns again soon, but I bet your Pest Control and Lawn Care-related Contractors are excited about starting their seasons early!  

If you get calls for these types of risks- CIU can help!  

With low Minimum Premiums and several programs with "enhanced" coverages available; we want to be your go-to for all the Pest Control and Lawn Care "related" Contractors you see!

Call today to discuss your specific account/s, or send your completed submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com for a quote! 
Are you attending the
MAIA Small Agency Conference (in Columbia) next week? 

If so, be sure to stop by and see  Cassandra Cross and  Teresa Cheek (on Thursday March 23rd)!
They will be at 
Booth #21; and  look forward to seeing you there!!
Where ("in the world") are your Personal Lines risks?

Do you have customers with property located in states other than where they reside; such as seasonal, tenant-occupied or vacant dwellings, or condos? 

We have in-house binding markets for risks located in MO, AR, KS, IL and OK; and we have brokerage markets who can also consider other states (such as FL, CO, KY, LA, TN, TX, and many more)!

So check with us today to see if we can consider your out-of-state risks!

Send inquiries or submissions to: 

"Notable Dates" 
for March...
Happy Anniversary  to:
Kim Moore (who has been with CIU for over 16 years)!
Happy Birthday  to: 
Teresa Cheek (on March 9th) 
Nicole Staudt-Rogers (on March 30th)
...and Happy ST. PATRICK'S DAY to you all!   May your month (and beyond) be full of good luck and prosperity!!
Commercial Lines  
Plastics Recycling- $1mil/$2mil GL; $925k Prop TIV; $24k IM.  $1.3mil gross receipts. $8,135
Painting Contractor (specializing in exterior work on oil & gas tanks)- $1mil/$2mil GL & $5mil Excess (over GL, AL & EL).  $51k annual payroll.                    $12,645
Restaurant Supply Wholesaler- Management Liability coverage including $1mil Fiduciary; $1mil D&O; & $1mil EPL; w/ a prior wrongful termination claim where over $130k was paid out. $7,570
Pizza Delivery- $300,000 Hired & Non-Owned Auto (excess over the driver's policy/s). $7,300
New & Used Bus Dealer- $500,000 Excess Dealers Open Lot (over $500,000 primary). $37,500
Halfway House/Substance Abuse Program- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1.3mil Prop TIV; $1mil D&O. $20,860
Restaurant (w/ live entertainment and open until 3AM)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $750k Prop TIV.  $120,000 gross receipts; w/ prior losses. $8,610
Landscaping Contractor- $100,000 Auto CSL; $50k UM/UIM; $1 Med Pay. $231k Physical Damage (w/ $1k comp/coll dedts). 7 power  units; several prior losses. $32,665
Pipe & Fittings Manufacturing- $1.8mil Prop TIV. Previous fire loss. $16,275
Contractors Equipment Rental (w/o operator)- $1mil/$2mil GL. $120k IM. $25,000 gross receipts. $3,395
Personal Lines  
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling. $650,000 TIV. Large fire loss. $3,275
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling.  $120,000 TIV. Prior fire loss. $1,030
DP3- Schedule of 4 Tenant-Occupied Dwellings. $315k TIV. $4,200
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling. $455,000 TIV (w/ $95,000 art/jewelry schedule) and several prior losses. $4,430
HO3- Owner Occupied Secondary. $1,900,000 TIV. $2,725
HO3- $745,000 TIV w/ prior/existing damage (that is being excluded and in the process of being repaired). $2,350